i’m more of a rabbit person…

… but these illustrations by artist Christopher Rozzi are too cute, I just have to share them.

snoring french bulldog

small yorkshire terrier

secure cat

Lab Retriever shoe

staring boston terrier

More at Tiny Confessions!

* Just a little update. I’m obsessed with home decor now. How to do up my new home is all I can think of, talk about nowadays. My new haircut is probably the most exciting thing on my person right now, so I’m sorry for the long absence… I’m too boring, for everybody’s sake!


8 thoughts on “i’m more of a rabbit person…

  1. I can relate – I’m kind of on a crazy lady mission to set up and decorate our new home too! That doesn’t make you boring! 🙂
    These illustrations are the cutest – thanks for sharing!
    Ronnie xo

  2. i’m a rabbit person too! hehe. but you’re right though, these are too cute!
    every time i walk into ikea, i wished i could do up my whole house and room all over again. been getting a few things here and there but it’s just notttt enough! x

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