honeymoon day 9, how “pig trotter” came about.

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day 9, as mentioned in the previous post, we started the day trying to enjoy the outdoor patio that came with the room.

But it was cold and wet and I had to eat with someone who refused to bulge from the door frame, ready to spring into the warmth of the room anytime. Breakfast al-fresco? Nay, overrated.

We got some time on our hands before we have to head back to the train station for our next destination. I thought there was a fish market going on under the Rialto Bridge, but there was only hardworking workers moving boxes of fishes from the canal to restaurants and stacked-up tables along the bank. Where is the market?

how many bottles of wine do I have to finish before I can plaster their labels all over the ceiling like this?

someone likes big butts

.. and then i dropped ow-ow on some sandy puddle 😦

but he picked himself right up and became a motorboat captain

fashion shoot in venice!

a nice couple offered to take this picture for us

we went for a tour at the Doge's Palace

the Scala dei Giganti, where Neptune and Mars stayed frozen in time and witnessed doges after doges being crowned here after a service in St Mark’s.

view from the window

drop your grievances here into the lion's mouth, be truthful or suffer the same sentence the person you accused would had received!

the stairs is so dazzling that it makes anyone looks like a saint. here's an adorable one.

going through the prison cells where Cassanova and 1 other inmate infamously escaped (through the roof and back into the palace before walking right out from the main door, no less!) and over the Bridge of Sighs, where it was under extensive maintainance the time we were there..

we were walking out via the cafe when I saw this. I love it that this is right beside a canal and that little star-like fairylights were hanging overhead.

The Doge’s Palace was such a maze that it took us some time to get out, rendering us half an hour late to check out. The landlord was not very happy. Then, I fell down the stairs. Not because of the landlord’s fury but because my sling bag was in front of me on top of my puffy winter jacket, so much so that i couldn’t see the step in front of me. The overweight backpack on my entire back was an accomplice for making the fall down faster and badder, so much weight in it and not a slice of conscience, tsk tsk tsk. I made a few high-pitched noises for a few minutes before I felt ok to stand up and walk. That was why, thereafter, I referred to my right foot as “pig trotter”(because of the persistent swelling and patch of blue-black). I’m still thanking God, it could’d been worse!

On to Florence!

bushyhead claims this is the best train food in the world. it's not too shabby for a margherita pizza bought from the train station!

the hotel we booked

seeing we had an evening wrth of time, we went out for a walk. The boutique hotel alone had so much to see! I went shutter-crazy.

can you already tell how much I love this washroom near the hotel lounge? especially that paint on the wall and the complimenting shades and whiteness... ♥♥♥!!

guess who we saw? this has gotta be one of my favourite picture of her!

out for food!

and window-shopping! can you spot the odd one out?

san lorenzo market, just a few blocks away from our hotel street

the night was crisp and clear, unlike the cloudy foggy venice we just left

i made a point to take a picture of every christmas tree we saw during our honeymoon

i didn't take down the name of this clothing store, but i love its decor!

who knows if we were rubbing shoulders with supermodels and the fashion whos-whos in this one. the outdoor bar was a surprise!


where the waitress is a nicole richie lookalike

note: man making food from where we can see him, not flipping pizza but thats still a plus point if you read my previous post!

onion soup with cheese

hawaiian pizza?

i was reasonably pleased with the food they served here

then we were back at the hotel for after-meal drinks! First, we're checking out the rooftop bar!

It's called The Honesty Bar because they trust the patrons to help themselves to the drinks and then write down their orders for the staff. unfortunately it was not open. i suspect it's the winter. i hope it's not dishonesty.

the view from the bar.

one of the living rooms in the hotel

aptly called, the library. menu from the lounge bar

pick our own snack!

"pig trotter" - best hidden from view.

wine-tasting the next day!bloglovin


honeymoon day 8, there sure is lots of water in Venice!

day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice).

welcome to day 8!

