… and I’m Off the shelf!

First and foremost, let me start by telling how I came to be engaged. My best friend of close to 10 years now, became my boyfriend 3 years ago. In these 3 years, I made him to like traveling (with me), unwittingly introduced him to food that he should had tried long time ago and witnessed his transformation from a satay-stick to a huggable body-warmer. He prefers his upgrade to be named as a sugarcane. I’m going to deny all accusation and presumption that I caused his weight gain, since I only step into the kitchen for the refrigerator, and i did BAN him from roti pratas and chunky pork lards once he turns 30.

One day on 9th Jan 2010, he proposed to me in a Starbucks in Tokyo.

notice the sleeping man at the corner? I purposely left him there because I find it hilarous and grateful at the same time that the Tokyoites are so nonchalent when Stefan knelt down with a hard-to-say-no-to proposal ring for a lenghty (undisclosed) mins.

There is a story of how he got the ring, and why, you may wonder, Starbucks?! But that’s another story, for another time, and fingers crossed, to be told by someone else.

I have never pictured a dream wedding and I’m an idiot when it comes to the traditional wedding traditions. All I know is that I hate the usual rituals and dread going through with some of the Chinese wedding rituals. There will be no banquets, no yum-sengs and absolutely no BublĂ©. In short, I hadNO idea what I want.

Luckily for me, Stefan didn’t care for any of that either! But does it help he cares just a little lesser than me?

After some deliberations, I knew what I want for my wedding – I want it small, intimate, fun, surrounded with all my best friends and equally importantly, be eco-friendly. Being a wee bit crafty, I have huge ambitions to make my own versions of the usual wedding pretties. I figured that I can cut cost, make sure nothing goes to waste and have fun with my own creations. I understand that weddings are extravagant and quite impossible to go all-Green, but I’m trying my best. And so I thought, since I’m going to drive myself bridenutty making that loads of stuff with an impending deadline, I might as well document the funnies and the process.

I hope you will have more fun with this! I’d love the occasional encouragement and buckets of love, so. give me a hearty pat if you think I’m doing good and some good sound advise if you think I’m going off the track!