honeymoon day 5, born a monkey, always a monkey

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this is day 5.

woke up in the morning to a different landscape outside the house after a rain the night before and melted most of the snow

the neighbour's kids have a treehouse.

brigette spoils the passing birds by giving them their own birdhouse and plenty of food. the dogs like to steal the birds' food for themselves. bird 0;dogs 1

Gregor and Grischa took us for a little drive after another home-made breakfast and then we headed to the wall-climbing gym. It’s the coolest place! It’s also huge! Kids are given free rein to expend their energy while learning about team-work and climbing techniques. And then the adults look like children when they are feet off the ground.

our first wall-climbing experience

one of many fearless kids

gregor the expert...

a.k.a. doctor jones, without the hat

i must had look like a goldfish when i was watching him climb

he was totally defying gravity. this is him on the ceiling

and this is him at a 90degrees angle

grischa managed it rather effortlessly too!

especially when he accompanied me through this hanging obstacle thingy ... see how the kids are doing so well? I saw a little girl, no more than 6 i think, going through this thing independently. if little girls with their cute puny limbs can do this, why can't i?

... and then i took nearly 30min just to complete this. at one point my arms were just trembling with exhaustion... probably coupled with the fear of height, but it was good fun! i'd probably never try it again though..

lunch at spaghetti factory

i want my own rooftop too

in the year of the rabbits

more climbing. up the 200 plus steps in the north tower of the Grossmünster

behold the view

ow-ow basking in the view

down on earth…

dear occupant of this gorgeous apartment, is it any wonder i'm super envious of you right now? sincerely yours, me.

this is the best! dark chocolate sherbet from Sprüngli

back home... after 1 tram ride, 1 train ride and 1 bus ride

disturbing the cats

and then we were out again for drinks at The Panorama Resort & Spa. wonderful view of zurich of course!


bushyhead gets his picture taken with yet another cat before we leave our family in zurich the next day

We go to Milan next!



honeymoon day 4, i was queen for a day.

day 1 & 2

day 3

day 4. a long drive between seasons.

ow-ow says

We woke up to a home-cooked breakfast and though i’d seen it before, but the scenery outside grischa’s house is always breathtaking, no matter the season nor the hours of the day.


lights in the dark

after breakfast

snow is melting

remnants of playtime

soon, we hit the road, following the detailed route that gregor has carefully discussed with grischa the night before. objective: to see the real Switzerland!


leaving the village


just an idea of how the scenery changed as we go from Zurich to Lugano and then back up again

taken from inside the car and with extra awe


The St. Gotthard Tunnel. it runs from German-speaking Göschenen to Italian-speaking Airolo in Ticino to the south of Switzerland. At 16.4 km long, it is the 3rd longest road tunnel in the world and 19 min for us to get out and see a seemingly different country from the one we 'exited' from.

taking a walk through lugano, where temperature dipped lower than what was in zurich

i don't know much about art or architecture except i know what i like, and whoever made this has a sense of humor

we missed Befana’s Day by a few days when we were there. instead of santa claus, we see witches like this one hanging outside some of the houses in southern switzerland and later, italy. to find out more about this tradition, click on the picture!

it may be just a bus terminal for daily commute, but the modern design makes this stand out more than the buildings around it. you'll never lost your way with an eyecatching landmark like this!

stopping over at this hidden gem of a town

we wandered and wondered where everybody else was


i'm amused by how this house looks under the snow, aren't you?

my second lunch here at Hotel Schweizerhaus. the last time i was here, we were sitted outside under a glaring sun and now we can't wait to get in ('cause we were really hungry!!)

it got dark and foggy

what seems like water droplets on my window are actually frozen droplets

i could pluck them like gemstones

the 2 tiny specks? people on the frozen lake

visibility got better once we passed the lake. i brightened this picture up so that you could see the pretty lights that line up to another village

up the mountains we go and soon this is all we see

end of road trip! we met grischa's parents for some tea at this posh spa resort

and it is here where bb discover the best fries in the world

home again.

someone looks surprised!

it’s 12 days after Christmas, Three Kings Day in Switzerland. According to this website,

The day before the „Three King’s Day” the Swiss bakery shops are full of „Three kings’-cakes”. This is a sweet bun or teacake containing sultanas. It’s made from a number of separate pieces of dough baked together. The cake can easily be pulled a part and one of the pieces has a tiny plastic king in it, so the cake is eaten carefully.

Who ever gets the king is allowed to wear a golden crown which comes with the cake. At the same time this lucky person is allowed to boss about the family for the day.

So Brigette made everybody a cup of tea and we all sat down round the table to partake of this tradition.

my chosen bun

and guess what, i'm the queen for the day.

after which, gregor brought out his projector and he showed us the travel photos they took on their own honeymoon… those were really fantastic photos! the magic of slide film cameras.

I had never watched a holiday photo slide with somebody to tell us what each picture was about. it was so personal and it bound the whole room together for that whole duration the projector was running. and it does feel like we were there in the pictures when it was taken.

We have one more day in Zurich, for updates on my next post, click on the image below!