honeymoon day 21, santorini is made up of blue, white and yellow

day 21.

a greek morning

not all is still

at least it started off bearable, just a little disheveled

then this.

uh-uh. not a good look.

we imagined how far the winds had travelled...

as we walked down the countless steps to the pier. We wished the cablecar was in operation, we wished we had seen the donkeys instead of their 'poopcakes' on the steps, telling us they had been here before shuttling people and goods from the pier to the city on these very steps. Where were they then is still a mystery to us now.

does anyone live in these?

deserted. no donkeys, no boats to take us to the caldera. just abandoned buildings and cafes filled with stinking faeces of unknown sources and dust in them - on overturned mattresses and broken tables. I shuttered to think that these will be open for business in the summer, it's actually unthinkable. Unknown to me then, i was also happily clicking away on my lomo, which had ran out of batteries donkey years ago (how apt is that description here!), and returned home with 2 empty rolls of films to develop. Now, all the pictures that I had took are only recorded in my mind. ūüė¶

the lack of activity creates plenty of quality pondering time for the residents there.

the mood was infectious.

i'm happy as long as I have his hands to hold

 We resigned to our fates and made the climb back to the city, instead of wishing hard that the cablecars would start an unscheduled operation.

booze almost always cheered us up

tuck in!

apertifs on the house! Cheers to that!

we found Dog No. 2 in the city center. She was sleeping on the street when she saw us and decided to follow us. She's gorgeous.

I'm always lagging behind during our walks because, 1) I'm easily distracted. 2) I stop to take pictures alot. And while bushyhead walked far ahead of me, Dog No. 2 would always turn back and check that I'm still there behind them.

same view, different feel

Dog No. 2 knows the House Rules without us even having to tell her. She only enters the room when we let her. *I love this picture, by the way*

on our way to get dinner, Dog No.3 appeared and started to play violently with Dog No. 2 - the whole time we were walking to the restaurant.

now we got two dogs hot on our tails.

we went back to the same restaurant we went to on our first day in Santorini. Eventually Dog No. 2 and 3 chased each other down the street and disappeared.

I was quite upset we lost Dog No. 2 and my sweet bushyhead went out in the dark to find her for me. It was not an easy search, she could be anywhere on the island, but he did managed to find her, brought her back and fed her with food he bought from the supermarket.

We gave her some towels and she slept all night outside our room. It must had been cold. We felt so bad that we got her into the room (don’t tell the owner) early next morning and fed her some more. Sweet Dog No. 2 even hesitated before she stepped into the warmth of the room.

Next up, our departure day.

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Hours and hours of cheese and conversation…

What better way to end a work day.

I hope you had a great weekend!




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Jennifer Avventura hello new subscriber! now, i’m your blog’s too! Did you get followed around by the island’s animals too? I’m still flattered by their ‘initiative’!

Sewon Thank you for your sweet comment! ūüôā

vonmachc Thanks for dropping by! I love your adventures in Hollywood! Must be fun!

honeymoon day 20.2, atlantis by accident

day 20.2

So we made it down the hill, filled the cute car with gas and drove across the island to Oia.

We heard it’s a lively town, and boasts of magnificent sunset view.

But we didn’t know where to go. It should had been pretty straight forward – just follow the sun! But we weren’t sure, everybody else was on holiday. We put our trust and faith in a group of school children who kept giggling and pointed in different directions. And we were caught in a maze with plenty of distractions.

we could see the sun setting...

but we just couldn't get near enough

what is too many locks

chasing the sun

We were hungry from all that climbing earlier, and it seems that the sun is already setting. We saw a pretty little bookshop called Atlantis Books – the only store that was open. We asked the girl from the bookstore if there’s any place open for dinner and I wanted to linger a while longer at the bookshop, she looked at us and just goes, oh i know a place, but this is not the place for you to be at now, you have to go now! We’ll talk in a while, but now, go, go, go! The sun is setting!

How ever she knows we were looking for the sunset remains a mystery, but maybe all tourists came to the then-‘abandoned’ city of Oia for one reason – to see the sunset that everybody talks about. We followed the direction of her finger and sprinted.

we were just in time

the colours that were cast around the dipping sun were a dream!

even the stones reflected the brilliance of the colours

and then it was gone

can you see the reflection of the sunset?

even after the colours of the sunset became muted, the natural colours of the island still remains

We went back to Atlantis Books and ended up spending loads of time in it Рbushyhead was playing with the resident cat and I was going through the massive collection of books for something to read. ( You can read about how Atlantis Books begin here.) In the end, I picked A Month in the Country and got a cute stamp it it too. The lady was looking after it for the winter is Charlotte Koster Рan amazing artist who did all the woodsigns and wordings in the bookshop. She also did some really amazing sand sculptures and designed one of the suites for the 2008/2009 season of the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. You can see her work here.

