honeymoon day 13, meet you on the steps!

day 13.

Hi lovelies,

This is going to be a short one, because, the following one after this, is jam-packed with way too many pictures! As much as I would love to just select a few and do a sweet little highlight post, that’s really not my style because all these pictures are my babies! Memories I most likely will lose if I don’t put them down, memories that I want to share with my friends who were not physically there in the journey with us. So bear with me if the pictures seem endless. I’m like that old lady at the coffeeshop who goes on and go about her beaus and hoping for someone to listen. Thanks for obliging.

So we left Florence on day 13, after 4 nights’ stay. I have no idea why I didn’t take more pictures during the day. Probably because I was so upset with not buying enough stuff at Space that I actually convinced bushyhead to make a quick trip down with me to do more shopping. And more shopping we did. We went back to the hotel at Florence and started to reorganize all our belongings at the hotel lobby (we checked out before we took the train out to Space). Lugging all that ‘trophies’ to the train station was no easy feat, so i’m guessing that was why I only started taking pictures in the train. But this was what I got.

ow-ow staring out the train window after a hectic day.

We got lost a bit trying to find our hotel in Rome. Did anybody ever get lost at the Spagna station? We must had walked the distance from Rome Termini station to our hotel the whole time we were trapped underground in it endless tunnels and found ourselves at the wrong exits.

We could had actually exited from the exit near Via Vittorio Veneto (Barberini station) and saved ourselves a whole lot of walking and pain from our crushingly heavy backpacks and dangling bags of shopping. Well, we learnt our lesson anyway and for the next few days, we were totally happy with the location of our hotel in Rome.

the hotel, Caprice Hotel, didnt look like much from the outside, and looks even worse in the lobby. By this time we were used to mini-elavators in Italy where only one of us could fit in with our 'barang-barang' (bags and shopping and stuff). But this was the first time we saw a dual-door elavator where you wait for it to arrive on your floor, pull the door open, enter the elavator, close the door, press the button and witness the folding door closes by itself before we were on our way to whichever level we were going to

But the room surprised us. It's clean and looks modern, a total contrast from our first impression of the hotel

It was already dark by the time we found the hotel, but no matter what, we still need our dinner. and I need my walk! Being near to the Spanish Steps, i suggested to bushyhead that we take it easy and took a leisurely stroll in the area.

on the old spanish steps

a nice couple took this for us. Usually I don't recommend giving your camera (with all your precious memories in it) to a total stranger in a foreign country ( italy being one o fthe black-listed ones), unless the person is 1. someone you know. 2. a very obvious tourist. 3. someone who can't possibly be a runner (i.e, outruns you). So you only do what we usually do at your own risk. Most times when we will offer to take pictures for others if we see them struggling to take a group photo. Kindness begets Kindness. most times, the other party will offer to do the same thing for us. In this case, i will still go back to my mentioned 3 pointers and decide if i can trust the other party with our camera.

our dinner at Life.. Restaurant. What a name, right? La dolce vita!

chianti, a must-have ever since our wine tour.

winter in rome. still perfect for dining al-fresco with the toasty heaters!

who eats rice in italy?! my bushyhead does!

walk back to the hotel... a club on an ultra high-end street.

Come back for more Rome! Our last stop in Italy!

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honeymoon day 10, wine down and relax.

day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice), day 8 (Venice), day 9 (Venice & Florence).

day 10.

are you sick of our numerous breakfast pictures yet? well i can’t help it especially if it’s complimentary (free!!) and served in a place like this!

Prior to flying to Europe, we booked a Chianti Wine Tour online with Angela’s Tuscany Wine Tours. Meeting point was in front of Biblioteca Nazionale, in Piazza Cavalleggeri at 10am. There’s only one way in my book to get there – walk. After all, Florence, or anywhere else for that matter, is best seen on foot!

a bus-van?

in front of Santa Croce Church, gorgeous sunlight that day

walking the dog along the bank of River Arno

coincidentally, we were joined by one fellow Singaporean couple for the tour. We stopped by Piazzale Michelangelo on the way to the Chianti region, which by the way, was one of the spots that I wanted to go on our own in one of the other days we have in Florence. This saved us a trip!

