{ dream } by priscilla ahn

This is too good not to share. I need a bigger itunes card, help, anybody?

Have a wonderful weekend, and take time to dream that dream.

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HiLLjO Haha, thanks, you’re always sweet as ever! Your hubby-to-be is one lucky man! So, What’s on your wedding day wishlist?

Cookie Cutter I was excited to see him on Etsy! Can he be any cuter???

jacqueline Thanks for dropping by jacqueline! A cuppa joe sounds really good!…

Belly B haha, thank you! The world is too big! Too many nice places just waiting to be discovered!

Sarah I KNOW, right!!! it’s brilliant! I love the timetable table mat too, where you can doodle and probably plan outings with your mates!


2 thoughts on “{ dream } by priscilla ahn

  1. WOW these photos are gorgeous! Such fun reading and looking at your travel photos. I really adore Mill Houses! The room and the view are amazing! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

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