here’s an Invite to my heart

I found these beautiful invitation cards at RIFLE – the work of Illustrator Anna Melcon Bond.

I poked around her blog and saw this! Her studio!

I want one too! Visit her online store here!

Elsewhere, this invitation below by groom Matthew Dorfman has always been my favourite!

Right now, I am working on my own wedding invite. As beautiful as these printed invites are, I decided to not print any invitation card at all. At least not on paper. It’s a waste that so much work went into printing these works of art and they get tossed most of the times. So folks, I hope you don’t mind! We’re going electronic! Well, in a way. Check back for more updates on our invite!



I spent a good part of Saturday crafting for my wedding, it took longer than I thought and consisted of much sweat and frustration. Still, it is a labour of love. I deserve a hearty pat.

Just a sneak peek for now, can you guess what I was making?

5 signs of Brapression


Julia Nolan of Wonderbra said: Rigorous testing- Hundreds of hours were spent making sure the bra stayed up during dancing, bending and jumping

Extracted from The Daily Mail:

Wonderbra spent two years researching and developing the technology with Cambridge-based innovators, as well as spending hundreds of hours in testing to create the ‘hands’, which are invisible from the outside…Wonderbra's new Ultimate Strapless bra

…’This unique technology lifts the weight of the bust, supports and gives a trusted Wonderbra cleavage. We have created a groundbreaking garment giving women the perfect solution to the age old strapless bra problem,’ added Julia.

I believe you, Wonderbra, I really do! You worked your wonders, you made me so proud of my girls, you didn’t fail me at all when you said you will hold on no matter what. But perhaps you held on a little too well. I am looking at my wounds now and admittedly, I’m suffering from Brapression.

5 Signs you are a victim of Brapression

1. Denial. “Don’t be ridiculous! Blisters only happen to mistreated feet and from the occasional ironing mishap. These… are mozzie bites round my back!”

2. Anger. First 1 hour of putting on your strapless bra: Am I feeling good or what! 3 hours later when stretching for the bus bell, a folder on the next desk or a book on a high shelf becomes a constrained movement: Bugger! Seconds later when you managed to reach whatever you were reaching for and your bra didn’t bulge at all but your skin decided to give way a bit: WHY ME!? $80 bra, $50 body lotion… all for naught..OOAWCCH!

3. Bargaining. ” Never mind. I’ll get used to it. Maybe my skin will grow its own protective layer against lined silicone. I’ll just choose to move my butt next time. And you, my strapless bra, just keep me strap-free and supported in my SunnySingaporewear.

4. Depression. ” Does it matter at all? I’ll just be one of those girls with mismatched bra straps showing or that girl-who-keeps-pulling-up-her-bra. Nobody sees my sacrifice anyway.”

5. Acceptance. When you open your underwear drawer and decides to wear your strapless bra with your favourite spaghetti top. That’s when you know it’s a vicious vicious cycle, and you go right back to Denial.

Just like me. I choose to pass the buck to the lined silicone around the bra, my Wonderbra is perfect. They make me perfect. Damn you Silicone!


Brapression sufferers, the quest for the perfect strapless bra goes on. Never despair!


UOB card holders listen up! Check your mailbox for invite to their ION store for an exclusive preview sale and get additional discount with your card too!

My mailbox was empty 😦

On the other hand, my ring box is stocked! Stefan went to collect it this evening and is extremely satisfied with how it turned out. His is with me, we engraved a little message each on each other’s wedding band which is to remain an absolute secret till… actually, we haven’t figured that part out yet. Most likely, our ring-bearer will be the one to read them first!

And then there is Shoe Shopping…

Left: Salvatore Ferragamo peep toe pumps Right: Christian Louboutin Tahiti

I have pretty much fallen in love with these two. I think they will go with my wedding dress.

My birthday’s coming, kindly for your info. *wink*

Gown Inspiration board

I am still reeling from my experience at my seamstress’ this afternoon. The trip confirmed my suspicion…

.. I need to lose weight!!!

5 months. God help me.

( clockwise from top left: Vera Wang ; Sophia Moncielli ; Suzanne Ermann ; The Marin County at Dolly Couture ; The Los Cabos at 50s Style Wedding Blog ; Joan Shum )

I drew my inspiration for my gown design mostly from these gorgeous gowns above and good advise-from-experience from my darling girl. I love the bodice of the Sophia Moncielli, the ruffles on the Vera Wang, the whimsical fun of Suzanna Ermann and the dress line of the Joan Shum, though my end result will most probably look like The Los Cabos. Well, at least that’s for now! My seamstress is going to make me a mock-up first before we go ahead with the real thing, and that’s probably somewhere in June! So watch this space!

I’m still open to ideas, do drop me a comment if you have one, or two!