the ancient walls of Medieval Florence

the bronze copy of Michelangelo's David in the piazza that was dedicated to the artist

just a stone away from the first winery we were visiting is Tavarnelle Val di Pesa

the quintessential sight in tuscany - cypress trees

our tour companions in the first wine cellar we visited

label on oak barrels

sleeping bees

wine bottles waiting to be labelled

the wine label machine

the dining room where we had our wine tasting and a delicious lunch

a wine and dine man. what we love our this tour is that there were absolutely no hard-selling, in fact, we had to ASK to buy the wine. we sat by the table, had good food and wine and great company, with the view of tuscany countryside just sitting there. there was no better way to spend the afternoon

on the road again with that magnificent tuscan sun ahead of us

the 2nd winery

strawberry guava

another happy wine experience

yummy dessert wine

we were in good hands.

leaving the chianti region

happy customers. back in florence after a fantastico afternoon in chianti region with our tourguide-cum-sommelier Angela

florence at night

ponte vecchio

i was strangely attracted to this painting in a hotel where we took a brief pee stop before we stomp around florence city while the shops are still open. i believe it was a rendition of the city of florence

at Mercato Nuovo. rub the snout of Il Porcellino and you're bound to return to florence again. much like the spinning round and round with your foot at milan (see milan's post) and rome's trevi fountain ( coming soon!)

good food eh?

but we ended up having dinner in the hotel room, haha

i refused to eat MacDs, nor did i see anything i wanted to takeaway on our way back so i was left hungry in the room. but sweet bushyhead went out again just to get me my dinner


honeymoon day 9, how “pig trotter” came about.

day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice), day 8 (Venice).

day 9, as mentioned in the previous post, we started the day trying to enjoy the outdoor patio that came with the room.

But it was cold and wet and I had to eat with someone who refused to bulge from the door frame, ready to spring into the warmth of the room anytime. Breakfast al-fresco? Nay, overrated.

We got some time on our hands before we have to head back to the train station for our next destination. I thought there was a fish market going on under the Rialto Bridge, but there was only hardworking workers moving boxes of fishes from the canal to restaurants and stacked-up tables along the bank. Where is the market?

how many bottles of wine do I have to finish before I can plaster their labels all over the ceiling like this?

someone likes big butts

.. and then i dropped ow-ow on some sandy puddle 😦

but he picked himself right up and became a motorboat captain

fashion shoot in venice!

a nice couple offered to take this picture for us

we went for a tour at the Doge's Palace

the Scala dei Giganti, where Neptune and Mars stayed frozen in time and witnessed doges after doges being crowned here after a service in St Mark’s.

view from the window

drop your grievances here into the lion's mouth, be truthful or suffer the same sentence the person you accused would had received!

the stairs is so dazzling that it makes anyone looks like a saint. here's an adorable one.

going through the prison cells where Cassanova and 1 other inmate infamously escaped (through the roof and back into the palace before walking right out from the main door, no less!) and over the Bridge of Sighs, where it was under extensive maintainance the time we were there..

we were walking out via the cafe when I saw this. I love it that this is right beside a canal and that little star-like fairylights were hanging overhead.

The Doge’s Palace was such a maze that it took us some time to get out, rendering us half an hour late to check out. The landlord was not very happy. Then, I fell down the stairs. Not because of the landlord’s fury but because my sling bag was in front of me on top of my puffy winter jacket, so much so that i couldn’t see the step in front of me. The overweight backpack on my entire back was an accomplice for making the fall down faster and badder, so much weight in it and not a slice of conscience, tsk tsk tsk. I made a few high-pitched noises for a few minutes before I felt ok to stand up and walk. That was why, thereafter, I referred to my right foot as “pig trotter”(because of the persistent swelling and patch of blue-black). I’m still thanking God, it could’d been worse!

On to Florence!

bushyhead claims this is the best train food in the world. it's not too shabby for a margherita pizza bought from the train station!

the hotel we booked

seeing we had an evening wrth of time, we went out for a walk. The boutique hotel alone had so much to see! I went shutter-crazy.

can you already tell how much I love this washroom near the hotel lounge? especially that paint on the wall and the complimenting shades and whiteness... ♥♥♥!!

guess who we saw? this has gotta be one of my favourite picture of her!

out for food!

and window-shopping! can you spot the odd one out?

san lorenzo market, just a few blocks away from our hotel street

the night was crisp and clear, unlike the cloudy foggy venice we just left

i made a point to take a picture of every christmas tree we saw during our honeymoon

i didn't take down the name of this clothing store, but i love its decor!

who knows if we were rubbing shoulders with supermodels and the fashion whos-whos in this one. the outdoor bar was a surprise!


where the waitress is a nicole richie lookalike

note: man making food from where we can see him, not flipping pizza but thats still a plus point if you read my previous post!

onion soup with cheese

hawaiian pizza?

i was reasonably pleased with the food they served here

then we were back at the hotel for after-meal drinks! First, we're checking out the rooftop bar!

