my list of banned songs

as if open stage at karaoke bars is not bad enough...

Now I know how it is to be Simon Cowell, though I’m more of a closet music critic. Every other week I am tormented by the voices rising in the neighbourhood (Exact location unknown. Already I cannot run fast and far enough away from them, they are omnipresent!). These occurrences known as getai is an open stage display of  ‘talents’ and hobbyists, akin to Idol’s wannabes, only more elderly, unabashedly belting out haunting love ballads/laments of material wants in Hokkien/Mandarin and the occasional poppish English. (So you have been to a few singing classes, but does that mean you should be bobbing round the stage all cutsy singing teeny girl band trash when you are, what, 50??)

Maybe that was  bit harsh, maybe some of them do have genuine talents. But my both my ears and entire community of goosebumps on my body don’t agree with the singing, sometimes tuneless yelling. I’m no music connoisseur nor do I have any proper music background, but I know what sound bad.

So here I am, motivated by this bout shameless display of music, coming out with the list of banned songs on my wedding day. These are not bad songs. Just because, like Cowell, I have an opinion about music. Certain songs have a very negative physical effect on my body, which include tongue flexing and intestine curling. Mentally, these songs  cement up my grey matter. Worst possible side effect is when the song stuck and sufferers like me go through a living nightmare of disgusting replays in my head.

Do I wanna be the bride with the funny facial expression and contorted twitching body? Besides, I have a theme to start with.

forbidden songs:

a working expanding song list to be updated as and when I got irked

– Girl from Ipanema

– Cantalope Island

– Take Five

All Michael Bublés

All Norah Jones

Absolutely NO Wonder Girls ( Shame on you, if you have this on your ipod!)

– The Look of Love

– Soul Bossa Nova

– At Last

– Let’s Stay Together

– You’re the Inspiration

– Bubbly

– Love Story

– The Reason

– Canon in D

– Claire de Lune

– Agua De Beber

– My Little Suede Shoes


veil you be mine?

“Strangely enough, this is the past that somebody in the future is longing to go back to” – Ashleigh Brilliant

Have you ever wondered why the grass is always greener on the other side and that when you’re doing Task A, you long to do Task B. And when Task B is at hand, Task A seems more attractive.

Somewhere today, I was having this moment. And I’m pretty sure I’ll have one of these episodes again in the ‘morrow. Well, I shan’t attempt to answer this perpetual dissatisfaction of Mankind nor elaborate on how Procrastination may be the direct result of this dilemma. I suspect I won’t do a good job at that nor are you interested to delve into, this being my wedding blog and all.

How about some hairdos? I have been hating my hair recently that I can’t help but let my thoughts dribble itself to some pretty hairdos. Timing seems about right, I just contacted a Hair and Makeup Artist, Gin Tan, it’s been long overdue… Please, Gin, please block the date for me? pretty please??

The Bandeau Poof with Silk Flower and Swarovski Crystal from FascinatingCreations@Etsy

Double Anemone Silk Flower fascinator from MyRakim@Etsy

Snow White Hairpiece from Sewperlative

from Jessica Monnich's Blog

Side-Swirl Birdcage Veil in TULLE from FascinatingCreations@Etsy

from Jane Taylor Millinery

Snow White hat from Boring Sidney@Etsy

from Pin Up Girl Clothing

Tasia- Ivory marabou feather fascinator with detach birdcage veil from VelvetOwl@Etsy

Miah- Ivory bridal bow fascinator and detach birdcage veil from Velvet Owl@Etsy

I know I’m getting carried away… though these doesn’t seem quite enough. Tell me what you think, vote for your favourite style… on me of course!

Links are attached to individual pictures, simply click on them to go to the source, have fun!

entertaining with IKEA, why not?

… only after its upcoming catalog styled by Lo Bjurulf! See these stunning pictures!

photos from Lo Bjurulf, stylist for IKEA

You can turn the clock to zero, honey
I’ll sell the stock, we’ll spend all the money
We’re starting up a brand new day – Sting

Indeed, it’s a whole new day at IKEA! I’m always bad with color combination. These are so inspiring, I may just pick one theme and apply it in one of the future flat’s room!

hat tilt!

Zara Carpenter hails from a little town of Chatham sitting idyllic in the garden of Kent, England. She makes hat. Pretty hats put together with finds from her travels. If you like these, it’s almost certain that you like artists and writers like Mark Ryden, Edward Gorey, Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll and Angela Carter too, all of whom she draws her inspiration from.

