day 17, i wish i’d read more greek mythology

day 17.1

It’s almost 5 months ago when we left for our honeymoon in January. It didn’t seem that long ago. Well, this just goes to show how slack I am posting the pictures up!

But this is A LOT of pictures, so much so, for example like here, I even have to cut day 17 up into 2 parts! My time has been taken up by work, dinner dates with bushyhead (the most comforting part of my day) and more reading! I didn’t even have time to read all the pretty magazines that I’d never fail to acquire, nonetheless, I’d be happy to do more! I guess, there’s always enough time in the day to do more stuff, it’s all pretty much a matter of better time management… and less sleepy eyes! … at least in my case!

so, day 17 is our 2nd day in Athens, Greece. A totally foreign place to me, and coming from the last 3 countries which I love, Athens seem somewhat dull initially. You know, but it’s not about the destination but really the journey and memories that both of us made together.

As usual, we couldn’t start our day without the complimentary breakfast that the hotel came with. It’s funny how I didn’t usually used to have breakfast but over there, I just had to eat.

I guess this could be a nuisance - the vines pushing their way as far as they possibly can, across the windows, the walls and the telephone/power lines to the next house.

while trying to make our way (note "trying", we met a few people on the way who were apparently lost too) to the Acropolis, we passed by this wonderful neighbourhood that I thought deserves to be an attraction by itself. This is just a little off the flea market.


we were lost anyways, might as well spend some time here with that magnificent view and take a few pictures before we left and lose our way to come back here again.

yes, that was somebody's rooftop that I shamelessly climbed on and demanded a photo on it

this is why I want a balcony

we found the entrance

winter left athens early

As amazing as the place is, I can't help feeling disappointed that it's becoming a huge man-made open air museum.

sometimes, it's isn't too bad using your imagination

i fell into a hole trying to set the camera for that picture above

God blessed us with that wonderfully warm weather and the lack of tourists so that we could comfortably chill with the entire modern city below us and an ancient one behind us

we picked up that guidebook at a library book sale. 50% of the times it was useful, other half made me pull my hair and ask why did I put all my trust on an old guidebook instead of being diligent and do what I always do - researching!! ... especially Greece was the only place I have never been to! I just don't understand why people trust me to be their tour guide.. hmm.....

let sleeping dogs lie. I think this is where it came from.

from the rock of Areios Pagos


this bottle of lemon tea is obscenely expensive! Bring your own water, don't ever ever buy anything near the Acropolis no matter how harmless )or cheap) they look!!!


descending into Plaka

orange trees!

End of day 17.1!

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11 thoughts on “day 17, i wish i’d read more greek mythology

  1. I know I’ve said it before, but your honeymoon seriously looks like a dream. I’m so glad you enjoyed your entire trip and more importantly I’m so glad you got to experience it with your hubby!

  2. Ooh, such wonderful photos, again! It feels like your honeymoon is never-ending! 🙂 I love the photo of the two of you sort of jumping. Haha. That was really funny. I can really identify with falling into holes and stuff just trying to set the camera up. 😉

    But oh my, Athens is really a beautiful, breath-taking place to visit! x

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