thank God for all of you

A hearty gratitude to all our guests who took the time to attend our wedding on Monday. I am extremely touched by all the kind gestures and support from our friends who went the extra mile and contributed each of their unique talent to the wedding. In particular,

Tze (extreme right) and assistant Tingyi (extreme left)

Tze, a wonderfully talented musician who composed our very own wedding theme, In Time Love Comes, for the March-In as well as for the first dance. Thank you for all those late nights and the extra white hair that must had grown all the while you were stressing over my strict requirement. It is everything we wanted and more. Excellent job, Tze, everybody loved it! Folks, you know who to look for for that personalised theme song for your wedding!

Henry and Rosie

Rongxi (Rosie), for being so supportive and taking time out of her busy schedule to be my bridesmaid. Thank you for staying with me through the night before and also helping with the Photo Booth. And that video you’re doing for us, I’m sure it’s gonna be great. Thanks for insisting on making the video. And I really love you in that dress!

Henry, for rushing around to requisite the lights for the Photo Booth and also heaving the camera the whole night to document our wedding. You’re such a sweet guy, on a side note, I thought Rosie was going to catch the bouquet!


Leon, my bb’s bestman. You’re really the best man for the job. Thank you for going the distance (literally from across the causeway) and allowing Stefan to spray glitters on your head.

Jan, my extremely talented batchgirl and photographer. Your eye for details never fail to amaze me. Forgive me if I’m not the best model and ruined your shots! ;-P

Elsa and Gary

Tingyi (extreme left), Linda, Pauline and Liping

The sisters, Cindy, Elsa and Tingyi. Thank you for letting Stefan off so easily at the gatecrashing. You girls have been especially helpful and wonderfully efficient at my every beck and call.. haha.. To Cindy, thank you silently supporting us all these while and I think I gave careless Stefan a heavy slap on the arm for making you drive back to the hotel for his IC. It is impossible to ever shake off that band you have with us. To Elsa, my buddy who stuck with me through the tumultuous first 2 years of our flying career, you will always have a special place in my heart. I love you for who you are and your undying loyalty to your friends. Thank you for sourcing the extra Makeup Artists for me and your company for the whole of Sunday and Monday. And gosh, you’re such a pretty receptionist! And a very dedicated one as well! And to Tingyi, Thank you for taking the trouble to prepare yourself for our wedding and be Tze’s pretty assistant for the day! You being with us till the end of the wedding is also greatly appreciated. God must really love me for blessing me friend like all of you.

Pastor Woon and wife

Pastor Woon and wife, I am so so so grateful that you agreed to officiate our wedding. This means a lot to me. Thank you so very much!

The musicians, Boon Chye, little Bryan, Ramon, Patrick and lo dao Parry. The music was simply fantastic! I hope all of you had fun! Thank you so much to all of you who took the time off to celebrate our wedding with your talent. To Bryan, I really appreciate your dress-up. You’re such a talented musician and you’re truly in a league of your own, especially at your age. To Boon Chye, we are both extremely touched that you actually came back to play with the band, despite being so sick! You brought a tear to Stefan’s eye… maybe more. You can’t imagine how deeply moved we are. To Patrick, your presence is truly appreciated, it’d be such a huge gap to fill in the band if you were not there. To Ramon, thank you for your wonderfully big personality. Everybody loved what you did with the music, and thank you for staying through the night with us so that we can reach the hotel safely in one piece. To lo dao, Thank you for accepting me as your daughter-in-law and blessing us with your love. I’m so proud to have you as my father-in-law.

Anna and Ellie, thank you for your generosity and going the extra mile for us. I love what you did with the decor, the extra touches and thought that went into the look and feel of the place. I’m very very honoured to have both of you as my decorators.

Ganesh, for the poem you written for us. You really have a way with words, I’m looking forward to that book that you should be publishing. If that happens, I want one for my coffee table! You’re too good to be ignored! If you’re willing, I wanna share your poem here soon!


To my brother Danny, you are a great little brother. Thank you for putting up with that jacket and all that extra legwork you have to do for us.

To Keith and helpers, thank you for your kind generosity on our wedding and being so ultra reliable all these while with the gigs!

To Gin, thank you for being so meticulous with my hair and make up. Love what you did, especially the hair!

To all the staff at Toucan Irish Pub, you guys have been great! It was wonderful having our wedding with all of you. Kudos to the chef for the yummilicious food!

Last of all, I’m extremely honored that Lizzie from 10,000 Dollar Wedding did a write up for our engagement shoot and invitation CDs. She has been extremely sweet and I wish her all the best for her upcoming wedding next year! To see her post on our photos, click here!

Once again, I would like to thank everybody for their well-wishes, even those from a million miles away (you know who you are!). We felt your love and are extremely grateful that we have people like you in our lives.

* There are some missing photos of friends that I have not uploaded, check back soon for more pictures from that night’s Photo Booth!


9 thoughts on “thank God for all of you

  1. Hey Pat…. It was truly a wonderful & unique wedding! The best i’ve attended so far =) Really happy for you & Stefan!

    Thanks for the nice wedding favor & lovely corsage (even though i hardly did anything compared to the rest). Love you guys & all the best!! =) *hugz*

  2. “Possibly one of the most Dramatic, Fun, Meticulously thought-out, Detailed Wedding Man has ever witnessed” – The New Yoke Times

    “Hearty Pat & Bush H Stefan could be the surprise box office hit of the year…. word on the street is that Oscar Nominations for best Art Direction & Design, Best Actress & Actor, Original Score are in the works” – The Entertainment Daily

    “….Simply Stunning. Possibly the wedding with the most number of handmade artifacts EVER..” – The Discovered Channel

    “Outrageously fun & Memorable!” – The Inquirer

  3. Absolutely, Pat! You look absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see more wedding photos! You had a custom theme song for your wedding?! That’s just…awesome.

    I’m glad you got to see everyone FREAK OUT over your engagement photos, because they’re definitely worth that!


  4. @Tingyi: I appreciated you around, just your presence alone is a big help, a huge support emotionally!

    @Tze: lol… was that what you were planning on??? oh my gosh! That’s hilarious! Juz my kind of humor! HUGZ!!!!

    @Lizzie: Thank you so much for the opportunity for me to show off what I’m doing here, I really really appreciated your kindness!! I would give you a big bear hug if I could right now!

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  6. “Salt and Peppa’s here! And we’re in effect!”

    Just wondering if you guys got that at all from your super cute print.

    Loved the feature on Lizzie’s blog and it looks like you had a rockin good time!

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