feathers and birdcages

So, I looked around and found this wonderful Etsy seller who makes and sells these gorgeous birdcage veils and bridal hairpieces. Here’s some of the selection I adore at tulet.

Francesca - white feather fascinator

Francesca - white feather fascinator

anabelle- white flower fascinator

anabelle- white flower fascinator

Sophia- White fascinator

Sophia- White fascinator

Anika- White flower feather fascinator

Anika- White flower feather fascinator

Question now is: Feather should I get? Hmm…


classic perfection

Like every good man, I strive for perfection, and, like every ordinary man,

I have found that perfection is out of reach – but not the perfect suit.

~Edward Tivnan

From Canali Spring 2011 Collection. Modern suits with a 50s, 60s edge.

I like how the trousers hug the ankles and the pompadour hairstyle, even though, unflattering to say the least, reminds me of Johnny Bravo. But I like how it complements the suit anyhow.

not counting sheeps

My heart is beating faster, if you know how I hate exercise, then you will know this is not because I just had a cardio workout.

I can’t sleep either.

And I’m wondering if I’m having an episode of the wedding  jitters.

I blame it on sleepless nights like this one, when my mind can’t help running amok, dashing through a thousand scenarios of What Ifs, of what can happen or won’t happen. I’m concerned that we still have not managed to secure a pastor. Please God, let me have one. I worry about guests not having enough fun, by ‘guests’ I really only meant our closest friends and family members and so this worry is really real and important to me.

And there are the logistics to think about. I really need to talk to my wedding planner.

The logical side of me is telling me “que sera sera”, I can’t really help it if things do go wrong, can I? And then I think, my jitters aren’t even half as severe as most brides’, which probably is unwittingly an open invitation for disaster – I know how behind I am in all these planning.

Before now, I had hoped that switching on the lappie, glaring into harsh light of the monitor and trying to make out the characters on my charcoal keyboard in the midst of darkness will at least tire my eyes out, which will in turn invite the Z monster. Well, I know now for a fact that this method doesn’t work! Next time I will just let my sprinter thoughts waste their muscles to somnolence.

Alas, you have to read through this… thing with no conclusion, I feel bad. So here goes, a series of pictures from our trial photoshoot. I think these describe our relationship perfectly.

a dream of a parisian bistro wedding

A while ago, I found a little piece of Paris along Scotts Road, a gem of a storefront tucked exactly where it would be if it were in Paris. I’ve imagined maître d’ with a funny mustache rolling words off the french menu, fresh loaves in a picnic basket and legs of ham hanging in the kitchen. Subconsciously, this mellow chateau-building in the air happened in the passenger seat of Stefan’s car.

Bistro du Vin

As I would discover months… months later, there is ALL that at Bistro Du Vin! ‘cept for the head waiter with the twitchy facial hair, whom I am truly disappointed NOT seeing. No complaints about the waiting staff though!

The mosaic floor tiles, framed whimsical pictures of vigorous bartender and eager waiters and country chickens all adds up to the authentic look-and-feel of the bistro. To include a touch of greenery that grey Paris so lack, there is even an odd-sized potted plant on the dining room floor. Prior to all these observations, the menu chalkboards featuring Today’s Specials already won me over.

To start with, we had pan-fried foie gras with caramelized apples and walnuts. Stefan said he found his next-favourite haunt for foie gras after his 2nd mouthful.

I’m really sorry for the poor goose’s suffering but I was happy with the freaked delicacy in my mouth. I shall not attempt to defend my culinary choices further.

Next up, oven-roasted chicken parcels with mashed potato and garlic pork pate for me and char-grilled Aussie Angus ribeye in garlic-herb butter and french fries.

Verdict? See this:

I’m not crazy about the pork pate though, but this, this soft fluffy-i-could-DIE mashed potato, I suspect, is a piece of heaven.

In between main course and 15min-to-prepare dessert, chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream, Stefan enjoyed a welcoming cup of after-meal coffee and I’m happy sipping my wine and taking crappy pictures such as these with my mobile phone.

Here’s a ‘what-if’ moment.

What if, we were not holding our wedding at our current venue?

I would hold my intimate cosy wedding here.

Here’s a ‘back-to-reality’ moment.

Spending a pre-movie Wednesday evening with my best friend in an imaginary visual and sensory trip to Paris – Superb!

fab 50s men

There should be more manly glamorous website featuring men’s fashion. While I did stumble on a few, they seem to focus more on gay beefcakes than regular joes, and especially, not the fashion. My man here knows enough to make himself look sharp o any given day, however when it comes to styling him in vintage 50s fashion for the wedding, this is where I hit the hump.

