i’m more of a rabbit person…

… but these illustrations by artist Christopher Rozzi are too cute, I just have to share them.

snoring french bulldog

small yorkshire terrier

secure cat

Lab Retriever shoe

staring boston terrier

More at Tiny Confessions!

* Just a little update. I’m obsessed with home decor now. How to do up my new home is all I can think of, talk about nowadays. My new haircut is probably the most exciting thing on my person right now, so I’m sorry for the long absence… I’m too boring, for everybody’s sake!


i’m collecting ❤hearts❤

It has been some time since I pop in here, and woah! Quite a few changes here at WordPress too!

Recently I joined a Facebook contest by Sony Singapore and my humble little picture was Sony’s Pick, and that meant I won some really attractive prizes and have to submit a few pictures and a video of my winning experience in order to win some even more awesome prizes.

I had a very tight deadline because I had to fly off to Paris within a few days after I received the prize, which I had to use to take the video and the photos for the Grand Finale. No masterpiece there since I basically finished these 5 hours before I had to leave for the airport, leaving me just enough time to finish packing.

taken by Sony Ericsson Xperia arc - please click on the image and click on the little heart on the Sony Singapore FB page to vote!

You can also view a little 30-sec video I did with the same camera on the Facebook page, like my nails there?

I’m a bit behind with the votes, got a late start since my flight arrived a few days after voting started, so please help if you like my submission! (I’m number 6, by the way.) In order to win, I have to be the top three with the most votes, after which, Sony will pick a winner. Voting ends 7th Nov 2011.

I will really like a new camera and more spending money!