Day 8 started with light streaming in through the overhead window of our apartment room and light pitter-patter on the roof.

our balcony was wet the entire time. it'd had been nice to spend some time out here having a meal or some drinks. (we tried to have brekkie out the next morning, only to retreat into our warm room 5 min later)

that's pretty much all we see of St Marks' Square from the balcony...not the scene we pictured in our head from the description given when we were booking the place..


at breakfast. this is normally where i'll make a mental note of the route we will go that day.. though i always like a little detour.


Thus begin our grand exploration of Venice city.

we made ourselves something for our new home.

we couldn't resist any other italian hot chocolate after that one in Milan!

it wouldn't be the best, but it was perfect for that foggy, rainy morning.

hello kitty invasion

befitting for our honeymoon since it was our wedding march-out song

before my fingers drop off from that 2-3 hours walk, we sat down at a venetian cafe in st mark's square

catchy live music was playing...

ow-ow seemed to be enjoying himself..

.. but this has got to be the single most ridiculously expensive limoncello gelato i ever had in my entire life.

is it any wonder he did not look pleased?

the bird whisperer

late lunch near our apartment

we were the "dandolo".

lights were already being switched on... it was still early!

a boat ride later, and it was dark.

i call that one "smurfeccini"

i wanna bring them all home....

a convenience shop of vending machines. you can have a pizza, drinks and popcorn, all directly from the machines. and if you ran out of ciggies, tissues or any other kind of sanitary products, fear not! the machines are here!

guess what's for dinner

Well, that has got to be the worst meal we had during the entire trip. Always, always stay clear of restaurants that hide its cooking staff away from view and resort to touting. My personal observation and ought-to-be-trademarked theory: In Italy, spend your money at a restaurant where you can see an open kitchen and preferably someone flipping a pizza in front of the oven. That’s where all the good food are.

That concludes day 8, be back for more! ciao!



honeymoon day 7, where did these people come from?!

day 1 & 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6

day 7, we depart the Italian fashion capital after a complimentary breakfast at the hotel for Venice. Along the journey, we stopped by Padua – 30 min away from Venice.

We arrived into Padua train station, dropped our bags at the baggage storage and then discovered that the tourist information counter was closed. We ended up getting lost in Padua without a map nor any inkling where to go. We survived, though with little success, on bushyhead’s sense of direction with the help of his phone.

I love getting lost!

this will be the first of our many encounters of what we now refered to as "the abandoned city - did we miss the evacuation signal?" during this duration of our winter honeymoon in Europe.

there was barely anybody around, and of course, that made bushyhead very pleased!

we stopped for lunch

i still think i had the best italian meal here

bresaola pizza

St. Mark's Lion Column

Torre dell'Orologio astronomical clock dating from 1344

arriving into the largest square in italy, Prato della Valle, after exploring aimlessly for the past 1 hour

by the small canal that runs round this small island that bushyhead is standing on

countless statues bordering the square

sculptor at work, though i prefer my grimmer take that involves a torture devise

this poor guy not only had his wings clipped but also have to bear the weight of a giant stone book on his face

Basilica of Santa Giustina

nativity scene. every year it's different. and it involves moving mechanical parts and sunrise/sunset simulation! it's quite amazing

we started to see signs of life here....

in fact, a lot! where did all these people go to when we were getting lost in the afternoon! It was like a whole different city altogether.

shops are open.. where they were previously closed. nobody told us the siesta lasts a whole afternoon!

red carpet on the waling street! glamorous people started pouring into it... this city itself really is as different as night and day!

We hurried across the city to get to the train station with our jaws open to catch our next train to Venice. We still couldn’t believe that the city came alive after a whole afternoon trying to figure out where everybody was.


arriving into our Venice apartment after a long boat ride and snaking through its many alleys. Door was locked and we have to try a few calls before we reach the landlord, who told us to get the keys from the bar beside us

our room was on the 3rd floor and it opens up to this stairway that leads to a small kitchenette. t's also here on this stairway, with an exact image like this that was the last i saw before i slipped and fall with my overweight backpack while we were checking out 2 days later

out for dinner

we decided to have our dinner here at the smallest hard rock cafe in europe.

