object of desire – Orishiki clutchbag by Naoki Kawamoto

“Orishiki” – Origami + Shiki baby.

Awesome? Without a doubt! For more, click here.


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Tinkerbelle (@Lillyheart999) I hope for their sake that they are happily fed now too!

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon My guy attracts the kitties… or rather, they attract him!

lisa s & Caroline Wang Could not agree more!

HiLLjO You have to see the place to believe it! Your wedding looks fun! I’d be thrilled to see all your creations up close!



After countless visits to the bookstore and leaving empty-handed and disappointed each time, I placed an order over the counter for The Stylist’s Guide to NYC by Sibella Court.

And now, it’s finally here! * happy *

It's impossible to be disappointed with it!

early birthday card from Coco and my to-read before the movie is out!


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HiLLjO I don’t have much impression of the other Bond flicks… except for that guy with the iron jaws!

soon you’ll be mine

Modernica Arm Rocker in Ocean

For a long time now, I have been pestering bushyhead about which chair to get. The Fiberglass Modernica? Or the Polypropylene Eames? I love the Eames for its colour and eco-friendliness, but then again, I was kinda hoping that this chair purchase will last me and my offsprings a few generations. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But that is what I’m going for, so who wants to recycle this pretty chair anyways?

Then, Modernica chairs has this brilliant shine and texture that I’m finding hard to resist. This is tough. As though picking the colours aren’t already hard enough!

from bleubirdvintage.com. I love Gemma's nursery! And of course that lovely chair (celery) in the corner!

taken from IDA Interior Lifestyle

What do you think?


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HiLLjO I enjoy walking! But I’d rather we had the foresight to bring at least a bottle of water with us! Show me Sada!

Sarah Well, it’s my fault that the honeymoon seems long. Too many pictures, too bad time management! It was a total of 25 days. So we’re nearly there!

steffi Thanks Steffi! There’s a sale now happening at Kate Spade!

Lemonzest aww.. thank you!

some list just never ends

Girls are naturally attracted to pretty things, no?

1. {Miu Miu Madras Bag} 2 & 3. {Kate Spade iphone covers} 4. {Porcelain Gnome Lamp} from seltzerstudios

For those covers, I will get an iphone. I’m serious, in an nonsensical way.


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Jeanne Thanks Jeanne! I love the way it poofs up when I least expect it to!

steffi aww.. that’s sweet, thank you!

theEclecticLife Yep! I can never get enough traveling with my hubby, even though he is very often a reluctant traveler and he does that just for me!

Brittany Oh Oh, where have you been in the Med?

lauren carney & maggie may Thanks for dropping by, Lauren and Maggie May! :-)))

Frau Haselmayer You know what? I just keep checking out your blog this few days!

Josie The light really is different in the area… just like I always thought clouds in Australia and NZ are always fluffier and makes the sky looks super huge and endless. I wonder why…

SarahBeing my camera is no easy task. They get dropped, swung, bumped, scratched, blinged (I often stick stickers all over like a kid) and chewed on by bunnies.

kate spade book clutch

I love my Kate Spade book clutch more & more everyday!

I love it even more because I got it at half price!

So imagine my delight when I saw Emma, Romeo & Juliet and The Importance of Being Ernest on the bags shelves the other day! and then I thought, that New York Times is a cute prop…

turns out…

WEEeeeEEEee! It’s a real clutch bag!

Are you screaming yet?

twigs & honey 2011 collection

i had fallen in love with Myra Callen’s 2011 Twigs & Honey Collection.

Flapper inspired bridal headband

Glimmering rhinestone headband

Vintage inspired lace bridal cap

Double layer full tulle birdcage veil

Feather cascade head piece

Rhinestone shimmer comb

click here to see all her stunning creations!



found! Deeshine Jewelery giveaway!

