welcome your wanderlust

Housed in a 1920s old school building is this wanderful hotel that reminds us of the dreams we should be having.

maybe they should be art-nouveau-inspired...

with colours that 'pop', of yellow submarines and purple rain...

of limitless possibilities, painted out on blank canvases...

filling you up with secret messages and joyful poetry...

dreams should be like your secret garden...

they are a form of escape...

What are your dreams like?

* Wanderlust Hotel – 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494


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From Portland to Peonies I wish I am still in Europe too! You know, in that state of self-denial and eat pasta and gelato everyday, thinking, Italian women don’t get fat!

Michelle Thank you, and it was!

Chic ‘n Cheap Living Don’t you just wish that you could bring that yellow postbox home? At least I know I do!!

Cinz Thinking back, why didn’t we try that too??!!

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon I love my adventures with my Bushyhead! I’m looking forward to many more to come!

A Oh yes, an ex-colleague shared that idea with me many years ago. It’s a kick to collect all that foreign stamps and country ink-stamps on the postcards as well!

Maddy You have GOTTA be THERE!!! It’s inspiring!

MelRod Thanks for dropping in, Melrod! *hugs!*

Mabel Hi Mabel! Text in the pictures? Do you mean the caption? Is it their placement or size that makes the post hard to read? Let me know! ūüôā


honeymoon day 15, art and food go out one day

Day 15.

Spending the morning at the Vatican Museums.

we didn't pre-book a walking tourguide, so the mobile audio guide is the next best thing.

treasures everywhere

i still can't believe this entire ceiling was painted on, 2D not 3D, incredible!

I love the room of the muses!

While we took a whole bunch of pictures in The Raphael’s Rooms and secret pictures in the must-see Sistine Chapel, I believe that’d bore most to death and actually discourage future visits to the Vatican Museums, God forbid! Therefore I decided to be selective here and spare you of that visual-overload. Being there physically, partaking in the years, history and man-made beauty of the place yourself beats any photo anybody can take.

every inch well-looked after.

we picked our favourite painting on a postcard, wrote some notes behind it and sent it to our future selves back in Singapore. This postcard has since arrived in good shape to our home.

previously, we went searching fo rthe best coffee near the Pantheon and was left disappointed to find that it was not open. We were already bummed by the fact that the popular 'best' gelato in the city wasn't open in winter. And now this. The city's home to the square pizza chose this same time to undergo a renovation. Bummer to the max!!!

We settled for a tourist restaurant. Not many are actually open and our tummies werre protesting to the lack of food and long walk

who frightened the birds away?

In case you’re wondering, we placed our camera on top of a rubbish bin to take this picture with the self-timer. All the other self-portraits were taken with the camera on the floor or propped up with whatever we have in our hands at the time.

Ow-ow, however, has his designated photographer.

can you spot the landmarks?

imagine our joy when the one place that we were looking for is actually open!! Hands-down, there won't be any better gelato than this. Gelateria dei Gracchi - Via dei Gracchi, 272, 00192 Rome, Italy

try their specialty that many swear by, il gelato al pistacchio. Now, that's a good swear word!

moon over popolo


sandwiches in symmetry

is this miami or what!

so italiano!

stopping for a sip of coffee. yep, a sip, and nothing more!


it's a case of 'when in rome..". I like my coffee small and potent!

an accident. but i love how it turns out!

Outside the Ara Pacis Museum, located along the Tiber River, we met an artist.


he was creating his works of art on the spot and laying them along this fence using the odd and found objects.

he gave us a free pass and we gave him something back in his little collection box. With love from Singapore.

Read more about Fausto delle Chiaie here.

We may have missed out on a good lot of recommended food places that everybody says they’re a must-go, on the flip side, we have found places on our own that we really like and will definitely go back again. This is one of them. Pizza Re.

That’s all we got in Rome and next time you’re in this space, we will be finding ourselves in somewhere new. Guess where?

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the handwriting game

The rules:

you must write out your answers so your readers can see your actual handwriting.
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honeymoon day 14, walking at the end of all roads

day 14.

