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Whenever we leave the ground
And take to the sky
I’ll smile as I’m gazing down
‘Cause I’ve always wondered why
We won’t need feathers to fly

{ butterfly wings by owl city }

Here it is! I have been containing my excitement the whole day. Today I will be adding a new badge on my blog…

… because the nice ladies at The Wedding Chicks is featuring our wedding Invitation and Engagement shoot on their website today! Isn’t their badge sweet?


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all shook up for our d.i.y. engagement shoot!

Hi lovelies!

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. As The Date draws nearer, there seems to be a neverending surprise in store for us round every corner. Many brides ahead of me had advised, Enjoy the process. Well, I am trying to, amidst the tons of things that I can’t seem to delegate though I think I am a much happier person nowadays than probably a few months ago. Also, thanks to the help of a few good friends and bb, there are certain aspect of the wedding that I can say that, thankfully, I don’t have to spare any additional thought to.

And here, as promised, the pictures I included in my wedding invitation CDs.

Just because I absolutely love the Big Apple and how this V-J Day kiss captured by Alfred Eisenstaedt fitted our theme, we duplicated it!

One of the greatest challenge of this shoot was finding locations that look nostalgic and carry that old romanticism that probably our grandparents felt when they were dating. We didn’t have much time prior the shoot to go down to the locations for the pre-production planning. Everything was done and thought of on the spot, in fact one of the location, the one with the swing, was an impromptu stop. We drove by the place while looking for another, liked how the place felt and stopped for photos. My friend Rosie is a great help being our extra pair of hands and I love her so much for being so patient and helpful the entire time. It was a very hot and humid day – it was not easy being all that.

Anyways, drop in again, and you may find more photos from this d.i.y photo shoot!

one way to create wedding souvenirs

I can be an old-fashioned hag at times, I don’t warm up easily to new technology (well, actually, another way to put it would be, let other people be the guinea pigs. Let them try the spanking new gadgets first and if the gadgets don’t explode or turn users into zombies, I’ll consider integrating them into my lifestyle). I still like drawing notes onto cute notebooks and smell a well-read book. I think a typewriter is more convenient and sounds delightfully better than a computer and a printer. As thankful as I am to be born in this age and time, I may very well be misplaced in the wrong timeline.

So the decision to make my wedding invite into a CD is us trying to make use of our available resources to make it more meaningful and less harmful to Mother Earth. I had rambled on about that here.

I would had done more to make them more durable and nicer, but due to my limited skills and equipment, I had to think of different ways to get them done, presenting my wedding invites!


Instead of machine-sewing the rims of the CD cover together, I had simply glued the felts together using fabric glue.
The doilies were printed with a printer instead of a typewriter which would take much estimation and frustration (ink blots!) out of the whole process
Give the CD label printing software’s limited capabilities and this CD’s unconventional label size, designing the cover posed an unforeseen challenge, thus changing the original design I had in mind.
I attached a little electric guitar trinket to the stitched ribbon just to add a little Rock n’ Roll accent to the invites. The original appearance of the little electric guitars were too blahh-boring, so I added black glitters.
The CD contains our invitation (as shown below), some wonderful songs from the fifties and a picture folder with some of the pictures taken on our d.i.y. photoshoot.

Humble invitation inside the CD, designed by me

I hope we have created a nice keepsake for all our guests and demonstrated a way to keep a wedding green! Alternatively, there are always online wedding templates for you to create your own wedding web page. You can create a forum, add pictures, prepare your guest list and create a wedding registry ( again, something that I wanted to do for my wedding but it’s something that hasn’t caught on in Singapore yet). I have also used Facebook to create an event, just in case.

Next up, the wedding photos!

all shook up for our d.i.y. engagement shoot!

more d.i.y. engagement photos!

the ways of storing what you love

taken from Citified Blog

There is no such thing as a pair of poisoned shoes, right?

An update on my wedding preparation before you go back and drool all over your desktop with that picture. I have just finished ALL my invitations, that is, if I don’t fall into the temptation of inviting everybody! Now all that’s left to do is the packaging and I really can’t wait to do that now and give out these pretty things (well, I think they are!). I got a bit of a hiccup now because somebody threw out an essential part of a packaging tool that I needed and now I’m hoping my alternative will work. I do have a simple and faster option, except that that will defeat my purpose of keeping this whole wedding invitation green and as paperless as possible. So please bear with me and let’s play this waiting game together.

feathers and birdcages

So, I looked around and found this wonderful Etsy seller who makes and sells these gorgeous birdcage veils and bridal hairpieces. Here’s some of the selection I adore at tulet.

Francesca - white feather fascinator

Francesca - white feather fascinator

anabelle- white flower fascinator

anabelle- white flower fascinator

Sophia- White fascinator

Sophia- White fascinator

Anika- White flower feather fascinator

Anika- White flower feather fascinator

Question now is: Feather should I get? Hmm…

can i have a moment of your time?

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.” – Leonard Bernstein

The irony of things, is when I have too much time in my hands, my mind is blank from brewing ideas and things to do. And when time is not on my side, I usually get tons of ideas and get really unhappy because I’m unable to finish what my mind started.

I’m a whiner.

If you could see me wince when I see these beauties Mitchell and Dent cooked up. Truly finery, frippery and felicitous fare.

I do apologize for the recent disappearance. Check back often enough, I promise to be more diligent.

celebrate summer

On a warm sunny day like this, what do your mind see?

I saw these, and they made me happy

Photography by Labour of Love

View all the pictures of A Summer Popsicle Picnic at design*sponge

Slab yourself with layers of sunblock and get outside! If you need a reason, June 21st is the arrival of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere – we do need to be grateful that we get to wear birkies and shorts all day everyday!

who doesn’t have a computer?

Well, if you don’t (maybe you were drinking hot soup in front of your pc watching Desperate Housewives when your tongue got scalded and you spill your soup over the keyboard, creating sparks that burnt down your entire pc), given the benefit of doubt, you better get yourself one because I’m sending out my invitation… electronically!

It was not an easy decision to make when, everywhere I look, beautifully printed/letterpress invitation cards just beg to be framed. Realistically, how many of us really keep an invitation card? I can’t bear the thought of paying for cards to be printed and then knowing they get dumped. The trees, people, think about the trees!

And I thought, I can create my own invites and keep them in soft copy. I’ll try to do a neat little package with goodies-a-plenty and not a single shred of paper need to be sacrificed. This project does need a little more effort and I hope my guests will have my same sentiments in creating a Green wedding.

So, guests, please be convinced. Paperless invites doesn’t mean lesser sincerity. Maybe, just think of it as, moving with the times eh?

And I promise, our invite will not take up much space at all. You don’t even have to give up valuable space on your fridge door.