We went strolling round Venice’s alleyways for a considerable while after dinner.. only because we couldn’t find our way back to the apartment. It was drizzling wet and cold, but i thoroughly enjoyed its quiet, lonely maze at night.

Next day, we set off intending to lose ourselves in Venice! Stay tuned for the next post! Do drop me a message too, I love discovering your messages in my comment page!


honeymoon day 6, the best hot chocolate

day 1 & 2 , day 3 , day 4, day 5

day 6.

leaving Zurich

before we hop on the train to Milan, we came here. laundry? nope, the lavatory.

i decided to make use of this frightful picture of me taken by bushyhead on the train to chronicle both what this picture looks like and what I was reading then.

scenery on the train.

a simple homemade sandwich packed with a after-lunch chocolate bar, lovingly made by brigette

That was the best meal one could have in a train journey. Rindfleisch and gherkins hugged between 2 buttery breadroll. I washed each grateful mouthful with sips of sparkling water and I could had sworn that was the perfect food pairing. It truly was a sensuous treat for both the palette and the eyes – when all I see outside the window is fog-surrounded snow-covered alps.


the hotel we stayed at. conveniently located just next to the main station, perfect for the short 1-night stay we had there

outside the room window

the room key

taking the subway to duomo

inside the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

putting your right heel in and twirl around won't give you an air ticket back to Milan but you could do that and wish really, really hard.

The window display in Milan makes up half the pleasure of shopping there.

you could probably learn some kung fu off the panda illustrations on the wall.

First day of sale. plenty of people. and plenty of festive lights left over from Christmas on the street. A different design on different streets.

roasted chestnuts from the streets. i remember having these in Zurich a few years ago in winter and they were sooo good! but these, to my disappointment, can't compare...

one hidden neighbouring street away, we found a fresh food market

and on this street, we found the best Italian hot chocolate

you miss it, you miss something great!

bushyhead's order was pathetically tiny. and it's not an expresso

this is it.

so dark, so dense, so yummilciously satisfying that I didn't feel the winter cold outside afterwards

bushyhead's mood picked up after that too!

the special flask for the hot chocolate in another cafe

dinner, quite satisfying too!

Milan was a short stay, next we picked up our bags again and headed for Venice, with a stop in between for some sightseeing in Padua!bloglovin

honeymoon day 5, born a monkey, always a monkey

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day 3

day 4

this is day 5.

woke up in the morning to a different landscape outside the house after a rain the night before and melted most of the snow

the neighbour's kids have a treehouse.

brigette spoils the passing birds by giving them their own birdhouse and plenty of food. the dogs like to steal the birds' food for themselves. bird 0;dogs 1

Gregor and Grischa took us for a little drive after another home-made breakfast and then we headed to the wall-climbing gym. It’s the coolest place! It’s also huge! Kids are given free rein to expend their energy while learning about team-work and climbing techniques. And then the adults look like children when they are feet off the ground.

our first wall-climbing experience

one of many fearless kids

gregor the expert...

a.k.a. doctor jones, without the hat

i must had look like a goldfish when i was watching him climb

he was totally defying gravity. this is him on the ceiling

and this is him at a 90degrees angle

grischa managed it rather effortlessly too!

especially when he accompanied me through this hanging obstacle thingy ... see how the kids are doing so well? I saw a little girl, no more than 6 i think, going through this thing independently. if little girls with their cute puny limbs can do this, why can't i?