It's called The Honesty Bar because they trust the patrons to help themselves to the drinks and then write down their orders for the staff. unfortunately it was not open. i suspect it's the winter. i hope it's not dishonesty.

the view from the bar.

one of the living rooms in the hotel

aptly called, the library. menu from the lounge bar

pick our own snack!

"pig trotter" - best hidden from view.

wine-tasting the next day!bloglovin

honeymoon day 8, there sure is lots of water in Venice!

day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice).

welcome to day 8!

Day 8 started with light streaming in through the overhead window of our apartment room and light pitter-patter on the roof.

our balcony was wet the entire time. it'd had been nice to spend some time out here having a meal or some drinks. (we tried to have brekkie out the next morning, only to retreat into our warm room 5 min later)

that's pretty much all we see of St Marks' Square from the balcony...not the scene we pictured in our head from the description given when we were booking the place..


at breakfast. this is normally where i'll make a mental note of the route we will go that day.. though i always like a little detour.


Thus begin our grand exploration of Venice city.

we made ourselves something for our new home.

we couldn't resist any other italian hot chocolate after that one in Milan!

it wouldn't be the best, but it was perfect for that foggy, rainy morning.

hello kitty invasion

befitting for our honeymoon since it was our wedding march-out song

before my fingers drop off from that 2-3 hours walk, we sat down at a venetian cafe in st mark's square

catchy live music was playing...

ow-ow seemed to be enjoying himself..

.. but this has got to be the single most ridiculously expensive limoncello gelato i ever had in my entire life.

is it any wonder he did not look pleased?

the bird whisperer

late lunch near our apartment

we were the "dandolo".

lights were already being switched on... it was still early!

a boat ride later, and it was dark.

i call that one "smurfeccini"

i wanna bring them all home....

a convenience shop of vending machines. you can have a pizza, drinks and popcorn, all directly from the machines. and if you ran out of ciggies, tissues or any other kind of sanitary products, fear not! the machines are here!

guess what's for dinner

Well, that has got to be the worst meal we had during the entire trip. Always, always stay clear of restaurants that hide its cooking staff away from view and resort to touting. My personal observation and ought-to-be-trademarked theory: In Italy, spend your money at a restaurant where you can see an open kitchen and preferably someone flipping a pizza in front of the oven. That’s where all the good food are.

That concludes day 8, be back for more! ciao!



honeymoon day 7, where did these people come from?!

day 1 & 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6

day 7, we depart the Italian fashion capital after a complimentary breakfast at the hotel for Venice. Along the journey, we stopped by Padua – 30 min away from Venice.

We arrived into Padua train station, dropped our bags at the baggage storage and then discovered that the tourist information counter was closed. We ended up getting lost in Padua without a map nor any inkling where to go. We survived, though with little success, on bushyhead’s sense of direction with the help of his phone.

I love getting lost!

this will be the first of our many encounters of what we now refered to as "the abandoned city - did we miss the evacuation signal?" during this duration of our winter honeymoon in Europe.

there was barely anybody around, and of course, that made bushyhead very pleased!

we stopped for lunch

i still think i had the best italian meal here

bresaola pizza

St. Mark's Lion Column

Torre dell'Orologio astronomical clock dating from 1344

arriving into the largest square in italy, Prato della Valle, after exploring aimlessly for the past 1 hour

by the small canal that runs round this small island that bushyhead is standing on

countless statues bordering the square

sculptor at work, though i prefer my grimmer take that involves a torture devise

this poor guy not only had his wings clipped but also have to bear the weight of a giant stone book on his face

Basilica of Santa Giustina

nativity scene. every year it's different. and it involves moving mechanical parts and sunrise/sunset simulation! it's quite amazing

we started to see signs of life here....

in fact, a lot! where did all these people go to when we were getting lost in the afternoon! It was like a whole different city altogether.

shops are open.. where they were previously closed. nobody told us the siesta lasts a whole afternoon!

red carpet on the waling street! glamorous people started pouring into it... this city itself really is as different as night and day!

We hurried across the city to get to the train station with our jaws open to catch our next train to Venice. We still couldn’t believe that the city came alive after a whole afternoon trying to figure out where everybody was.


arriving into our Venice apartment after a long boat ride and snaking through its many alleys. Door was locked and we have to try a few calls before we reach the landlord, who told us to get the keys from the bar beside us

our room was on the 3rd floor and it opens up to this stairway that leads to a small kitchenette. t's also here on this stairway, with an exact image like this that was the last i saw before i slipped and fall with my overweight backpack while we were checking out 2 days later

out for dinner

we decided to have our dinner here at the smallest hard rock cafe in europe.

