honeymoon day 14, walking at the end of all roads

day 14.

First item on the agenda of the day, a visit to Piazza Mazzini Antique Market.

brand new shoes on the ancient Roman pavement

I don't understand how the glare from the sun can be conducive to reading... but it makes a lovely morning!

searching for breakfast made us tired and we ended up having an early lunch in the subway station.


seems like most times, the missing part of the massive Colosseum is as integral to what remains. Does anyone picture the Colosseum as a whole, ever? Guess that's what makes us appreciate things like this more huh!

ow-ow found a quiet spot

tightrope-sky walker

i want a rooftop tower too.

someone should make a wall-book out of these posters.

this is, a roman holiday.

Area Archeologica del Teatro di Marcello

outside a popular restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto

to Isola Tiberina

window at the lovely Trastevere neighbourhood. I highly recommend everybody who comes to rRome to give this place a visit. It is absolutely authentically charming!

b.e.s.t. restaurant in Rome! I also want so much to tell you what I think of the waiter with the orange tie, but i'll be nice... bummer.

nobody should miss this.

an open kitchen. real people. real wood oven. real pizza. Remember in my previous post where i mentioned how you can spot a good italian restaurant?

italian beer


this was a "ok,let's-find-somewhere-for-a-drink-but-hey-the-food-looks-good!" stop. So we only ordered a pizza to share, but everything turns out so good that we regretted not having a proper meal there and later on, not being able to come back again for a 2nd round.

bushyhead's favourite italian dessert

Piazza Santa Maria

when i was there, there was this little street that has strings of laundry hanging overhead between houses. and i found it kind of weird that tourists were taking pictures of hanging undergarments, among other clothing. Sure, it was quite charming to see everyday stuff like that in italian streets where steps away people are sipping their expresso, but taking photographs of the natives' undergarment?? Later I found out that scene was one of the most photographed washing in the world, at least from one of the more popular guidebooks around!

Piazza Navona

a lot going on here!

was too bad we didn't understand the language made the whole square laughed so hard.

I probably shouldn't make fun of masterpieces that are admired by hundreds everyday... but doesn't the cherub looks like he's punching that poor horse?

we simply have to sit out, have a coffee and people-watch at the square. plus, i really have to pee then.


the oculus. though they say the rainwater will evaporate through it, gentle sloping of the floor at the Pantheon was designed to drain the rainwater away.

supposedly the best cofee in the world - not opened to us in winter.

Trajan's Column. I find this pretty fascinating. Built in 113 CE as a monument for Emperor Trajan and wife's tomb, it is 30 metres high and carved with reliefs containing 2500 figures that tell so much stories that I think one has to look at it for years to fully grasp the amount of information and history on it. And they are all still intact after what seems like forever ago!

arriving at Trevi Fountain after a brief shopping detour

a spray-can artist. He is sooo amazing!

dinner after a long day's walk. and it was quite horrible.

even when we chose what we always thought would be the fail-safe dish.. seafood pasta. I was so angry with myself that I was spending another meal having bad food in italy! at least mid-day impromptu lunch was good...

one of the waiter at the restaurant gave me a rose before we left. ah well, the service was really not too bad, but i don't think i can forgive that bad tourist food!

* See comment for reason why we were at bad-food restaurant.

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