some list just never ends

Girls are naturally attracted to pretty things, no?

1. {Miu Miu Madras Bag} 2 & 3. {Kate Spade iphone covers} 4. {Porcelain Gnome Lamp} from seltzerstudios

For those covers, I will get an iphone. I’m serious, in an nonsensical way.


{ Replies to previous post }

Jeanne Thanks Jeanne! I love the way it poofs up when I least expect it to!

steffi aww.. that’s sweet, thank you!

theEclecticLife Yep! I can never get enough traveling with my hubby, even though he is very often a reluctant traveler and he does that just for me!

Brittany Oh Oh, where have you been in the Med?

lauren carney & maggie may Thanks for dropping by, Lauren and Maggie May! :-)))

Frau Haselmayer You know what? I just keep checking out your blog this few days!

Josie The light really is different in the area… just like I always thought clouds in Australia and NZ are always fluffier and makes the sky looks super huge and endless. I wonder why…

SarahBeing my camera is no easy task. They get dropped, swung, bumped, scratched, blinged (I often stick stickers all over like a kid) and chewed on by bunnies.


3 thoughts on “some list just never ends

    • oh yes, i totally get that! In fact I get so distracted when i was doing my own wedding shopping that I ended up with a lot of other ‘trophies’ that i’d otherwise not get!

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