We went strolling round Venice’s alleyways for a considerable while after dinner.. only because we couldn’t find our way back to the apartment. It was drizzling wet and cold, but i thoroughly enjoyed its quiet, lonely maze at night.

Next day, we set off intending to lose ourselves in Venice! Stay tuned for the next post! Do drop me a message too, I love discovering your messages in my comment page!


honeymoon day 5, born a monkey, always a monkey

day 1 & 2

day 3

day 4

this is day 5.

woke up in the morning to a different landscape outside the house after a rain the night before and melted most of the snow

the neighbour's kids have a treehouse.

brigette spoils the passing birds by giving them their own birdhouse and plenty of food. the dogs like to steal the birds' food for themselves. bird 0;dogs 1

Gregor and Grischa took us for a little drive after another home-made breakfast and then we headed to the wall-climbing gym. It’s the coolest place! It’s also huge! Kids are given free rein to expend their energy while learning about team-work and climbing techniques. And then the adults look like children when they are feet off the ground.

our first wall-climbing experience

one of many fearless kids

gregor the expert...

a.k.a. doctor jones, without the hat

i must had look like a goldfish when i was watching him climb

he was totally defying gravity. this is him on the ceiling

and this is him at a 90degrees angle

grischa managed it rather effortlessly too!

especially when he accompanied me through this hanging obstacle thingy ... see how the kids are doing so well? I saw a little girl, no more than 6 i think, going through this thing independently. if little girls with their cute puny limbs can do this, why can't i?

... and then i took nearly 30min just to complete this. at one point my arms were just trembling with exhaustion... probably coupled with the fear of height, but it was good fun! i'd probably never try it again though..

lunch at spaghetti factory

i want my own rooftop too

in the year of the rabbits

more climbing. up the 200 plus steps in the north tower of the Grossmünster

behold the view

ow-ow basking in the view

down on earth…

dear occupant of this gorgeous apartment, is it any wonder i'm super envious of you right now? sincerely yours, me.

this is the best! dark chocolate sherbet from Sprüngli

back home... after 1 tram ride, 1 train ride and 1 bus ride

disturbing the cats

and then we were out again for drinks at The Panorama Resort & Spa. wonderful view of zurich of course!


bushyhead gets his picture taken with yet another cat before we leave our family in zurich the next day

We go to Milan next!


honeymoon day 3, first train ride as mr & mrs

continued from last post (day 1 & 2)

day 3

traveling as mr & mrs

breakfast at Coffee Fellows

it’s bb’s favourite breakfast place now!


just a hop away from our hotel



egg under the bagel

we took a walk before rushing back to the hotel to get our baggage to leave for the train to Zurich

if this kind of elaborate orange display were seen in Singapore, I'll not only buy them, i'll give the person responsible a great big hug for his effort to give grocery shopping the extra visual treat!!

me torn with which and how many of my favourite muesli i wanna buy home to singapore. do note this is our first leg, and i have limited baggage space... i'm still rationing the ones that i got back..

a coffee at the train station

on the train:( top right ) the best egg sandwich ever!

Zurich. Under the big clock to meet grischa


a short walk and a tram ride away and we are at the zurich lake

just in time for sunset

a drink before the ride to our home for the next 3 nights

grischa. he will complain this is not a nice picture of him. i beg to differ

i hate peanuts! why can't we serve these as bar snack in singapore?

the feeling of home-coming

home for the night! and a curious visitor

after a hearty and delicious meal prepared by our host, brigette, we lazed around for a bit. here bb is dressed as the michelin guy. but really, its gregor who feared for bb's comfort in Switzerland and lent him this thick jacket just to tide him through. how thoughtful is that?? and it really kept him warm and comfy the entire time in Switzerland!

gregor also picked up some firewoods and made us a fire in the living room...

the other thoughtful touches that the family has prepared for us. not only did grischa had to move out of his room and his brother banned from using their common toilet, a refreshment corner was set for us with hot water, still and sparkling water, not to mention a bottle of Apfelschorle, a variety of teabags and chocolate candies.

will be back to post more pictures in Switzerland! If you want to follow us, please click this  bloglovin to follow us on Bloglovin’!

