our wedding photo booth pictures – part 2


We are back from our honeymoon!

Well, it’s actually been our 3rd day back to Singapore, a cold and rainy one that is! And that has been one of my excuses for lazing around and not doing anything much at all, somehow the gloom makes the perfect atmosphere to do nothing and the bed more inviting than usual.

The honeymoon has not all been a sweet and dreamy one, for that matter, I don’t ever think traveling with me will ever be like that, as people who has been my traveling companions will attest and constantly remind others of that. Well, why pay good money to snooze and do and see nothing when I have my own clean and comfy bed to do all that at home? It just make good cents to me to seize the day, Carpe diem. My sprained right ankle, affectionately known to me as Pig Trotter, didn’t beg to differ as well! This story will be shared when I upload my honeymoon pictures. Morale of the story: Puffy winter clothing, a side-sling shoulder bag and a backpack half my size is not only a fashion faux pas but also potentially a deadly combination.

These are part 2 and the last of my wedding photo booth pictures. Part 1 is here if you missed them!

First, some out-takes:

and good old fashioned red carpet shots:

and these are the photos taken on Jan’s camera. Our camera battery went dead after too many flash shots at the Photo Booth. Another wedding tip if you are doing your own photo booth: Bring extra batteries.

the 2 ladies who helped to decor the pub to go with our theme

Round of applause for the Spellbound Wedding girls!!

Chicken Little and family!

with Jan who undertook the whole photography for our wedding

Chicken Little is not very happy not being the center of attraction


the musicians who graced our wedding... and here, I finally see a shot of the boutonnieres I made for the musicians! Look closely! One of them is seen between the Singapore and Malaysia flags.

with the excellent staff of Toucan Irish Pub

since 1993! That's how long ago when I first met the girls!

An Apology to all those who have been waiting for this batch of pictures! It’s plain to see, they are seriously overdue.



our wedding day pictures – night shots

Hi lovelies! Welcome back! This will be my last post for the year 2010 and I’m ending it up with the last batch ( number 5 ) of my wedding pictures! Here are the links to previous posts if you’d missed them!

Our d.i.y. engagement shoot ( featured in The Wedding Chicks )

Our wedding was also featured in The Bride’s Cafe as well as a short interview on Hindsight Bride, do check them out!

Actual Wedding Day Links:

The preparation

The Gate Crash

The Traditional Tea Ceremony

The Soleminzation

Food was served buffet style once the solemnization was over. The band started playing Rock and Roll all night, along with some crowd-pleasing favourites.

music entertainment from Compass Entertainment, click on the musicians to visit Compass Entertainment website!

it's a pity you can't see the boutonnieres i made for the musicians here. silly me didn't take any picture of them as well!

my father-in-law + his food + music = a belly happy man

my brother with his teddy boy look

We also have tables indoor for guests who prefer the comfy air-conditioning

the indoor area was also where we had our Photo Booth to take silly pictures in

to see more of the pictures taken at our Photo booth, check out part 1 of the album by clicking on the picture!

i think they are a pretty sweet couple, don't you think?

with my batchgirls

and then we were 'encouraged' to have our first dance, unscripted, unplanned for and unavoidable

We danced to the music that our friend Tze wrote for our wedding, following my strict requirement. The same score (different version) was played for my march-in.

we are... not very good dancers

then my brillianceness suggested that we should get friends up and dance with us

thus begin the 'finger-pointing' and 'name-calling'

there are some who obviously have it in them to shake and rattle..

others just have more creative styles and flair than I expected

my father-in-law was so 'high' playing the music that he almost took over the percussions by abandoning his piano and started playing with the sticks, undoubtably leaving the original percussionist little Bryan perplexed

The band that kept our energy up! I wish i got a recording of the songs they played that night

In the midst of me running around trying to get people to the dance floor and creating bubbly atmosphere, literally, I missed much of the dancing and it ended all too soon for me. i was having so much fun!

i had to vent

while the dancing may have stopped, the guinness gang has set up a drinking post for stefan

i joined in some times

but i love my wedding because i get to mingle with different groups of friends...

... get my pictures taken with my budz...

... and get fed by Ching who made sure i have food throughout the evening


i also had time to sit back and listen to my new hubby's thank-you speech

and that's me making a curtsy when my name got mentioned in the speech for crafting the wedding

the rest of the evening was spent having way too much fun posing for pictures, in and out of the photo booth

and discovering who chicken little is a carbon-copy of


here's to the new mr and mrs see who just tied the knot on 26th Dec! you two are great together, may the 2 of you stay best friends forever and eternally bound in marital bliss!

And then we ran off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.

Though it doesn’t stop here! Photos from the Photo Booth will be next, this will be a brand new batch, see you here next year!

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

* All pictures by Jan ; additional edit by me
* Rock and Roll band by Compass Entertainment ; composition of In Time Love Comes by Tze
* Flower arrangement by Spellbound Wedding
* Venue and catering by Toucan Irish Pub
* Videography by MADhouse
* Bridal Hair and Makeup by Gin Tan, Groom's hair by Max

For additional credits, please see this post!


our wedding photo booth pictures, part 1

This is gonna one lengthy one!

We had a D.I.Y. Photo Booth at our wedding, if there was one thing I must have at the wedding, this is it. And it proved to be so much fun! With the help of a friend who got the giant big lighting for our dark cosy pub interior and my bridesmaid who helped me manned the booth and occasionally joined in the fun, we simply just have to find props to play with. While I provided some 50s eyewears and D.I.Y. blackboards, Anna from Spellbound Weddings backed me up with boas, instructional chalkboards and more eyewears. I also did a A2-sized poster as a backdrop to my existing fun backdrop which is this giant Guinness barrel sign at the pub, just to make the booth a bit more ours.

While a tripod was provided for ease, convenience and stability, my Photo Booth helper/s chose to liven some of the shots with their off-the-tripod shots.


handwritten signs by Anna and her helpers

my 2 adorable Photo Booth helpers

There, with his bushy head (correction: curry pok hair, one day only) out of the way, all of ya can see the poster I did for the Photo Booth

good friends from way back! we must had known each other for, what, 17 years?

i'm just showing off my creations: a upside down moustache and a big bow tie that you can actually tie round your neck, hair... whatever..

my girls in their matching turquoise dress (stripes and polka) and pretty handmade pinwheel corsages!

here, they demonstrate how my bow-tie blackboard can be put to good use

See, Mike? It goes with everything. Elvis approves.

one of the hand pistol went off?

don't they look darling?

a head too big? a head too small? all matter of perspective!

i call this the "falling feather" series

too much boas for our own good

yes, elsa, take that rockability look down

these 2 had the most memorable wedding out of the ones i went to

D.I.Y. blackboard # 3 makes an appearance

my mum joined in the fun and rosie wanna kiss her for that

and then, the entire clan moved in

well, almost!

my 2 brothers and cousins

the Goh siblings!

I just love it that everyone's having fun with the booth, young and old alike! I know my mum did!

see what I mean? wait, there's more!

my mum all sultry with auntie judy

auntie judy was told to " loosen up and let her hair down!"

I just love my brother's outfit that day, complete with a news boy cap!

i like this one, the Gohs


we simply can't resist playing with our vintage-inspired pouffy skirts

we just went on and on...

we love our hair.... and that's all for now!


This is just part 1! Stay tuned for part 2!

And if you missed the preview in my Thank You post, here’s the link! ciao!