d.i.y. crochet coasters tutorial

– Got so caught trying to do this tutorial yesterday that I forgot to mention, this is my 100th post! woohoo!

I’m sharing a tutorial today! Though I think this is more of a behind-the-scene look at how I got it done because I’m not an expert or anything remotely close.

The thing with being in your own wedding is that, you can’t take your own pictures! So I have to “borrow” these pictures from my friends who were, thankfully, there to take down these details for me. I do remember taking pictures of these when they were being done, but I just can’t find the pictures now. Typical!

I made these coasters as wedding favors – Have a drink on us – Get it?


Thanks Jan for the the pictures, you may click on the picture to go to her Page on Facebook to check out more of her work!

and a Thank You to Tingyi who took this picture of how they were displayed at my reception table on my wedding day

So first of all, let’s talk about the crochet part. I referred to the pattern in Erika Knight’s book – The Harmony Guide Crochet Stitch Motif and made a few modification of my own so that I got the size that I wanted.


book cover

the pattern that was used - sorry about the blurred text!

Instead of 48 chains in the base ring, I made 66 chains, making the donut hole bigger. I won’t go into the details of crocheting, I’ll just let the picture do the talking. Personally, I find it easier if you just look at the stitch diagram.

After the crochet is done, I also felt it with a steam iron and some rust-proof pins. Depending on the yarn that you used, you may want to do it differently. Simply refer to the washing instructions on the yarn label.

Next I printed the design I did out on fabric. I used a normal ink-jet printer, the trick is pasting a sheet of cheap A4 sticker paper on the back of the fabric, making sure that you pressed out all the air bubbles in between, otherwise the ink will smudge and ruin a good piece of fabric. Also cut loose frays of threads by the edge so that they don’t get caught in the printer. Depending on your fabric, but a standard print resolution will do. Too good a print resolution = Too much ink = smudging.

I don’t like to waste, so I do try to maximise space on a piece of A4 size paper by squeezing in as much design as I can. I’d included a blank pdf file below for you to download in the case that you want to try this out for yourselves too. Simply customize it by filling in your own names and date!


Let me know if this works.

After the designs are out on the fabric, I waterproofed them because I intended these as working coasters which guests can actually use. First I sprayed them, front and back, with some waterproof spray (available at Daiso), left them overnight and waxed the designs with a layer of candle wax. I’m not a 100% confident that this can work, but this was the solution I came out with. I do remember reading somewhere that they used to sell waterproof ink for printers but that is a long time ago and none of the sales person here even knew that existed, so I think they are probably extinct by now.

The following steps are simple. This is where you get your husband-to-be to help out by cutting out the fabric circles with the design and paste them on the back of your crocheted motifs. I used a mixture of white glue and fabric glue and all you need to line is the base ring of the motif. I could had sewed them on, which was my original intention, but I had some 60 odd to complete and I was taking up too many long nights, so I went down the lazy man’s route. Moreover, the glue also helped to prevent fraying!

You will need to lay them out for the next 12- 24 hours to dry and stick properly.

the completed piece, photo by Jan

Do check out my other D.I.Y. goodies I did for my wedding!

a chalkboard has 2 face

a hand bouquet of rolling good fun

getting crafty with my confetti

all shook up for our d.i.y. engagement shoot!

more d.i.y. engagement photos

d.i.y. sundae ring bearer on Ruffled

a turquoise and brown welcome bunting

our wedding booth pictures, part 1 ( keep a look out for part 2! )

our test shots at the airport

I promise there will be more to come!


objects of desire… Lanvin for H&M

click on the picture to go straight to the website... but before you do that, check out my favourites below!

French brand Lanvin has followed in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garçons and Sonia Rykiel to come out with a collection for high street store H&M. And I’m so bummed that I couldn’t get my hands on these!

While I’m not fortunate enough to own any of these yet, you can still bid for these customized unique pieces here. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to UNICEF, as part of H&M’s “All for Children” project.

A while ago, a little bird told me that H&M is coming to Singapore! I’m even more excited that they are going to open their first store in Singapore next year at Orchard Building where California Fitness is now. It’s gonna be huge! 3000 square metres of affordable fashion! Isn’t this long overdue already? On the other hand, I am also a little disappointed because this will mean another one less store to visit when I’m overseas now. Just one of those things.