honeymoon day 1 & 2, i got my craving fix

3rd Jan 2011,

We departed sunny Singapore, hopped on a 12-hour flight and begun our much-awaited honeymoon.

note his expression. he knew he's going to be in for some kind of hell soon - free from work and possibly internet conection, foreign food and beyond-tired legs


checking for signal was one of the first thing he does once we got off the plane and stated waiting for the train to take us to Frankfurt am Main.

ow-ow's first appearance

light and tickling : his first snow

hardly Zephyros. it didn't snow when we touched down, it didn't snow when we were taking the train but the moment we stepped out of the subway station, Frankfurt gave bb what I wanted him to have for this honeymoon: a chance of snow.

huddling birds on leaf-less trees after a long winter flight. in the morning, they will be gone and who knows where they rested their aching wings the next night

We spent the next 2 nights at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof. Long history behind this one, they opened in 1876 as “Frankfurter Hof”, it was the first place to own the first public phone in Frankfurt 1891 and a year later, the first electric lightning. Having survived through the first world war and never been occupied during the WW2 by the Nazi Regime, the hotel was burnt down after a series of bomb attacks. Only the facade was saved and it’s the same facade that we see today.

i love all those little (well, little from afar) Christmas trees between the archways.

the hotel, then. Imagine the grandeur that the interior was

the room, however, contains none of the grandeur we saw on the facade, nonetheless, it was nothing to complain about... except... I was expecting the bed to be a little plushier though..

After a successful late-night scour for food outside, we headed back to the hotel to do some quick exploring through its endless corridors.


" swipe id if you want your ciggies! "

lights out!

Day 2.


frankfurt (kaiser straße) in the morning... the sun just never seemed to officially start work until noon-time


Brasserie ici at Marriot Frankfurt was one of the breakfast experiences that i missed so much! This is just one small section that they have. The variety was incredible, though I felt with every passing years, they cut down on the variety, and this time round when i was there, my much-look-forward-to sliced beef steak was taken off! woe to me.

but the pancakes cheered me up a little

and this, more

bb had a long-distance phone relationship with a girl at the phone service-provider most parts of the morning

i had to entertain myself with my freakish eye

on familiar grounds

leipzeiger straße

yummy bath bubbles

tools of the trade

this was the stuff that carried me through many lonely dinners in the room, me sitting cross-legged in a couch with my eyes either mindlessly watching german MTV or some english dramas I'd brought from home. Nonetheless, it was always enjoyable and a luxury I looked forward to.

taken from bb's pov: his stomach just couldn't compare with mine, he only had a soup

tiramisu after a meal like that? oh yes!

both droolers

a maggi store. seasoned chicken noodle soup with more seasoning. eek! just what we needed for the cold outside.

at Römerberg plaza. all the pretty neogothic buildings you see behind us were all destroyed in WW2 and rebuilt after. lovely place for a meal, if you have spare to spend!


coffee at my favourite joint in the gloves my buddy personalised for me for christmas

toasty idea! sit al fresco and watch the world go by with your best friends tucked snuggly under these wool blankies

i'm still in awe at this mall's architecture a year plus after its completion

the cold and probably the time difference got the better of bb and we headed back to the hotel where i watched him sleep like a baby for the next 2 hours. i think my heart was still wandering out there

but being the good sport and a thoughtful husband, he woke up to go the other pizzaria that i must go to meet Jan with me. this look was a mishap after i , the absent-minded wife, hopped on the wrong tram and inadvertably caused the 20 minute wait in the cold dark night at an unsheltered tram station.

the taste of familarity that i missed soo much!

yummy, downed with generous portion of wine

if you had spotted our free model in the background of the 2 above pictures, you'd understand why we had to take a photo with this character

thanks jan for coming out to meet us when you too were under the weather!

More to come! We travel to Switzerland next! Touching hospitality and cats galore, but before that, which will be coming in the next post, I have to share this picture taken on our way back to the hotel.

this one is a classic look that even I won't get to see often. it's his "i'm cold and i'm tired and i have a loud hiccup" look


our wedding day pictures – night shots

Hi lovelies! Welcome back! This will be my last post for the year 2010 and I’m ending it up with the last batch ( number 5 ) of my wedding pictures! Here are the links to previous posts if you’d missed them!

Our d.i.y. engagement shoot ( featured in The Wedding Chicks )

Our wedding was also featured in The Bride’s Cafe as well as a short interview on Hindsight Bride, do check them out!

