honeymoon day 20.1, sunshine after the rain

day 20.

On our first night in Santorini, I was very much aware that it had been raining all night and I was wishing for the rain, rain to go away, but when my chant didn’t work in the morning when the first light started to peek in, I knew there must be a reason behind it. I opened the window blind, and this was what I saw.

Two giant rainbow arches that stretched their way all the way to Oia. The rain was mist-like and the sunlight was constantly moving behind clouds, so that its rays were glowing across the waters and the lands. I took a few quick photos, fearing that this sight will disappear, before I went back into the room and dragged Bushyhead out of bed to see the sight.

And then, breakfast was sent to our room, we ate while waiting for the sun to slowly push his way through.

sun after the rain

We spare no time at all, once the rain stopped, we were out the door!

bus stop.

we were told that buses were scarse during winter, and so we rented a car! I'd learn to drive if Singapore imports this !

ok, the wind combined with my choice of clothing made me look puffy

one of the red beaches on the island

After a disappointed drive to Akrotiri (it was closed for maintainance), we arrived at one of the black beaches.

Santorini dogs do not hesitate to follow tourists around. They seem to be able to tell the difference between tourists and locals.

quick lunch before more walks

complimentary dessert from the restaurant... however sweet the gesture is and we really appreciated it, we didn't like this.

my last minute purchase from Athens H&M. cheap, good and comfy. All I brought was winter boots and they were just too much for Santorini.

foot was still swollen from the fall in Venice.

we begin our hike up to Ancient Thira


there has to be a better way to get up there... we just didn't know it. Thanks to our guidebook whose only option for us is this.

it was a long way up, for our fitness level

And when we finally reached the top, we saw this:

what?! We could had drove! We rented a car!

What’s worse, the place was 5minutes to closing, after we took 45 minutes – an hour just to make our way up on foot. Opening hours are not mentioned in the guidebook, anyhow, the attendant was kind enough to allow us some time to quickly make our way inside the site, take some pictures and much later, offer us some water from his private stash of supplies.

this was where we could had drove up from.

the way we came from

well, at least we survived it

at the back of our minds, despite the view and fun photo-taking, we knew what was coming and we didn't look forward to it.

the walk down.

My cheap, good and comfy shoes from H&M just weren’t built for these pointy rocks!

Day 20 part 2 coming right up! See the best sunset and the coolest bookshop ever in my next honeymoon post! You can follow all the other days of our honeymoon here!  day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice), day 8 (Venice), day 9 (Venice & Florence), day 10 (Florence), day 11 & 12 (Florence), day 13 (Rome), day 14 (Rome), day 15 (Rome) , day 16 (Athens), day 17.1 (Athens), day 17.2 (Athens), day 18 (Athens), day 18 part 2 (Athens), day 19 ( Santorini )


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lisa s I hope your bed has found itself some pretty skirting already! Mine will need more for sure!


6 thoughts on “honeymoon day 20.1, sunshine after the rain

  1. Loved your photos, again! How long was your honeymoon again? It seems that you’ve been on your beautiful honeymoon forever! In a good way that is. I’m envious! 😉

    The photos of you gazing into the water from the table, and the one of the walk down are my favorites! The sun, and the view from your photos are just amazing! Gotta adore the cute random photos of your owl. 😉 x

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You have such a dreamy honeymoon 🙂
    Also, yup tempted is the right word when it comes to Kate Spade bags. I just really really want one whenever I see their stores xD

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