our test shots at the airport

Before we got started with our actual engagement shoot, we did some test shots. Just the 2 of us, and a remote control. And surprise, surprise, we chose to do the test shot at the airport because I used to work around the airport, and my then-boyfriend drove me to and fro the airport quite a bit for 3 years or so.

These are some of the shots that we got!

This is one of my favourite, I only wish I'd done extra to lessen the exposure during the shoot... but we were too busy trying to hide the remote and ignore the stares of the security guard and trolley attendant at the door

We call this, The Travelator Series

... and it's the most fun we had!

my favourite!

As you can see, everything is all over the place, there was the initial awkwardness that we were posing non-stop in front of an unmanned camera on a tripod, and then there were times when I got stage fright and froze. Stefan, on the other hand, had too much fun with the remote. Maybe I should post some outtakes, what’d ya think?

The shoot did take longer than we thought, but I guess it was some good practise we got there, and overall, a really memorable experience.

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featured on The Wedding Chicks!

Whenever we leave the ground
And take to the sky
I’ll smile as I’m gazing down
‘Cause I’ve always wondered why
We won’t need feathers to fly

{ butterfly wings by owl city }

Here it is! I have been containing my excitement the whole day. Today I will be adding a new badge on my blog…

… because the nice ladies at The Wedding Chicks is featuring our wedding Invitation and Engagement shoot on their website today! Isn’t their badge sweet?


click on image to get your first look at the feature!

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more d.i.y. engagement photos!

The ones in the previous post are what we included in our wedding invitation, here’s some others!

Here’s wishing that the haze will clear up with the rain and do have a fantastic weekend!

all shook up for our d.i.y. engagement shoot!

Hi lovelies!

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. As The Date draws nearer, there seems to be a neverending surprise in store for us round every corner. Many brides ahead of me had advised, Enjoy the process. Well, I am trying to, amidst the tons of things that I can’t seem to delegate though I think I am a much happier person nowadays than probably a few months ago. Also, thanks to the help of a few good friends and bb, there are certain aspect of the wedding that I can say that, thankfully, I don’t have to spare any additional thought to.

And here, as promised, the pictures I included in my wedding invitation CDs.

Just because I absolutely love the Big Apple and how this V-J Day kiss captured by Alfred Eisenstaedt fitted our theme, we duplicated it!

One of the greatest challenge of this shoot was finding locations that look nostalgic and carry that old romanticism that probably our grandparents felt when they were dating. We didn’t have much time prior the shoot to go down to the locations for the pre-production planning. Everything was done and thought of on the spot, in fact one of the location, the one with the swing, was an impromptu stop. We drove by the place while looking for another, liked how the place felt and stopped for photos. My friend Rosie is a great help being our extra pair of hands and I love her so much for being so patient and helpful the entire time. It was a very hot and humid day – it was not easy being all that.

Anyways, drop in again, and you may find more photos from this d.i.y photo shoot!