This makes me all the more determined to find the inspiration I need.

I think this looks cute. This is my wedding colour theme. Picture this on him.

Freestyle Bow Tie for Men Chocolate Blue Dots

from MeandMatilda@Etsy

Though this vintage Rockabilly Regal Plaid tie will probably work too.

Vintage 50s Black White and Pink Rockabilly Regal Plaid Tie

from opendoorclothing@Etsy

Not exactly Rock N’ Roll, but I like these photos from Mad Men.

and these look pretty good as well!


Taken from http://www.dawwud.com/ Photography: HUNTER & GATTI Styled by: Beñat Yanci Make up & Hair Stylist: Paco Garrigues (TALENTS) Stylist assistants: Maria F. Castro, Miguel Angel Serrano Production: Hunter & Gatti Model: Milan Krouzil@Traffic models

These guys are really generous on the hair gel/shoe shine huh!

And here’s looking at how real men dress in that era gone by.

James Dean

Hank Marvin

Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

Not a bad decade huh!

That’s enough for tonight! I shall end this yummy post with this look on Stefan’s face when he was delivered yet another Tailor’s Brutal Truth by his conscientious tailor uncle.

He was going to bite his head off.

Sweet Dreams!

coming soon.

Some of you would had known that somewhere last week I had a trial photoshoot. For starters, it was awkward, especially when there are strangers who just couldn’t stop staring. And may I also add a tip if you are attempting a d.i.y. engagement shoot. Use a trusty memory card, and then bring more. You’ll never know when the memory card decides to lose its memory and delete a good 2 hours of your life.

We were monkeys in front of the camera during that amount of time and there are no evidence to show for.

Here’s a sneak at what we were up to. These, among a few others, survived.

it was a long travelator. visit a loo first.

photography play

Every now and then I will come across a photographer who makes me just wanna get my camera out and play with it with a vengeance, with additional chest pounds when said photographer is only 16 years old.

Whatever have I been doing all these years?

all pictures taken by Natalie Kucken

Please please go see more of Natalie Kucken’s work at Flickr. Tomorrow I’m getting my camera gear out.

an icelandic wedding

This is simply G-O-R-G-EOUS!

see, rain isn't so bad! Light and misty is the best

Pictures taken via Ruffled

Icelandic photographer Bragi Þór Jósefsson took these tender gladdening photos of couple Echo and Rich from Michigan at their intimate Icelandic chapel wedding. This is exactly what I would do if I could afford the airfare to send my precious few to my wedding far and away. Yes… this would had been enough…

My travels over the years have brought me to the places below, which had left deep enough impressions on me to want to have my own wedding there.

Church of the Good Shepherd by Lake Takapo, NZ. Photo is taken from Jo@flickr. I would had used my own photos if I have not carelessly left my memorycard (with millions other photos worth keeping) in my old phone which I forgotten in a mall toilet.

Silverstone B&B in Lancaster, Penn.

Dún Aengus, Inish-more. The "Acropolis of Aran". ok, maybe I shouldn't risk guests being blown over the cliffs, but here, this west, separated by the ocean, I can see New York! (ok, this is in my mind, but hey, it IS over the horizon!)

What are your wedding destinations?

shoe! i’m trying to concentrate!

When you get as easily distracted by shoes as I am, you will understand why I need to get them all on my wishlist. Behold these beauties at United Nude.

Baby Pink Block Pump Hi

Block Pump Hi

White Möbius Strappy Hi

White Möbius Strappy Hi

Camel Frame

Camel Frame

Salmon + Black Block Ankle Strap Hi

Block Ankle Strap Hi in Salmon

Black Lo Res

Lo Res

Baby Pink Cup Pump

Cup Pump in baby pink

Yellow Label Shoe


Neon Pink + Black Cup X Sandal

Black Cup X Sandal

Baby Blue Eamz Pump

Eamz Pump

To quote from the website,

This story begins with a broken heart. Rem’s attempt to get the girl back was made by downsizing architecture to its smallest and most vulnerable scale, that of a woman’s foot.

While most romantic notions are often foolish, what was hatched through the inspiration of romance was the ‘Möbius’ shoe. The girl was gone, but he knew the shoe had to become real.

The ‘Möbius’ went on to be nominated for the Rotterdam Design Award in 2003. What a tribute to a love story, even if it was fleeting… nonetheless…

I’m a size 40. (whistling)