At twilight, nature is not without loveliness, though perhaps its chief use is to illustrate quotations from the poets. – Oscar Wilder

charming works of Zara Carpenter @ Etsy

Is it any wonder most of her ideas pop from the natural muses around her at night?

Visit her shop for more lovelies!

celebrate summer

On a warm sunny day like this, what do your mind see?

I saw these, and they made me happy

Photography by Labour of Love

View all the pictures of A Summer Popsicle Picnic at design*sponge

Slab yourself with layers of sunblock and get outside! If you need a reason, June 21st is the arrival of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere – we do need to be grateful that we get to wear birkies and shorts all day everyday!

friday’s here, take a break

Can’t get enough of Urban Outfitters!!!


Clockwise from top left: Outdoor Gnome Bowling; Class Chalk Set of 3; She And Him Volume 2 LP; Eco Stars Crayon; Mini Amplifier Speaker; Keep Calm And Party Banner; Wine Monkey

In the mood for some partying? I will be spending my Friday night bbq-ing by the poolside with my colleagues-cum-friends, envy me.

Have a great weekend yourself!

one way or another…

100mm of rainwater fell on us between 0800 – 1100 blankie-cosy hrs this morning. Big news today: 3-day old Wendy’s at Liat Tower shared a private pool with its neighbours, flashy cars got stuck in flooded carparks and passengers were evacuated from their buses. Am I glad that I took the day off today!

Here’s why:

1) My bus-that-never-arrive-anyway may gain another excuse of not reaching on time.

from 2) I may have been one of them, only, I'll be sharing the bench with 20 others given the morning rush hour

3) Cascading waterfall may be waiting for me at the tunnel exit where I took almost every morning to get to the bus stop – who knows where I would had end up!

4) I wouldn’t have thought to bring my swimsuit if I had left the house this morning for work.

Orchard Road, 16 June 2010 : unseen of since 1984!

Then again, my day hasn’t been fruitful, save for bb’s. He got his first suit fitting at Che Yi Lao (his excellent tailor), bagged a steal at our favourite store, lusted after ‘the perfect suit’ that he didn’t buy (I suspect his bout of sickening chills he got after that was due to the wrenching fact that he didn’t get that suit) and bought a pair of rocking sneakers for the wedding.

I was supposed to have had my first fitting, bought a pair of gloves, visited and shortlisted a number of locations for my photoshoot. None of the mentioned was realised. Just my luck.

One way or another, this Chanel Fall/Winter 2010/2011 fashion show is SO today.

Dipping temperature, wet and flooded – If only all of us can still look this good in real life.

Am I feeling indulgence? For the lack of satisfaction in today’s outcome, I am finding comfort and inspiration in Karl Lagerfeld’s genius. Here’s another video presenting the details of the Chanel Paris Shanghai Show last year.

All that subtlety and seemingly wantonness, conjuring up an urban atmosphere of old/new – world romanticism… wong-kar-wai-ly brilliant!

( to bb, thank you for spending this day with me, I still love sharing our time together – bad day and otherwise!)

a chalkboard has 2 face

It’s nearing mid June and coming early July, we are going to stage our own engagement/wedding shoot… only, we are super under-prepared! Location is still a blur and wardrobe is a near non-existence. This is what we actually have done:

1) Bought spanky new camera lens, 50mm f1.4.

2) Got myself a poofy singing waitress skirt.

3) I have completed my hand bouquet… not very happy with it, but it will do though bb had given me a hearty pat and commended a job well-done.

4) Got ourselves the best button-pusher, miss big-shot editor auntie rosie!

5) and this one prop using these:

a chalkboard from Artfriend, dollies and japanese fabric tape

and this is what turned out using good old trusty white handicraft glue.

and because the chalkboard is dual-sided, I am able to create 2 looks with one prop!

total cost: aprox. S$1.40

sorry this took some time…

I am elated to announce that I have finally completed Adrian’s and Samantha’s wedding video! I had such fun editing it that I was chuckling to myself several times. Adrian and Sam, you two truly belong to each other and I am so happy that you have found each other! The world is not that small, you know!

However, the work is not finished yet. I have yet to start on piecing the raw footages together and I am still deciding what kind of treatment I should give it. So my dear friends, I’m afraid you will still have to wait a couple of weeks before I can meet up with the both of you with the DVD!

For the rest of you lovelies, I would love to share this video with you once I got permission!

And signing off….

is the latest wedding videographer in town! ( Further bookings are not possible as I have decided that this is going to be my one last great masterpiece before retiring to a life of mundanes )