welcome your wanderlust

Housed in a 1920s old school building is this wanderful hotel that reminds us of the dreams we should be having.

maybe they should be art-nouveau-inspired...

with colours that 'pop', of yellow submarines and purple rain...

of limitless possibilities, painted out on blank canvases...

filling you up with secret messages and joyful poetry...

dreams should be like your secret garden...

they are a form of escape...

What are your dreams like?

* Wanderlust Hotel – 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494


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From Portland to Peonies I wish I am still in Europe too! You know, in that state of self-denial and eat pasta and gelato everyday, thinking, Italian women don’t get fat!

Michelle Thank you, and it was!

Chic ‘n Cheap Living Don’t you just wish that you could bring that yellow postbox home? At least I know I do!!

Cinz Thinking back, why didn’t we try that too??!!

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon I love my adventures with my Bushyhead! I’m looking forward to many more to come!

A Oh yes, an ex-colleague shared that idea with me many years ago. It’s a kick to collect all that foreign stamps and country ink-stamps on the postcards as well!

Maddy You have GOTTA be THERE!!! It’s inspiring!

MelRod Thanks for dropping in, Melrod! *hugs!*

Mabel Hi Mabel! Text in the pictures? Do you mean the caption? Is it their placement or size that makes the post hard to read? Let me know! 🙂

celebrity photographer Kurt Iswarienko

{ ♥ } these photographs from celebrity photographer Kurt Iswarienko, who also shot these pictures when I was looking for some fifties-inspired men’s style for Bushyhead before our wedding. I also love his take on Ben Stiller, Colin Firth, and Jame McAvoy too!

twigs & honey 2011 collection

i had fallen in love with Myra Callen’s 2011 Twigs & Honey Collection.

Flapper inspired bridal headband

Glimmering rhinestone headband

Vintage inspired lace bridal cap

Double layer full tulle birdcage veil

Feather cascade head piece

Rhinestone shimmer comb

click here to see all her stunning creations!



double yays: my guest post on Hindsight Bride

Hi from The Eternal City!

Greetings from Italy!

It’s our last night here in Rome, Italy. Next morning we would be on our way to Athens, Greece! I’m so very excited to share this next news with all of you! Recently I did a guest post on Hindsight Bride, and the post is out today! Christie O. at Hindsight Bride is one of my favourite wedding blogger because of all the advises she shares on her blog, especially if you’re planning a d.i.y. wedding. Please check out the interview here!

click to see the post on Hindsight Bride!

Do leave a comment and tell me what you think! Ciao for now!

hugs and kisses,


wedding day pictures – the preparations

It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.
{ Lucille Ball }

Here they are, pictures from my actual day wedding! Because there are so many I wanna share, I’m gonna split them into a few days’ worth of posts. For a start, these are from the early afternoon when the girls are getting ready for the groom and his unfortunate best man to arrive for the gatecrashing. Note, early afternoon. Mornings are really not for me.

you can't see them here, but there are little gemstones around the skirt.

my mismatched tea set for the traditional tea ceremony

ring bearer waiting for the wedding bands to meet each other for the first time

I get really squeamish when it comes to make-up on the eyes... imagine that artful chunk I had on.

elsa's a stunner!

the pinwheel corsage I made for the girls, my mum has a more "grown-up" version. The guys and the musicians got little guitars for their boutonnières = ROCK n ROLL (pinwheels), ta-da my wedding theme!

I was alittle worried that my DIY hair fascinator isn't gonna work. I had no backups! But it did!

my crash course to learn how to put on my DIY birdcage veil by myself later before the wedding ceremony

I'm partially resigned to the fact that the lines under my eyes are here to stay no matter how good the makeup artist is.

with Makeup Artist Gin Tan

the weapon of torture

The porkfloss bun is my idea because I hate it that Stefan has it for breakfast almost EVERY morning! At least now, he remembers the wasabi first before he goes into BreadTalk and gets one of this again.

artist at work

another happy accomplice

it's a happy bun

Ours is a 50s Rock and Roll wedding, but this is not the 50s era we're living in! Instead of the stereotype housewife who cooks and washes with perfectly primped hair and lipstick, this was a test for Stefan to demonstrate how good (-looking) a house husband should look like today. So one of the gate-crashing task he has to perform is to make a pretty apron out of these!

You do need a friend in life to help you figure out how to unclasp and secure those pesky bracelet clips

.. and another to help you reach places that you can't reach yourself.

Next up, the groom arrives!

You will want to see these next few pictures. Please come back again!

* All photographs taken by Jan