i’m more of a rabbit person…

… but these illustrations by artist Christopher Rozzi are too cute, I just have to share them.

snoring french bulldog

small yorkshire terrier

secure cat

Lab Retriever shoe

staring boston terrier

More at Tiny Confessions!

* Just a little update. I’m obsessed with home decor now. How to do up my new home is all I can think of, talk about nowadays. My new haircut is probably the most exciting thing on my person right now, so I’m sorry for the long absence… I’m too boring, for everybody’s sake!

i’m collecting ❤hearts❤

It has been some time since I pop in here, and woah! Quite a few changes here at WordPress too!

Recently I joined a Facebook contest by Sony Singapore and my humble little picture was Sony’s Pick, and that meant I won some really attractive prizes and have to submit a few pictures and a video of my winning experience in order to win some even more awesome prizes.

I had a very tight deadline because I had to fly off to Paris within a few days after I received the prize, which I had to use to take the video and the photos for the Grand Finale. No masterpiece there since I basically finished these 5 hours before I had to leave for the airport, leaving me just enough time to finish packing.

taken by Sony Ericsson Xperia arc - please click on the image and click on the little heart on the Sony Singapore FB page to vote!

You can also view a little 30-sec video I did with the same camera on the Facebook page, like my nails there?

I’m a bit behind with the votes, got a late start since my flight arrived a few days after voting started, so please help if you like my submission! (I’m number 6, by the way.) In order to win, I have to be the top three with the most votes, after which, Sony will pick a winner. Voting ends 7th Nov 2011.

I will really like a new camera and more spending money!



honeymoon day 25, going home

day 25.

This is the last of the scoop! Was going to post more pictures, but I think these speak for that day so many months ago.

and marking the end of our honeymoon post, it’s my Bushyhead’s 30th birthday today! People, be nice! Drop some nice words for my wonderful hubby, will ya? Let me start off with this: bb, I’m home wherever you are. The long road down don’t seem enough, but I’m content and grateful for every goofy moment that we are together. XOXO (P.S. sorry for ruining your surprise…)



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object of desire – Orishiki clutchbag by Naoki Kawamoto

“Orishiki” – Origami + Shiki baby.

Awesome? Without a doubt! For more, click here.


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Tinkerbelle (@Lillyheart999) I hope for their sake that they are happily fed now too!

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon My guy attracts the kitties… or rather, they attract him!

lisa s & Caroline Wang Could not agree more!

HiLLjO You have to see the place to believe it! Your wedding looks fun! I’d be thrilled to see all your creations up close!

honeymoon day 24, how to be popular with the kitties

day 24.

We are  nearly there.

resident dog eyeing the cat biscuits we got for the strays.

our 2nd day up in The Meteora - this time, we took a cab!

more kitties than we imagined

happy kitties

Megalou Meteorou

Varlaam Monastery in the distance

curio on the road


outside the Varlaam Monastery - the cat biscuits are proven to be popular with the dogs too

just one of the many wonders of nature - what does this look like to you?


Rousannou Monastery

Agios Nikolaos Anapaphsas from Rousannou Monastery. This little one fascinates me! I couldn't keep my eyes off it everytime I sighted it. Alas, we didn't visit this one...

perching on the rocks like the big boys

These litter of kitties were living near the dump outside the nunnery (closed for the day - ha ha). we wished we brought more food


we think someone's living inside in there.

a final look at the rocks before we head back down to city centre

just a whole stretch of lazy day for us then...

evening walk


... but nice!

that’s end of day 24, and nearing the end of our honeymoon! It took longer than I thought to post all the pictures up, but this process has kept the memories fresh for me all these while. One more final one and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m excited about what’s going to happen this later half of the year, keep you posted!

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the circle game


Has it really been that long?

I guess it must had been. Since my last post, I had just spent an amazing birthday weekend, put down a deposit for our new home, and gasp! Sleepless nights over decor ideas!

Oh yes, Christmas this year will be spent in fresh paint fumes and hopefully, a real Christmas tree in our first real home.

I’m grinning from ear to ear!

* * *

I will be updating the last of honeymoon posts soon. I got all the pictures ready but I just keep forgetting to upload them. Here are the links to previous ones that made it successfully online!

day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice), day 8 (Venice), day 9 (Venice & Florence), day 10 (Florence), day 11 & 12 (Florence), day 13 (Rome), day 14 (Rome), day 15 (Rome) , day 16 (Athens), day 17.1 (Athens), day 17.2 (Athens), day 18 (Athens), day 18 part 2 (Athens), day 19 ( Santorini ), day 20.1 ( Santorini ), day 20.2 (Santorini), day 21 (Santorini), day 22 (Santorini & Meteora), day 23 (Meteora)


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HiLLjO well i wish i can carry out that cool photo idea where you place the old photo in front of the camera at the exact same place where it was taken. whoever thought of that – genius!

Selma I still love the Quay today! If only they kept some of the warehouses though… my mum talks about those all the time!

I love my city

Seriously, there is a sense of pride and unexplained nostalgia brewing just by looking at these pictures of familiar places long ago – the same space and places where my parents grow up in.

Great World Amusement Park

Goodwood Park Hotel

Raffles Hotel, Palm Court, 1920s

Street scene near Cathay Building

Cathay Building

Junction of High Street and North Bridge Road

Clarke Quay 1970s

Mobile Library outside the very much-missed National Library

anybody miss this skyline?

It’s August. Time to remember Patriotism.

*All pictures taken in the 50s unless stated otherwise.

* All pictures from National Archive of Singapore, click on picture to go to their origins.


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HiLLjO I’m glad you can out all  those heartbreak and frustration behind you now! We are still persevering (not much choice!)!
bonkasaurus Yep, i still don’t quite understand the steep pricetag on mini apartments… but location like the one you mentioned is great though!

the irony of looking forward

She & Him – Don’t Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

” Don’t Look Back” by She & Him.

After some frustrating and despairing house hunts and an unsuccessful furniture-purchase attempt yesterday, I am looking forward and dreaming of what-can-bes.

♡ Zooey Deschanel’s adorable vintage outfits and the furniture in this video. The little dance at the end is just too cute!


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HiLLjO i guess my patronage is appreciated? haha… it’s a nice touch 🙂


After countless visits to the bookstore and leaving empty-handed and disappointed each time, I placed an order over the counter for The Stylist’s Guide to NYC by Sibella Court.

And now, it’s finally here! * happy *

It's impossible to be disappointed with it!

early birthday card from Coco and my to-read before the movie is out!


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HiLLjO I don’t have much impression of the other Bond flicks… except for that guy with the iron jaws!