A short movie directed by Mike Figgis which was revealed around 3 weeks ago before the collection Lanvin for H&M hit the stores. Enjoy!

2010 vh1 divas salute the troops poster

I’m loving this poster.

taken from starpulse.com

Despite my 50s Rock n’ Roll wedding being over, I still can’t quite take my eyes away from all things fifties-inspired… or turquoise… or rock n’ roll music memorabilia... So naturally I felt very compelled to share this poster in its heavily-photoshopped glory. Just so you know, these girls here are the performers this year and Vh1 has launched a “Salute the Troops Photo Mosaic.” using Facebook Connect. For every picture you submit to the mosaic, VH1 will donate $1 to the USO’s Operation Enduring Care. And if you want to find out more, just head over to their website here.

I wondered why Kathy Griffin – the Divas Host, does not have her picture on the poster, I want to see her with those flirty curls and ultra red lips too! And then, I found it:


taken from popcrunch

Stunning huh!


bridal gloves for sale!

Happily ever after begins here... behind lots of aircon units and in a pair of GLOVES!

I guess I’m the impulsive type. I get this idea in my head and almost immediately I want to have it in my hands, or over my hands literally in this case. I had wanted to have those long over-the-elbows opera gloves together with my dress, you know, something like this…

… when even eating a take-away croissant looks glamorous? Realistically speaking, I knew I wouldn’t look like that when first of all, my flabby arms will just look like a blob of jelly with a pair of opera gloves eating away that much length off my arms. But that doesn’t stop me from getting one anyways! And so I got these.

I had gotten this pair of gorgeous gloves from Etsy. According to the seller (whom is the best, by the way), this is a pair of vintage gloves which has never been worn yet and therefore is in its original packaging. Comes with 3 pearls attached at each wrist, which I absolutely love. The colour is a luscious cream. Package says made in USA and fits all size, I must have very fat arms and fingers because I just couldn’t get them in! I decided that measuring the gloves is not a very good and accurate way of telling the size, but it’s the best way I could think of.

Diameter (laid flat)

– at the opening: 4.5 inches

– across the palm at the base of the fingers: 2.5 inches

– across the wrist: 2.75 inches

Length of finger (middle): 2.75 inches

Length of gloves: 22.5 inches measured from tip of middle finger to end. It’s an opera glove so it goes all the way past the elbows like the one Audrey Hepburn has on.

I would say this fits a size S.

Following the distress of discovering my hands are bigger than an American-sized “fits-all” sizing, I went ahead and got another from a local shop.

This one is pure white and fits beautifully, alas, when I make another visit to my seamstress, I discover the colour is way off. I actually got a swab of the fabric sample before, why the hell didn’t I compare it with the gloves before I make the purchase? Anyways, learn from my lesson and carry as much fabric samples and/or your inspiration scrapbook whenever and wherever you’re doing your bridal shopping.

This pair of gloves is just perfect for our local climate because the material is light and cooling. It’s made of a stretchy satiny material and ends just before the elbows. It is also perfect for adding additional personal details such as lace, pearls or cute little bows.

Diameter (laid flat)

– at the opening: 4 inches

– across the palm at the base of the fingers: 3.5 inches

– across the wrist: 3.5 inches

Length of finger (middle): 3 inches

Length of gloves: close to 16 inches.

Like the one above, this one has never been worn before, except when I opened it to try them on. Condition is excellent. I still feel a pang of heartache when I see these pairs of beautiful gloves just lying around without a proper owner to show them off, so I’m selling them off at a fraction of the price I got them for. Both of them are going for just US$9 each, excluding shipping. Please drop me a comment if you’re interested, stating if you’d like the cream or white one and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Lastly, may I bring your attention back to my photo at the top of this post. Notice the hair fascinator? I’m thinking of making a simple tutorial of how I made that, along with the birdcage veil I had. Tell me what you think!

christmas is just round the corner

It’s that time of the year when I want to be a tourist in Times Square. And Christmas shopping, except that I have been doing that for no one but myself. Blame it on all that sale that’s been going on.

Meanwhile, I have been messing around with cameras again. Which probably I’m gonna post some random pictures every now and then. I’m not done with updates of my wedding yet! Just that, I’m in the middle of a transition right now, and I don’t always have things I need to share nearby. Time just seem to slip past fast though!

our test shots at the airport

Before we got started with our actual engagement shoot, we did some test shots. Just the 2 of us, and a remote control. And surprise, surprise, we chose to do the test shot at the airport because I used to work around the airport, and my then-boyfriend drove me to and fro the airport quite a bit for 3 years or so.

