who doesn’t have a computer?

Well, if you don’t (maybe you were drinking hot soup in front of your pc watching Desperate Housewives when your tongue got scalded and you spill your soup over the keyboard, creating sparks that burnt down your entire pc), given the benefit of doubt, you better get yourself one because I’m sending out my invitation… electronically!

It was not an easy decision to make when, everywhere I look, beautifully printed/letterpress invitation cards just beg to be framed. Realistically, how many of us really keep an invitation card? I can’t bear the thought of paying for cards to be printed and then knowing they get dumped. The trees, people, think about the trees!

And I thought, I can create my own invites and keep them in soft copy. I’ll try to do a neat little package with goodies-a-plenty and not a single shred of paper need to be sacrificed. This project does need a little more effort and I hope my guests will have my same sentiments in creating a Green wedding.

So, guests, please be convinced. Paperless invites doesn’t mean lesser sincerity. Maybe, just think of it as, moving with the times eh?

And I promise, our invite will not take up much space at all. You don’t even have to give up valuable space on your fridge door.


2 thoughts on “who doesn’t have a computer?

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