honeymoon day 17.2, yoohoo! have you had your ouzo today?

day 17.2

After we finished exploring the Acropolis area, we sat down for refueling.

sitting al-fresco with the sun on our faces

I told myself I gotta try Ouzo while I was there. I know I won’t like it, but I still wanna try it under the Greek sun, eating Greek food together with bushyhead. Unfortunately, bushyhead will have nothing to do with it. I looked at the menu, looked at the waiter and told him I wanted a Ouzo and which one should I try. He looked surprised and amused. I was surprised and amused by his reaction. He made his recommendation and set down this bottle of Ouzo with a cute girl in a mini skirt on its label who seemed to beckon, go on, even girls drink Ouzo! Just look at me!

So why that face on that waiter?

I poured a two-finger height of Ouzo into my glass, smelled it, and got turned off by that strong ‘thinner’ smell that reminded me of a cross between Indian food and Korean Soju. I took a sip.

Ok, I’m awake!

The fluid reeks of Licorice, which i hate, the second it was in my mouth. It went on to burn my throat and esophagus as it made its way to my stomach – Now I know exactly how long it takes for liquid to travel down to my stomach.

I look at that huge ice bucket that came along with the bottle and came to a quick conclusion that a drink this strong and pungent should probably be diluted with lots of ice. That’s what I did and as soon as the ice hits the clear liquid, it turns cloudy. Magic! Either that or I had reached my year’s quota of alcohol with that one sip. I took another sip, bigger one, confident that the ice will have make the drink a little more welcoming. It didn’t. The licorice tasted stronger than ever and I was left worrying for my stomach.

The plus point is, I’m sure it dissolved all that fatty lamb I had for my lunch!

As I left the restaurant with that almost full bottle of Ouzo, I felt ashamed. Normally I wouldn’t have wasted it, if it had been any other beverage I paid good dollars for in a restaurant, but I was so sure that I wouldn’t have wanted to drink it ever again, at least not in the duration of the rest of our time in Greece! I left with my head low thinking the waiter must be telling everybody in Greek, see I told her so! pff! Tourist!

children hugging their accordian in the street asking for money when they should be in school or home playing as kids.

We went back to the famed Stavros Melissinos to make ourseves some customised shoes

son of the poet, he is quite a character himself! he completely charmed us with his honesty, friendliness and perfect american accent. those sandals at the foreground, I have them now!!

bushyhead having his sandals made

I wish we have this in Singapore, recycling made easy for every possible object nicely sorted out

it took us forever to find this funicular station. it doesn't seem that complicating and far from the map, but it is.

the frequency of the Lycabetus hill funicular wasn't that regular in January, so we have a cuppa coffee at the coffeehouse opposite the station and prayed hard that the sun wouldn't set on us

inside the tunnel

inside the cosy cabin

just in time!

chapel of Agios Georgios

folding ceremony at sunset, notice the reflection of the orange sunset on the chapel's door? Imagine saluting in the direction of your country's flag with such a spectacular view of the city in the sunset every evening. he must be a very proud soldier

spectacular 360 view.

this was taken at the same time! in front of us we got the sun setting into the waters and behind us, the moon was rising from the mountains into the open sky. and then we got views of the city and the Acropolis hill all in one place. Incredible!

my attempt to make a panoramic picture of Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf.

soon, the moon was all that was left from the twilight hours


arriving at the hip Gazi area for dinner and drinks. Unfortunately, as was our honeymoon luck, the rooftop bar I wanted to go to, was closed on that day.

we settled for cheap greek fast food instead!

kebap! with yummy yogurt and fries on-the-go!

the nescafe frappe that the greeks love so much. it is like nothing I ever taste before really with that different layers of frothiness maintaining that way till the very last drop

my preferred choice of dessert

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some list just never ends

Girls are naturally attracted to pretty things, no?

1. {Miu Miu Madras Bag} 2 & 3. {Kate Spade iphone covers} 4. {Porcelain Gnome Lamp} from seltzerstudios

For those covers, I will get an iphone. I’m serious, in an nonsensical way.


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Jeanne Thanks Jeanne! I love the way it poofs up when I least expect it to!

steffi aww.. that’s sweet, thank you!

theEclecticLife Yep! I can never get enough traveling with my hubby, even though he is very often a reluctant traveler and he does that just for me!

Brittany Oh Oh, where have you been in the Med?

lauren carney & maggie may Thanks for dropping by, Lauren and Maggie May! :-)))

Frau Haselmayer You know what? I just keep checking out your blog this few days!

Josie The light really is different in the area… just like I always thought clouds in Australia and NZ are always fluffier and makes the sky looks super huge and endless. I wonder why…

SarahBeing my camera is no easy task. They get dropped, swung, bumped, scratched, blinged (I often stick stickers all over like a kid) and chewed on by bunnies.

day 17, i wish i’d read more greek mythology

day 17.1

It’s almost 5 months ago when we left for our honeymoon in January. It didn’t seem that long ago. Well, this just goes to show how slack I am posting the pictures up!

But this is A LOT of pictures, so much so, for example like here, I even have to cut day 17 up into 2 parts! My time has been taken up by work, dinner dates with bushyhead (the most comforting part of my day) and more reading! I didn’t even have time to read all the pretty magazines that I’d never fail to acquire, nonetheless, I’d be happy to do more! I guess, there’s always enough time in the day to do more stuff, it’s all pretty much a matter of better time management… and less sleepy eyes! … at least in my case!

so, day 17 is our 2nd day in Athens, Greece. A totally foreign place to me, and coming from the last 3 countries which I love, Athens seem somewhat dull initially. You know, but it’s not about the destination but really the journey and memories that both of us made together.