First item on the agenda of the day, a visit to Piazza Mazzini Antique Market.

brand new shoes on the ancient Roman pavement

I don't understand how the glare from the sun can be conducive to reading... but it makes a lovely morning!

searching for breakfast made us tired and we ended up having an early lunch in the subway station.


seems like most times, the missing part of the massive Colosseum is as integral to what remains. Does anyone picture the Colosseum as a whole, ever? Guess that's what makes us appreciate things like this more huh!

ow-ow found a quiet spot

tightrope-sky walker

i want a rooftop tower too.

someone should make a wall-book out of these posters.

this is, a roman holiday.

Area Archeologica del Teatro di Marcello

outside a popular restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto

to Isola Tiberina

window at the lovely Trastevere neighbourhood. I highly recommend everybody who comes to rRome to give this place a visit. It is absolutely authentically charming!

b.e.s.t. restaurant in Rome! I also want so much to tell you what I think of the waiter with the orange tie, but i'll be nice... bummer.

nobody should miss this.

an open kitchen. real people. real wood oven. real pizza. Remember in my previous post where i mentioned how you can spot a good italian restaurant?

italian beer


this was a "ok,let's-find-somewhere-for-a-drink-but-hey-the-food-looks-good!" stop. So we only ordered a pizza to share, but everything turns out so good that we regretted not having a proper meal there and later on, not being able to come back again for a 2nd round.

bushyhead's favourite italian dessert

Piazza Santa Maria

when i was there, there was this little street that has strings of laundry hanging overhead between houses. and i found it kind of weird that tourists were taking pictures of hanging undergarments, among other clothing. Sure, it was quite charming to see everyday stuff like that in italian streets where steps away people are sipping their expresso, but taking photographs of the natives' undergarment?? Later I found out that scene was one of the most photographed washing in the world, at least from one of the more popular guidebooks around!

Piazza Navona

a lot going on here!

was too bad we didn't understand the language made the whole square laughed so hard.

I probably shouldn't make fun of masterpieces that are admired by hundreds everyday... but doesn't the cherub looks like he's punching that poor horse?

we simply have to sit out, have a coffee and people-watch at the square. plus, i really have to pee then.


the oculus. though they say the rainwater will evaporate through it, gentle sloping of the floor at the Pantheon was designed to drain the rainwater away.

supposedly the best cofee in the world - not opened to us in winter.

Trajan's Column. I find this pretty fascinating. Built in 113 CE as a monument for Emperor Trajan and wife's tomb, it is 30 metres high and carved with reliefs containing 2500 figures that tell so much stories that I think one has to look at it for years to fully grasp the amount of information and history on it. And they are all still intact after what seems like forever ago!

arriving at Trevi Fountain after a brief shopping detour

a spray-can artist. He is sooo amazing!

dinner after a long day's walk. and it was quite horrible.

even when we chose what we always thought would be the fail-safe dish.. seafood pasta. I was so angry with myself that I was spending another meal having bad food in italy! at least mid-day impromptu lunch was good...

one of the waiter at the restaurant gave me a rose before we left. ah well, the service was really not too bad, but i don't think i can forgive that bad tourist food!

* See comment for reason why we were at bad-food restaurant.

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celebrity photographer Kurt Iswarienko

{ ‚ô• } these photographs from celebrity photographer Kurt Iswarienko, who also shot these pictures when I was looking for some fifties-inspired men’s style for Bushyhead before our wedding. I also love his take on Ben Stiller, Colin Firth, and Jame McAvoy too!

honeymoon day 13, meet you on the steps!

day 13.

Hi lovelies,

This is going to be a short one, because, the following one after this, is jam-packed with way too many pictures! As much as I would love to just select a few and do a sweet little highlight post, that’s really not my style because all these pictures are my babies! Memories I most likely will lose if I don’t put them down, memories that I want to share with my friends who were not physically there in the journey with us. So bear with me if the pictures seem endless. I’m like that old lady at the coffeeshop who goes on and go about her beaus and hoping for someone to listen. Thanks for obliging.