... and then i took nearly 30min just to complete this. at one point my arms were just trembling with exhaustion... probably coupled with the fear of height, but it was good fun! i'd probably never try it again though..

lunch at spaghetti factory

i want my own rooftop too

in the year of the rabbits

more climbing. up the 200 plus steps in the north tower of the Grossmünster

behold the view

ow-ow basking in the view

down on earth…

dear occupant of this gorgeous apartment, is it any wonder i'm super envious of you right now? sincerely yours, me.

this is the best! dark chocolate sherbet from Sprüngli

back home... after 1 tram ride, 1 train ride and 1 bus ride

disturbing the cats

and then we were out again for drinks at The Panorama Resort & Spa. wonderful view of zurich of course!


bushyhead gets his picture taken with yet another cat before we leave our family in zurich the next day

We go to Milan next!


twigs & honey 2011 collection

i had fallen in love with Myra Callen’s 2011 Twigs & Honey Collection.

Flapper inspired bridal headband

Glimmering rhinestone headband

Vintage inspired lace bridal cap

Double layer full tulle birdcage veil

Feather cascade head piece

Rhinestone shimmer comb

click here to see all her stunning creations!



honeymoon day 4, i was queen for a day.

day 1 & 2

day 3

day 4. a long drive between seasons.

ow-ow says

We woke up to a home-cooked breakfast and though i’d seen it before, but the scenery outside grischa’s house is always breathtaking, no matter the season nor the hours of the day.


lights in the dark

after breakfast

snow is melting

remnants of playtime

soon, we hit the road, following the detailed route that gregor has carefully discussed with grischa the night before. objective: to see the real Switzerland!


leaving the village


just an idea of how the scenery changed as we go from Zurich to Lugano and then back up again

taken from inside the car and with extra awe


The St. Gotthard Tunnel. it runs from German-speaking Göschenen to Italian-speaking Airolo in Ticino to the south of Switzerland. At 16.4 km long, it is the 3rd longest road tunnel in the world and 19 min for us to get out and see a seemingly different country from the one we 'exited' from.

taking a walk through lugano, where temperature dipped lower than what was in zurich

i don't know much about art or architecture except i know what i like, and whoever made this has a sense of humor

we missed Befana’s Day by a few days when we were there. instead of santa claus, we see witches like this one hanging outside some of the houses in southern switzerland and later, italy. to find out more about this tradition, click on the picture!

it may be just a bus terminal for daily commute, but the modern design makes this stand out more than the buildings around it. you'll never lost your way with an eyecatching landmark like this!

stopping over at this hidden gem of a town

we wandered and wondered where everybody else was


i'm amused by how this house looks under the snow, aren't you?

my second lunch here at Hotel Schweizerhaus. the last time i was here, we were sitted outside under a glaring sun and now we can't wait to get in ('cause we were really hungry!!)

it got dark and foggy

what seems like water droplets on my window are actually frozen droplets

i could pluck them like gemstones

the 2 tiny specks? people on the frozen lake

visibility got better once we passed the lake. i brightened this picture up so that you could see the pretty lights that line up to another village

up the mountains we go and soon this is all we see

end of road trip! we met grischa's parents for some tea at this posh spa resort

and it is here where bb discover the best fries in the world

home again.

someone looks surprised!

it’s 12 days after Christmas, Three Kings Day in Switzerland. According to this website,

The day before the „Three King’s Day” the Swiss bakery shops are full of „Three kings’-cakes”. This is a sweet bun or teacake containing sultanas. It’s made from a number of separate pieces of dough baked together. The cake can easily be pulled a part and one of the pieces has a tiny plastic king in it, so the cake is eaten carefully.

Who ever gets the king is allowed to wear a golden crown which comes with the cake. At the same time this lucky person is allowed to boss about the family for the day.

So Brigette made everybody a cup of tea and we all sat down round the table to partake of this tradition.

my chosen bun

and guess what, i'm the queen for the day.

after which, gregor brought out his projector and he showed us the travel photos they took on their own honeymoon… those were really fantastic photos! the magic of slide film cameras.

I had never watched a holiday photo slide with somebody to tell us what each picture was about. it was so personal and it bound the whole room together for that whole duration the projector was running. and it does feel like we were there in the pictures when it was taken.

We have one more day in Zurich, for updates on my next post, click on the image below!