These are some of the shots that we got!

This is one of my favourite, I only wish I'd done extra to lessen the exposure during the shoot... but we were too busy trying to hide the remote and ignore the stares of the security guard and trolley attendant at the door

We call this, The Travelator Series

... and it's the most fun we had!

my favourite!

As you can see, everything is all over the place, there was the initial awkwardness that we were posing non-stop in front of an unmanned camera on a tripod, and then there were times when I got stage fright and froze. Stefan, on the other hand, had too much fun with the remote. Maybe I should post some outtakes, what’d ya think?

The shoot did take longer than we thought, but I guess it was some good practise we got there, and overall, a really memorable experience.

Post a comment and tell me your opinions, the ‘share’ and ‘like’ buttons are also standing-by near the post for easy access!

our wedding photo booth pictures, part 1

This is gonna one lengthy one!

We had a D.I.Y. Photo Booth at our wedding, if there was one thing I must have at the wedding, this is it. And it proved to be so much fun! With the help of a friend who got the giant big lighting for our dark cosy pub interior and my bridesmaid who helped me manned the booth and occasionally joined in the fun, we simply just have to find props to play with. While I provided some 50s eyewears and D.I.Y. blackboards, Anna from Spellbound Weddings backed me up with boas, instructional chalkboards and more eyewears. I also did a A2-sized poster as a backdrop to my existing fun backdrop which is this giant Guinness barrel sign at the pub, just to make the booth a bit more ours.

While a tripod was provided for ease, convenience and stability, my Photo Booth helper/s chose to liven some of the shots with their off-the-tripod shots.


handwritten signs by Anna and her helpers

my 2 adorable Photo Booth helpers

There, with his bushy head (correction: curry pok hair, one day only) out of the way, all of ya can see the poster I did for the Photo Booth

good friends from way back! we must had known each other for, what, 17 years?

i'm just showing off my creations: a upside down moustache and a big bow tie that you can actually tie round your neck, hair... whatever..

my girls in their matching turquoise dress (stripes and polka) and pretty handmade pinwheel corsages!

here, they demonstrate how my bow-tie blackboard can be put to good use

See, Mike? It goes with everything. Elvis approves.

one of the hand pistol went off?

don't they look darling?

a head too big? a head too small? all matter of perspective!

i call this the "falling feather" series

too much boas for our own good

yes, elsa, take that rockability look down

these 2 had the most memorable wedding out of the ones i went to

D.I.Y. blackboard # 3 makes an appearance

my mum joined in the fun and rosie wanna kiss her for that

and then, the entire clan moved in

well, almost!

my 2 brothers and cousins

the Goh siblings!

I just love it that everyone's having fun with the booth, young and old alike! I know my mum did!

see what I mean? wait, there's more!

my mum all sultry with auntie judy

auntie judy was told to " loosen up and let her hair down!"

I just love my brother's outfit that day, complete with a news boy cap!

i like this one, the Gohs


we simply can't resist playing with our vintage-inspired pouffy skirts

we just went on and on...

we love our hair.... and that's all for now!


This is just part 1! Stay tuned for part 2!

And if you missed the preview in my Thank You post, here’s the link! ciao!

featured on The Wedding Chicks!

Whenever we leave the ground
And take to the sky
I’ll smile as I’m gazing down
‘Cause I’ve always wondered why
We won’t need feathers to fly

{ butterfly wings by owl city }

Here it is! I have been containing my excitement the whole day. Today I will be adding a new badge on my blog…

… because the nice ladies at The Wedding Chicks is featuring our wedding Invitation and Engagement shoot on their website today! Isn’t their badge sweet?


click on image to get your first look at the feature!

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And do come back soon for more pictures!

midnight shopping

Hallo my loyal readers!

Watch out for something really exciting happening on my blog tomorrow!

In the meantime, my eyes haven’t been able to leave Urban Outfitters website, here’s a peek at what they found.

available at Urban Outfitters while stock last!

I already got a few items in my shopping cart, though I’m pretty upset they don’t ship the bigger items out of US. Well, thank God, I guess, shipping is gonna blow another hole right through my pocket so big that I may not be able to afford another pair of jeans… I am so testing my willpower.