So we left Florence on day 13, after 4 nights’ stay. I have no idea why I didn’t take more pictures during the day. Probably because I was so upset with not buying enough stuff at Space that I actually convinced bushyhead to make a quick trip down with me to do more shopping. And more shopping we did. We went back to the hotel at Florence and started to reorganize all our belongings at the hotel lobby (we checked out before we took the train out to Space). Lugging all that ‘trophies’ to the train station was no easy feat, so i’m guessing that was why I only started taking pictures in the train. But this was what I got.

ow-ow staring out the train window after a hectic day.

We got lost a bit trying to find our hotel in Rome. Did anybody ever get lost at the Spagna station? We must had walked the distance from Rome Termini station to our hotel the whole time we were trapped underground in it endless tunnels and found ourselves at the wrong exits.

We could had actually exited from the exit near Via Vittorio Veneto (Barberini station) and saved ourselves a whole lot of walking and pain from our crushingly heavy backpacks and dangling bags of shopping. Well, we learnt our lesson anyway and for the next few days, we were totally happy with the location of our hotel in Rome.

the hotel, Caprice Hotel, didnt look like much from the outside, and looks even worse in the lobby. By this time we were used to mini-elavators in Italy where only one of us could fit in with our 'barang-barang' (bags and shopping and stuff). But this was the first time we saw a dual-door elavator where you wait for it to arrive on your floor, pull the door open, enter the elavator, close the door, press the button and witness the folding door closes by itself before we were on our way to whichever level we were going to

But the room surprised us. It's clean and looks modern, a total contrast from our first impression of the hotel

It was already dark by the time we found the hotel, but no matter what, we still need our dinner. and I need my walk! Being near to the Spanish Steps, i suggested to bushyhead that we take it easy and took a leisurely stroll in the area.

on the old spanish steps

a nice couple took this for us. Usually I don't recommend giving your camera (with all your precious memories in it) to a total stranger in a foreign country ( italy being one o fthe black-listed ones), unless the person is 1. someone you know. 2. a very obvious tourist. 3. someone who can't possibly be a runner (i.e, outruns you). So you only do what we usually do at your own risk. Most times when we will offer to take pictures for others if we see them struggling to take a group photo. Kindness begets Kindness. most times, the other party will offer to do the same thing for us. In this case, i will still go back to my mentioned 3 pointers and decide if i can trust the other party with our camera.

our dinner at Life.. Restaurant. What a name, right? La dolce vita!

chianti, a must-have ever since our wine tour.

winter in rome. still perfect for dining al-fresco with the toasty heaters!

who eats rice in italy?! my bushyhead does!

walk back to the hotel... a club on an ultra high-end street.

Come back for more Rome! Our last stop in Italy!

if you have missed my previous posts on our honeymoon, here are the links! Please also leave your comment if you have any ideas to make navigating here easier for you! If you’re happy with what you see on my humble blog, you can always join Bloglovin’ to make sure you don’t miss out on what’s going on here!

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day 11 & 12, what’s too much shopping and gelato?

day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice), day 8 (Venice), day 9 (Venice & Florence), day 10 (Florence)

day 11.

One of the things we looked forward to in Florence is shopping!

And I hope that will explain the lack of pictures on this day!

we reached the outlet too early and waited in the cold for more than hour.


jump! jump! jump!

and jump again! brrr...

return bus schedule for The Mall

sunset on our shop-a-lot day

dinner in florence

day 12!


ow-ow loves the wall patern in the train cabin


i had been craving for a gelato for sooo long, it excited me too much to find a Gelateria that's open for winter. can you tell i'm salivating?

sweet bliss....

can u tell where we were? it's pretty obvious!

The Baptistery of Pisa has the perfect acoustics. Prior to arriving, a friend in Switzerland told us that if we stood under the dome in the center of the hall, sounding a low sound, the whole place will echo with it. When we were there, somebody demonstrated that for us by singing. It was AMAZING.


left: the singer who filled the whole room with his voice. right: the top of the dome (interior)


details on the cathedral door - a gigantic picturebook

everybody who comes to pisa has to take some funny pictures with the leaning tower one way or another, and then folks at home will have to interpret the picture. try this.