Well, isn’t this museworthy!

photo by Jennifer Robbins

Muse (myōōz) n.

  1. A guiding spirit.
  2. A source of inspiration.

late 14c., protectors of the arts, from L. Musa, from Gk. Mousa, lit. “muse, music, song,” from PIE root *mon-/*men-/*mn- “to think, remember” (see mind (n.)). The names of the nine Muses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (q.v.), and their specialties are traditionally: Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Erato (love poetry, lyric art), Euterpe (music, especially flute), Melpomene (tragedy), Polymnia (hymns), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy), Urania (astronomy). – – – (muse. (n.d.). Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved May 25, 2010, from website )


Much ado about rabbits

I want to share with you the hair-raising phenomenon that happened with Ash the black bunny.

Rabbits shed fur, that’s a given. I have had fur flying in all directions, fur on my clothes, and even has a cage that looks furry when shedding season comes around. But NEVER this:

These fur lined themselves nicely round the 2 outer sides of the cage. Notice how its completely clean inside and nothing sticks to the bars? And everyday they just grow thicker and thicker until they got vacuumed up. I’m not complaining, this is way neater and I can use these for my felting! —

For this year’s Valentine’s, I made this for Stefan. The 2 rabbits are made by a technique called needle felting. Using barbed needle to sculpt, the barbs on the needle catch the scales on the fibre and push them through layers of wool, tangling them and binding them together. Hypothetically speaking, the white rabbit represents Stefan while the peppery grey one’s me. Why Salt & Pepper, you may ask. Simply put, it’s our initials and reflects our taste preference (and probably our character too!). The backstory of how we got our 2 real-life rabbits, one black and one white, is that, one day when we were still innocent best pals, Stefan decided to get a rabbit. He picked the cute little white one and that was supposed to be the end of the story. But me at that time looked at that puny little vulnerable (now ferocious) baby bun and thought, what a poor thing, you need a companion. And so it goes I picked the most attractive one I see and bought it for Mocha ( the white bun). Theoretically, I’m Ash’s rightful owner and Stefan is the surrogate.

Back to where I was, the frame is handmade using a cardboard box from something I bought and covered in scrap material. Wanting to go eco-friendly (and cheapskate) all the way, I also personalised a container to go with the gift.

This was previously a almond container before I recycled it with personalised labels. I used one of the labels I found here, added my own text and illustrations and printed them out on a piece of paper. The pink paper shreddings’ previous life served as part of a previous project I was working on. They helped to hide the picture frame so that it won’t be that obvious when I presented it to Stefan, though the real reason was the same as why I bought Ash; I thought the frame looked lonely inside the container.

In case you were wondering, no I did not really make those rabbits with Ash’s fur.


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new hair of head

Day 2 of having curls. Frankly speaking, I need some getting used to, though I really love feeling how my hair bounces! So if you have been good and following my posts, you’d know that I’d promised to post pictures, so here goes:

caught iphone-handed!

Do you think this will become the Look of the Year? Make your silent judgment and look at the real stars of the picture above. Iphone with all its features and wonders have rendered 3 healthy young males incapable of having basic social skills. Hello, there’s 2 live humans sitting beside you, stop looking at your phones! And aren’t you supposed to work? Gotcha!

While I’m really having a ball of a time with that look, my hairstylist decided it’s safer for me to look like this:

my back view

here with Stefan

I shall not delve into how badly I need a shampoo now. Thank you very much.

Do not come near me!

After years of living with boring straight hair, I finally got my hair permed!

I’m not too sure if I should post pictures, like I told my friend Cindy, the end result is good!.. how it looks when I wake up tomorrow is another thing, but for now, I’m happy with the way it looks. The pictures I took during and immediately after the session were, on the other hand, not so pleasant.

Come back tomorrow if you want to see pictures, but do stay away if you see me on the street for the next 2 days. Girl-with-oversized-specs at the salon advised me not to wash my hair till Sunday.

My scalp already feel itchy.

who loves cupcakes!

Not me! Despite naming my latest mobile phone “Cupkate”, I don’t really enjoy cupcakes… I don’t eat cupcakes. They are simply too pretty! They are so much joy to look at, I don’t have to chomp them down just to be content. But when you have favours like Citrus Sauvignon Blanc, Pink Verveine Champagne, Cocoa Cola and Chocolate Blackberry Syrah, even a skeptic like me can’t resist.

from Enjoy Cupcakes

Based in Santa Ynez Valley, California, Enjoy Cupcakes uses only local ingredients and is inspired by varied food flavours, wine and passion of baking. They even have their own Pantone-Colour-of-the-Year vintage cupcake trailer!

When I grow up, I want a bakery just like that!

Pictures are taken by Joel Serrato

Disclaimer: I don’t bake.