Actual Wedding Day Links:

The preparation

The Gate Crash

The Traditional Tea Ceremony

The Soleminzation

Food was served buffet style once the solemnization was over. The band started playing Rock and Roll all night, along with some crowd-pleasing favourites.

music entertainment from Compass Entertainment, click on the musicians to visit Compass Entertainment website!

it's a pity you can't see the boutonnieres i made for the musicians here. silly me didn't take any picture of them as well!

my father-in-law + his food + music = a belly happy man

my brother with his teddy boy look

We also have tables indoor for guests who prefer the comfy air-conditioning

the indoor area was also where we had our Photo Booth to take silly pictures in

to see more of the pictures taken at our Photo booth, check out part 1 of the album by clicking on the picture!

i think they are a pretty sweet couple, don't you think?

with my batchgirls

and then we were 'encouraged' to have our first dance, unscripted, unplanned for and unavoidable

We danced to the music that our friend Tze wrote for our wedding, following my strict requirement. The same score (different version) was played for my march-in.

we are... not very good dancers

then my brillianceness suggested that we should get friends up and dance with us

thus begin the 'finger-pointing' and 'name-calling'

there are some who obviously have it in them to shake and rattle..

others just have more creative styles and flair than I expected

my father-in-law was so 'high' playing the music that he almost took over the percussions by abandoning his piano and started playing with the sticks, undoubtably leaving the original percussionist little Bryan perplexed

The band that kept our energy up! I wish i got a recording of the songs they played that night

In the midst of me running around trying to get people to the dance floor and creating bubbly atmosphere, literally, I missed much of the dancing and it ended all too soon for me. i was having so much fun!

i had to vent

while the dancing may have stopped, the guinness gang has set up a drinking post for stefan

i joined in some times

but i love my wedding because i get to mingle with different groups of friends...

... get my pictures taken with my budz...

... and get fed by Ching who made sure i have food throughout the evening


i also had time to sit back and listen to my new hubby's thank-you speech

and that's me making a curtsy when my name got mentioned in the speech for crafting the wedding

the rest of the evening was spent having way too much fun posing for pictures, in and out of the photo booth

and discovering who chicken little is a carbon-copy of


here's to the new mr and mrs see who just tied the knot on 26th Dec! you two are great together, may the 2 of you stay best friends forever and eternally bound in marital bliss!

And then we ran off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.

Though it doesn’t stop here! Photos from the Photo Booth will be next, this will be a brand new batch, see you here next year!

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

* All pictures by Jan ; additional edit by me
* Rock and Roll band by Compass Entertainment ; composition of In Time Love Comes by Tze
* Flower arrangement by Spellbound Wedding
* Venue and catering by Toucan Irish Pub
* Videography by MADhouse
* Bridal Hair and Makeup by Gin Tan, Groom's hair by Max

For additional credits, please see this post!


food tasting at toucan pub

These few days have been pretty crazy. First of all, we thought we had our table runners taken care of but as it turns out, the rental place where we went to couldn’t find the fabric colour that we wanted and so we went down to Chinatown to find the fabric and got a nice seamstress to sew them up for us. We should had gone to Arab Street to get the fabrics, they would had been purchased at a fraction of the price we paid, but like I said, crazy frenzy! bb has to be at Chinatown to get the traditional bridal gift for my family and we were looking for last-minute dress-maker and fabric as well for my bridesmaid so in the words of a particular bushy H., we paid for convenience, and a whole lot of table runners we would have no use for after the wedding. So if you’re at our wedding, see the table runners and like what you see, please, take them.

Following that, we went down to Toucan for food tasting. bb picked 7 items from our catered menu previously and we washed down everything with beer and Guinness.

These were fantastic! So naturally these here look half-eaten because most of us just couldn’t wait for after a photo was taken. Special mention goes to that mushroom sauce in the bottom right picture. Not that the actual food is not good, but that yummy sauce just goes with everything! Watch out for that on the actual day near the BBQ beef station and get a few extra scoops!

On a side note, my 2nd order of birdcage veil arrived yesterday.

She inserted this sweet note along with the order as well! Which made me feel a little better after my trip to meet the seamstress for my wedding dress… which is still not ready yet. To add a further blow, the 2nd pair of gloves I’d got doesn’t match the colour of the dress, which means I got 2 pair of beautiful unused gloves at home and none for the wedding!! I will be posting pictures of the gloves when I can in the hope that they will be able to find a home where they will truly belong. Till then!

P.S.: Thank you for all the encouraging comments on our engagement pictures! I’ll be posting more soon, so if you like them, click on the “Like” button on the post! XOXO