To that little guy, I’m sorry for your candid implication.¬† I could’d photoshopped you away, but what’s the point of that!

i love these colorful markets

and i love what she was wearing. doesn't this look like a film set?

train-ing back to florence

outside a restaurant

our room window

what was OUTSIDE our room window - the yoghurt and tangerine that I was trying to chill

Mercato Nuovo market

of all the ice cream cones there is, we had to pick the world's most expensive gelato cones.. really, where did my brain go? By the way, that was my 2nd gelato of the day!

Piazza dei Ciompi antique market

We went for a loooong afternoon walk in Florence, bushyhead got more shirts, we saw David at The Accademia and even sneaked a photo of him, who can resist the world’s most perfect man? Then we met up the new friends we met at the wine tour and had the most expensive meal ever for the whole of our honeymoon.

Known to be one of the best restaurants in Florence, Cibr√®o restaurant impresses us with their personable service, hands down to that! For every course, we got a server sitting down with us and talked us through the extensive menu, right down to the finest detail. There has got to be more than 10 items just on the main courses alone! All we can say is that, we got more than we bargained for, even with that steep pricetag. There were so many complimentary dishes that I don’t even remember what is what now. Most of what you will see below, complimentary! I was touched.

I apologize for not being able to post on a regular basis. Recently I just got a new job and I’m still adjusting to the hours. Like ow-ow, I’m a night-owl, though I’m determined to get this out at least twice a week.

Next, guess our next destination!


kate spade book clutch

I love my Kate Spade book clutch more & more everyday!

I love it even more because I got it at half price!

So imagine my delight when I saw Emma, Romeo & Juliet and The Importance of Being Ernest on the bags shelves the other day! and then I thought, that New York Times is a cute prop…

turns out…

WEEeeeEEEee! It’s a real clutch bag!

Are you screaming yet?

honeymoon day 10, wine down and relax.

day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice), day 8 (Venice), day 9 (Venice & Florence).

day 10.

are you sick of our numerous breakfast pictures yet? well i can’t help it especially if it’s complimentary (free!!) and served in a place like this!

Prior to flying to Europe, we booked a Chianti Wine Tour online with Angela’s Tuscany Wine Tours. Meeting point was in front of Biblioteca Nazionale, in Piazza Cavalleggeri at 10am. There’s only one way in my book to get there – walk. After all, Florence, or anywhere else for that matter, is best seen on foot!

a bus-van?

in front of Santa Croce Church, gorgeous sunlight that day

walking the dog along the bank of River Arno

coincidentally, we were joined by one fellow Singaporean couple for the tour. We stopped by Piazzale Michelangelo on the way to the Chianti region, which by the way, was one of the spots that I wanted to go on our own in one of the other days we have in Florence. This saved us a trip!

the ancient walls of Medieval Florence

the bronze copy of Michelangelo's David in the piazza that was dedicated to the artist

just a stone away from the first winery we were visiting is Tavarnelle Val di Pesa

the quintessential sight in tuscany - cypress trees

our tour companions in the first wine cellar we visited

label on oak barrels

sleeping bees

wine bottles waiting to be labelled

the wine label machine

the dining room where we had our wine tasting and a delicious lunch

a wine and dine man. what we love our this tour is that there were absolutely no hard-selling, in fact, we had to ASK to buy the wine. we sat by the table, had good food and wine and great company, with the view of tuscany countryside just sitting there. there was no better way to spend the afternoon

on the road again with that magnificent tuscan sun ahead of us

the 2nd winery

strawberry guava

another happy wine experience

yummy dessert wine

we were in good hands.

leaving the chianti region

happy customers. back in florence after a fantastico afternoon in chianti region with our tourguide-cum-sommelier Angela

florence at night

ponte vecchio

i was strangely attracted to this painting in a hotel where we took a brief pee stop before we stomp around florence city while the shops are still open. i believe it was a rendition of the city of florence

at Mercato Nuovo. rub the snout of Il Porcellino and you're bound to return to florence again. much like the spinning round and round with your foot at milan (see milan's post) and rome's trevi fountain ( coming soon!)

good food eh?

but we ended up having dinner in the hotel room, haha

i refused to eat MacDs, nor did i see anything i wanted to takeaway on our way back so i was left hungry in the room. but sweet bushyhead went out again just to get me my dinner