I love my city

Seriously, there is a sense of pride and unexplained nostalgia brewing just by looking at these pictures of familiar places long ago – the same space and places where my parents grow up in.

Great World Amusement Park

Goodwood Park Hotel

Raffles Hotel, Palm Court, 1920s

Street scene near Cathay Building

Cathay Building

Junction of High Street and North Bridge Road

Clarke Quay 1970s

Mobile Library outside the very much-missed National Library

anybody miss this skyline?

It’s August. Time to remember Patriotism.

*All pictures taken in the 50s unless stated otherwise.

* All pictures from National Archive of Singapore, click on picture to go to their origins.


{ Replies to previous post }

HiLLjO I’m glad you can out all  those heartbreak and frustration behind you now! We are still persevering (not much choice!)!
bonkasaurus Yep, i still don’t quite understand the steep pricetag on mini apartments… but location like the one you mentioned is great though!


4 thoughts on “I love my city

  1. I love old photos.
    This is neat they have pics of your parents’ old hang outs in the national archive. Can you order prints? I would put them in my house!

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  3. Our day trip took us to a variety of places. We ended up at a beach across some railroad tracks where my dad bought us some spiced pineapple and mango. We passed by my mom’s old house when she moved to Colombo and two lanes over was my dad’s place when his family moved to Sri Lanka. Seeing and taking pictures of the place where they probably met was a really awesome experience because now I can put an image to the places they’ve been talking about.

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