honeymoon day 15, art and food go out one day

Day 15.

Spending the morning at the Vatican Museums.

we didn't pre-book a walking tourguide, so the mobile audio guide is the next best thing.

treasures everywhere

i still can't believe this entire ceiling was painted on, 2D not 3D, incredible!

I love the room of the muses!

While we took a whole bunch of pictures in The Raphael’s Rooms and secret pictures in the must-see Sistine Chapel, I believe that’d bore most to death and actually discourage future visits to the Vatican Museums, God forbid! Therefore I decided to be selective here and spare you of that visual-overload. Being there physically, partaking in the years, history and man-made beauty of the place yourself beats any photo anybody can take.

every inch well-looked after.

we picked our favourite painting on a postcard, wrote some notes behind it and sent it to our future selves back in Singapore. This postcard has since arrived in good shape to our home.

previously, we went searching fo rthe best coffee near the Pantheon and was left disappointed to find that it was not open. We were already bummed by the fact that the popular 'best' gelato in the city wasn't open in winter. And now this. The city's home to the square pizza chose this same time to undergo a renovation. Bummer to the max!!!

We settled for a tourist restaurant. Not many are actually open and our tummies werre protesting to the lack of food and long walk

who frightened the birds away?

In case you’re wondering, we placed our camera on top of a rubbish bin to take this picture with the self-timer. All the other self-portraits were taken with the camera on the floor or propped up with whatever we have in our hands at the time.

Ow-ow, however, has his designated photographer.

can you spot the landmarks?

imagine our joy when the one place that we were looking for is actually open!! Hands-down, there won't be any better gelato than this. Gelateria dei Gracchi - Via dei Gracchi, 272, 00192 Rome, Italy

try their specialty that many swear by, il gelato al pistacchio. Now, that's a good swear word!

moon over popolo


sandwiches in symmetry

is this miami or what!

so italiano!

stopping for a sip of coffee. yep, a sip, and nothing more!


it's a case of 'when in rome..". I like my coffee small and potent!

an accident. but i love how it turns out!

Outside the Ara Pacis Museum, located along the Tiber River, we met an artist.


he was creating his works of art on the spot and laying them along this fence using the odd and found objects.

he gave us a free pass and we gave him something back in his little collection box. With love from Singapore.

Read more about Fausto delle Chiaie here.

We may have missed out on a good lot of recommended food places that everybody says they’re a must-go, on the flip side, we have found places on our own that we really like and will definitely go back again. This is one of them. Pizza Re.

That’s all we got in Rome and next time you’re in this space, we will be finding ourselves in somewhere new. Guess where?

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