wedding day pictures – the gatecrash

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Thank you for coming back! This is a continuation of my last post, if you haven’t seen it yet, click here!

So Stefan arrives at the hotel with only one brave man behind him to come face-to-face with the girls, who weren’t going to let the both of them into the bridal suite easily.


money was given to "bribe" the gatekeepers

Remember happy bun?

"bribe" was deemed unacceptable

best man. breaking out in cold sweat.

he's not spared either

... his victory stance?

see? my girls are angels!

.. obviously that little wasabi feast was not enough to ward off the girls' requests!

at this point, I could only hear what's going on outside through the bedroom door (and a secret sliding wall). I was supposed to get "live" feed from Cindy via iphone, apparently the videos and pictures got lost in transition and didn't get to me till much later... that didn't stop the rest of us in the room from trying to laugh out loud simply from guessing what we were hearing!

Next, Stefan was given the task to write a message to me on his nails using violety-pink nail polish. one letter per nail and it extends to all the nails both the boys have. here in this short notice, our dear friend here can come out with something that I'd rather have inscribed on my wedding band. to read more, click on picture to find out what IS on my wedding band now

enlisting his brother's help

read from right to left. it says "2∞NBeyond"

next, we shall see how "crafty" he can be. he's asked to make an apron out of the fabric, edgings and mini sewing kit he was given. Click pictures to read previous post to find out why!

according to sources, he simply ripped two holes out using the oh-so-cute-and-mini scissors and pulled the edgings through them. Less than 2 min. You know it's horrible by the look of Elsa's face

Presenting the stuff of lousy craft work as narrated by dear cindy ( one of the “live” feeds that I was supposed to watch live then):

after the 3 simple tasks were done (he was let off pretty easy), the girls got permission to open the bedroom door, only to confuse the 2 boys with 2 other doors inside. They were asked to guess which door leads to the inside of the bedroom and if they guessed correctly, they would be allowed entry.

truth is, none of the doors led to the bedroom entrance. One opens to the toilet and the other to the shower room. This hotel comes with a sneaky sliding wall that hides the main bedroom away from view, but the boys didn't know that and were asked to "top up". To think they were so disorientated that they thought another door along the very same corridor they were at is The room.

you can tell by that face how miserable the "top up" was.

Eventually though, the boys were told to turn around, while the secret door was opened by me inside.

Next, Stefan steps into the room, to be continued in the next post!


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    • Gatecrashing is a traditional Chinese wedding ritual. A tradition that many of us still practise in Singapore. It can involve lots of grueling tests for the groom and his entourage, as long as the whole process doesn’t exceed the ‘auspicious hour’ – so believes many of the elders…

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