one way to create wedding souvenirs

I can be an old-fashioned hag at times, I don’t warm up easily to new technology (well, actually, another way to put it would be, let other people be the guinea pigs. Let them try the spanking new gadgets first and if the gadgets don’t explode or turn users into zombies, I’ll consider integrating them into my lifestyle). I still like drawing notes onto cute notebooks and smell a well-read book. I think a typewriter is more convenient and sounds delightfully better than a computer and a printer. As thankful as I am to be born in this age and time, I may very well be misplaced in the wrong timeline.

So the decision to make my wedding invite into a CD is us trying to make use of our available resources to make it more meaningful and less harmful to Mother Earth. I had rambled on about that here.

I would had done more to make them more durable and nicer, but due to my limited skills and equipment, I had to think of different ways to get them done, presenting my wedding invites!


Instead of machine-sewing the rims of the CD cover together, I had simply glued the felts together using fabric glue.
The doilies were printed with a printer instead of a typewriter which would take much estimation and frustration (ink blots!) out of the whole process
Give the CD label printing software’s limited capabilities and this CD’s unconventional label size, designing the cover posed an unforeseen challenge, thus changing the original design I had in mind.
I attached a little electric guitar trinket to the stitched ribbon just to add a little Rock n’ Roll accent to the invites. The original appearance of the little electric guitars were too blahh-boring, so I added black glitters.
The CD contains our invitation (as shown below), some wonderful songs from the fifties and a picture folder with some of the pictures taken on our d.i.y. photoshoot.

Humble invitation inside the CD, designed by me

I hope we have created a nice keepsake for all our guests and demonstrated a way to keep a wedding green! Alternatively, there are always online wedding templates for you to create your own wedding web page. You can create a forum, add pictures, prepare your guest list and create a wedding registry ( again, something that I wanted to do for my wedding but it’s something that hasn’t caught on in Singapore yet). I have also used Facebook to create an event, just in case.

Next up, the wedding photos!

all shook up for our d.i.y. engagement shoot!

more d.i.y. engagement photos!


19 thoughts on “one way to create wedding souvenirs

  1. Oh my gosh! Congratulations! It’s just a little more than a month’s time, and I’m so excited for you. ^_^ Can’t wait to see your rock n rolling wedding pictures.

    I love your color scheme, it’s like Hatsune Miku (Japanese Vocaloid character)!

    • I have never heard of that japanese character before so I did a little googling and oh yes! The colours! That’s what I’m going for! Sometimes I’m so intent on finding turquoise stuff ( attire for brother and bridesmaid, materials for my d.i.y..etc) that my eyes sometimes forgot what the colour looks like! Right on, R!

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  8. I am so Impressed girl! I love your 50’s inspired Invite keepsakes. They and the invites inside the CD are a stroke of genius. Post more DIY please. I’m working on my version of 60’s Old School Vegas Meets Modern Rat Pack w/ a few twists.

    You are absolutely talented…Keep it up!



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  10. Hi !

    My boyfriend’s just proposed to me in NYC last week. And I’m so Happy he did !
    I’ve already have an idea for my wedding’s theme that is like yours vintage 50’s wedding ! I love that era !!
    I saw what you did with your invitations : Oh my God those are beautiful !!!
    I’d like to do something like that, but I don’t really understand as you did it even with the DIY…
    In particular how you assemble a true CD with a 45 rpm disc.
    Would you tell me more about the process ?

    • CONGRATULATIONS Mandy! The disc I used is really just a normal CD-R with a space of 700MB or roughly 80min of media.. It has this vinyl look on the front with a printable white area in the middle and at the back, it’s reflective, like any other CD. Look out for Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-R, you can do a search online at Amazon or something. I think they got a few variations so be sure to know what you’re getting before purchasing!

      Let me know if you have any other problems! Please visit again!

      • Thanks so much Pat ! I’m such a blonde at times. I really hadn’t understood how you did it.
        But now it’s so clear ! I found some that are all blacks in the back and really do look like real vinyl discs.
        Now I can go to sleep smarter tonight !
        I’ll let you know when I’ll will do them !

      • oh dear, maybe my answer wasn’t clear enough? But I’m glad you found those disc though! I actually have another design for the cd printed part but i had to quickly scrapped that and have that last-minute one in because of the limitation in the software I used to design the cover. So pls do a trial first before settling on your design and mass print everything!!

    • oh yes! what you have to do is, do a test run to see where the printed text will land up first (best is if you centralise the text) on a pc of paper, then use masking tape to tape down at least 4 corners of the doily on any rough paper really (or you can use back the same pc of paper so that you just paste the doily directly on top of the test print). This way the doily won’t get stuck in the printer. Though the alignment won’t be perfectly smack down where you want it to be, but i think that unintentionally reproduce that typewriter effect really well!
      oh and by the way, set your ink setting to the lowest possible, that way u save ink, and prevent possible smudging

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