soon you’ll be mine

Modernica Arm Rocker in Ocean

For a long time now, I have been pestering bushyhead about which chair to get. The Fiberglass Modernica? Or the Polypropylene Eames? I love the Eames for its colour and eco-friendliness, but then again, I was kinda hoping that this chair purchase will last me and my offsprings a few generations. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But that is what I’m going for, so who wants to recycle this pretty chair anyways?

Then, Modernica chairs has this brilliant shine and texture that I’m finding hard to resist. This is tough. As though picking the colours aren’t already hard enough!

from I love Gemma's nursery! And of course that lovely chair (celery) in the corner!

taken from IDA Interior Lifestyle

What do you think?


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HiLLjO I enjoy walking! But I’d rather we had the foresight to bring at least a bottle of water with us! Show me Sada!

Sarah Well, it’s my fault that the honeymoon seems long. Too many pictures, too bad time management! It was a total of 25 days. So we’re nearly there!

steffi Thanks Steffi! There’s a sale now happening at Kate Spade!

Lemonzest aww.. thank you!


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