As usual, we couldn’t start our day without the complimentary breakfast that the hotel came with. It’s funny how I didn’t usually used to have breakfast but over there, I just had to eat.

I guess this could be a nuisance - the vines pushing their way as far as they possibly can, across the windows, the walls and the telephone/power lines to the next house.

while trying to make our way (note "trying", we met a few people on the way who were apparently lost too) to the Acropolis, we passed by this wonderful neighbourhood that I thought deserves to be an attraction by itself. This is just a little off the flea market.


we were lost anyways, might as well spend some time here with that magnificent view and take a few pictures before we left and lose our way to come back here again.

yes, that was somebody's rooftop that I shamelessly climbed on and demanded a photo on it

this is why I want a balcony

we found the entrance

winter left athens early

As amazing as the place is, I can't help feeling disappointed that it's becoming a huge man-made open air museum.

sometimes, it's isn't too bad using your imagination

i fell into a hole trying to set the camera for that picture above

God blessed us with that wonderfully warm weather and the lack of tourists so that we could comfortably chill with the entire modern city below us and an ancient one behind us

we picked up that guidebook at a library book sale. 50% of the times it was useful, other half made me pull my hair and ask why did I put all my trust on an old guidebook instead of being diligent and do what I always do - researching!! ... especially Greece was the only place I have never been to! I just don't understand why people trust me to be their tour guide.. hmm.....

let sleeping dogs lie. I think this is where it came from.

from the rock of Areios Pagos


this bottle of lemon tea is obscenely expensive! Bring your own water, don't ever ever buy anything near the Acropolis no matter how harmless )or cheap) they look!!!


descending into Plaka

orange trees!

End of day 17.1!

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let your hair down

photo by Chloe Aftel

I should do this more often…

as often as I’d like to!


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jaclyn @ thelateafternoon I can’t even imagine the attention that one needs to have to create something like that!

Bella Harris I’m loving that sparkly ring in your latest post too!

Sarah Aww.. thanks Sarah! I am having a so-so week, but the best thing about that is that you know there will always be a better week in store! I hope yours has been great!

Josie if only this can be personalised, it will be awesomer! (or maybe it can be done!)

Amanda Hill Yep! I agree, it’s simple, yet tells so much!

honeymoon day 16, our big fat greek honeymoon starts here

Hello again!!!

Onboard Aegean Air to Athens!

look at all that excess luggage I'm lugging out of Italy. My bank account has since been in poor health.

ALL that baggage, not even including bushyhead's (who's a much bigger shopper than I was) yet, we heaved all of them onto the bus that took us into Athens city and stood awkwardy with bags on our shoulders, between our legs, on our tummies, most way of the entire journey. ekkk!

the bus at our destination - Syntagma Square

checking in at Magna Grecia Boutique Hotel

the overwhelmingly blue corridor outside our room

Many hotels will offer view of the Acropolis because of its strategic location where it was meant to be seen by the everyone in the city. And because of that, I specifically wanted one that offer me a view like this. It'd be so silly to check in and find one of those hotels which doesn't have a view of the Acropolis at all!

i will agree that this room, however, is too pink and girly.

dirty laundry. - airing the clothes that simply won't dry in Rome on our balcony.

seizing the day, and enjoying the longer daylight hours that Greece was offering us as opposed to what we experienced previously

stacks of giant donuts at ermou street

the Greeks at their favourite game of Backgammon

ouzo - I told myself that I had to try this while I'm there

it's funny sometimes that when i'm overseas, everything looks good and a novelty to me. I don't eat coconut products, but cut coconut in a mini fountain? "looks yum!" sweetened coconut snack with desiccated coconut? "Must try!" what's wrong with me?

ending the day with friends by the fire

and i got my bushyhead with me. it was a great day!

we dropped by the famous sandal-maker/post/artist in Athens.We chit-chatted and he recommended us to this little tavern for a good homemade greek meal.

he said, look out for the drunkard with big red nose.

And we got to see why the locals liked it here. It’s like having a meal at home with your friends, the host tell you what they have in their kitchen that day and you sit down for your meal with a jug of cheap wine and spend the evening listening to gossips and maybe a game of Backgammon.

the other drinking holes in the area

we ended the day with a glass of sweet sangria and people-watched at an outfoor cafe in Ermou street

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theEclecticLife Singapore is just really getting interesting, the way that it should be all along!

HiLLjO Oh yes! This is definitely one place that I will try to get if we ever have another Staycation!

Sarah Hey Sarah! Let me know if you do get a chance to stay there!!

Maddy lol.. I think if we were to stay in that white room, I would so desperately be trying to hide our stuff under the bed, in the closet, anywhere! just so it stays aesthetically chic!

vanessa Try Naumi Hotel too! I think they even have a ladies floor there!

CinZilicious haha.. that typewriter is a surprise!

evie *wink*

be right back!

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.

{ Gilbert Keith Chesterton }

I’m a bit lagging behind updating my blog, but I’ll be back soon with more pictures from my winter honeymoon!

Have a great week!