let your hair down

photo by Chloe Aftel

I should do this more often…

as often as I’d like to!


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jaclyn @ thelateafternoon I can’t even imagine the attention that one needs to have to create something like that!

Bella Harris I’m loving that sparkly ring in your latest post too!

Sarah Aww.. thanks Sarah! I am having a so-so week, but the best thing about that is that you know there will always be a better week in store! I hope yours has been great!

Josie if only this can be personalised, it will be awesomer! (or maybe it can be done!)

Amanda Hill Yep! I agree, it’s simple, yet tells so much!


4 thoughts on “let your hair down

  1. I have a photo Shawn took of me whipping my hair up backwards a la Bob Marley. I have a lion mane of hair so it’s pretty wild looking. I’ll have to dig it up!

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