our bed is naked no more

We got new bed skirting!

ow-ow is my favourite prop now.

it looks crumbly. Gonna straighten those out when I unpack my steam iron.

I picked the fabric from the textile store, 1 decorative and 1 plain for the hidden parts, then brought them to the tailor to sew them up. I would had done that myself if I have a sewing machine and even the vaguest idea how to use it. I did learn a lesson: make rounded corners next time.


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HiLLjO wow! I admire your determination not to follow the mass. I’m guessing… you don’t have an iphone too?

Lemonzest It is a online platform where you can collect and share your favourite pictures you find online. It’s a great inspiration source!


3 thoughts on “our bed is naked no more

  1. our bed didn’t have a skirt for the longest time 🙂
    so nice to finally have one,huh?

    thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such a kind comment !

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