After Charlotte so kindly directed us to a nice family tavern for dinner, we left the bookshop. We were half-expecting the bookshop to disappear magically the moment we turned our heads. We know this is not Hogwarts, but we believe this place definitely exists in a realm of its own!

warming ourselves beside the coal burner!

ending the night outside our room with a drink... and Dog No. 1 (not shown in the picture)

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soon you’ll be mine

Modernica Arm Rocker in Ocean

For a long time now, I have been pestering bushyhead about which chair to get. The Fiberglass Modernica? Or the Polypropylene Eames? I love the Eames for its colour and eco-friendliness, but then again, I was kinda hoping that this chair purchase will last me and my offsprings a few generations. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But that is what I’m going for, so who wants to recycle this pretty chair anyways?

Then, Modernica chairs has this brilliant shine and texture that I’m finding hard to resist. This is tough. As though picking the colours aren’t already hard enough!

from bleubirdvintage.com. I love Gemma's nursery! And of course that lovely chair (celery) in the corner!

taken from IDA Interior Lifestyle

What do you think?


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HiLLjO I enjoy walking! But I’d rather we had the foresight to bring at least a bottle of water with us! Show me Sada!

Sarah Well, it’s my fault that the honeymoon seems long. Too many pictures, too bad time management! It was a total of 25 days. So we’re nearly there!

steffi Thanks Steffi! There’s a sale now happening at Kate Spade!

Lemonzest aww.. thank you!

honeymoon day 20.1, sunshine after the rain

day 20.

On our first night in Santorini, I was very much aware that it had been raining all night and I was wishing for the rain, rain to go away, but when my chant didn’t work in the morning when the first light started to peek in, I knew there must be a reason behind it. I opened the window blind, and this was what I saw.

Two giant rainbow arches that stretched their way all the way to Oia. The rain was mist-like and the sunlight was constantly moving behind clouds, so that its rays were glowing across the waters and the lands. I took a few quick photos, fearing that this sight will disappear, before I went back into the room and dragged Bushyhead out of bed to see the sight.

And then, breakfast was sent to our room, we ate while waiting for the sun to slowly push his way through.

sun after the rain

We spare no time at all, once the rain stopped, we were out the door!

bus stop.

we were told that buses were scarse during winter, and so we rented a car! I'd learn to drive if Singapore imports this !

ok, the wind combined with my choice of clothing made me look puffy

one of the red beaches on the island

After a disappointed drive to Akrotiri (it was closed for maintainance), we arrived at one of the black beaches.

Santorini dogs do not hesitate to follow tourists around. They seem to be able to tell the difference between tourists and locals.

quick lunch before more walks

complimentary dessert from the restaurant... however sweet the gesture is and we really appreciated it, we didn't like this.

my last minute purchase from Athens H&M. cheap, good and comfy. All I brought was winter boots and they were just too much for Santorini.

foot was still swollen from the fall in Venice.

we begin our hike up to Ancient Thira


there has to be a better way to get up there... we just didn't know it. Thanks to our guidebook whose only option for us is this.

it was a long way up, for our fitness level

And when we finally reached the top, we saw this:

what?! We could had drove! We rented a car!

What’s worse, the place was 5minutes to closing, after we took 45 minutes – an hour just to make our way up on foot. Opening hours are not mentioned in the guidebook, anyhow, the attendant was kind enough to allow us some time to quickly make our way inside the site, take some pictures and much later, offer us some water from his private stash of supplies.

this was where we could had drove up from.

the way we came from

well, at least we survived it

at the back of our minds, despite the view and fun photo-taking, we knew what was coming and we didn't look forward to it.

the walk down.

My cheap, good and comfy shoes from H&M just weren’t built for these pointy rocks!

Day 20 part 2 coming right up! See the best sunset and the coolest bookshop ever in my next honeymoon post! You can follow all the other days of our honeymoon here!  day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice), day 8 (Venice), day 9 (Venice & Florence), day 10 (Florence), day 11 & 12 (Florence), day 13 (Rome), day 14 (Rome), day 15 (Rome) , day 16 (Athens), day 17.1 (Athens), day 17.2 (Athens), day 18 (Athens), day 18 part 2 (Athens), day 19 ( Santorini )


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lisa s I hope your bed has found itself some pretty skirting already! Mine will need more for sure!