Click to go to Polli

This vintage birdcage necklace sponsored by Deeshine Jewelery is up for grabs at Polli! Yes, they accept international entries, to enter, simply:

1) Become a follower of Polli or/and
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Contest ends 22nd Dec!
Do also check out Deeshine Jewelery for the rest of their works! I love the way they showcase them! I’ve shortlisted these few for my wishlist.. I know, I’m being greedy…

Click to go to Deeshine!

christmas thoughts

Christmas came late for me this year. Usually around 2 months before Christmas, I’d have felt the change in the wind. The festive mood made up of synthesizer-made Christmas carols, the increase in population (seriously, where did all those people come from? Where were they the rest of the year?), Christmas light-ups and fake snow, I’d barely contain my excitement thinking what Christmas gifts to get for friends. I love that shopping rush and also that self-imposed headache getting prezzies for people!

This year I’m spending my first Christmas as Mrs Bushy H., yet I still have absolutely no inkling of what it’s gonna be like. We are so busy, Christmas just seem so far away to really start a conversation on. There are always more immediate matters to attend to. Is this really what being ‘grown-up’ amount to? We have no time to really think about what Christmas is all about and what traditions passed down the generations mean? I just read a post from my favourite blog Under the Sycamore, really, everyone should read it. It’s about what Ashley, the mind behind the blog, wants to teach her children to celebrate the meaning of Christmas and to acquire the gift of giving by showing them by her own examples and getting them to learn them by their own actions. I always want to start my own family traditions and reading her blogs have given me the inspiration to not only create traditions, but also give meanings to them. I’m worried that, if I don’t have time to think about these things now and practise them through my own actions, what kind of example would I be giving my future kids? I’m worried that pure everyday slothfulness will get in the way of imparting precious values during their short impressionable growing years. I’m worried commercialism will get to them first, simply though the gaps of our busy lifestyle. It will be my greatest nightmare when my future kid ask me when is Santa Claus coming.

I am brought back to this one day during my childhood in Sunday School while I’m doing this post. I dreaded Sunday School when i was young because I was shy and joined the church later than the other kids in Sunday School whose parents had been there even before they were born. It was hard for me to make friends and even harder for me to participate in all those active extrovert stuff in class in front of people I know but don’t talk much to. I had given my fair share of excuses not to attend Sunday School, I’d rather sit in the adult Mandarin congregation with my mum. So imagine if on that one day I missed Sunday School, I would had missed the teacher telling us the Christmas story and drilling over and over again into my young mind that, Jesus is the reason for the season, Jesus is the reason for the season. Few years later, I would see that statement outside the departmental store CK Tang and I smiled to myself that the big ‘secret’ is out and people was then reading it across the massive banner. And every year during the Christmas season, I’d remember that – Jesus is the reason for the season.

I hope, in the future, our kids would know that simple truth and do more than what little I’m doing… mostly what I’m NOT doing. If He gave His Life for us, what can we give to other people who needs more to carry on His legacy?

* * *

That said, it is now my guilty pleasure to show you how I would also dream of a white Christmas every year, but never gets it. This is the way I’m getting myself excited about those imaginary ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ and that wintry honeymoon not so far away after Christmas.

1. Woman’s Boots from Bearpaw

2. Pins and Needles Cozy Bow Beret from Urban Outfitters

3. Bunny Earflap Winter Hat from bellz82@Etsy

4. Raccoon Hat from Urban Outfitters

5. Tiny candy pompom snow2 from dadaya@Etsy

6. Love the back of my hand bow gloves in gray from Ruche

7. Limited-edition (STARBUCKS)RED Jonathan Adler Ceramic To-Go Cup from (RED)

What are you doing for Christmas?


objects of desire… Lanvin for H&M

click on the picture to go straight to the website... but before you do that, check out my favourites below!

French brand Lanvin has followed in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garçons and Sonia Rykiel to come out with a collection for high street store H&M. And I’m so bummed that I couldn’t get my hands on these!

While I’m not fortunate enough to own any of these yet, you can still bid for these customized unique pieces here. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to UNICEF, as part of H&M’s “All for Children” project.

A while ago, a little bird told me that H&M is coming to Singapore! I’m even more excited that they are going to open their first store in Singapore next year at Orchard Building where California Fitness is now. It’s gonna be huge! 3000 square metres of affordable fashion! Isn’t this long overdue already? On the other hand, I am also a little disappointed because this will mean another one less store to visit when I’m overseas now. Just one of those things.

A short movie directed by Mike Figgis which was revealed around 3 weeks ago before the collection Lanvin for H&M hit the stores. Enjoy!