honeymoon day 13, meet you on the steps!

day 13.

Hi lovelies,

This is going to be a short one, because, the following one after this, is jam-packed with way too many pictures! As much as I would love to just select a few and do a sweet little highlight post, that’s really not my style because all these pictures are my babies! Memories I most likely will lose if I don’t put them down, memories that I want to share with my friends who were not physically there in the journey with us. So bear with me if the pictures seem endless. I’m like that old lady at the coffeeshop who goes on and go about her beaus and hoping for someone to listen. Thanks for obliging.

So we left Florence on day 13, after 4 nights’ stay. I have no idea why I didn’t take more pictures during the day. Probably because I was so upset with not buying enough stuff at Space that I actually convinced bushyhead to make a quick trip down with me to do more shopping. And more shopping we did. We went back to the hotel at Florence and started to reorganize all our belongings at the hotel lobby (we checked out before we took the train out to Space). Lugging all that ‘trophies’ to the train station was no easy feat, so i’m guessing that was why I only started taking pictures in the train. But this was what I got.

ow-ow staring out the train window after a hectic day.

We got lost a bit trying to find our hotel in Rome. Did anybody ever get lost at the Spagna station? We must had walked the distance from Rome Termini station to our hotel the whole time we were trapped underground in it endless tunnels and found ourselves at the wrong exits.

We could had actually exited from the exit near Via Vittorio Veneto (Barberini station) and saved ourselves a whole lot of walking and pain from our crushingly heavy backpacks and dangling bags of shopping. Well, we learnt our lesson anyway and for the next few days, we were totally happy with the location of our hotel in Rome.

the hotel, Caprice Hotel, didnt look like much from the outside, and looks even worse in the lobby. By this time we were used to mini-elavators in Italy where only one of us could fit in with our 'barang-barang' (bags and shopping and stuff). But this was the first time we saw a dual-door elavator where you wait for it to arrive on your floor, pull the door open, enter the elavator, close the door, press the button and witness the folding door closes by itself before we were on our way to whichever level we were going to

But the room surprised us. It's clean and looks modern, a total contrast from our first impression of the hotel

It was already dark by the time we found the hotel, but no matter what, we still need our dinner. and I need my walk! Being near to the Spanish Steps, i suggested to bushyhead that we take it easy and took a leisurely stroll in the area.

on the old spanish steps

a nice couple took this for us. Usually I don't recommend giving your camera (with all your precious memories in it) to a total stranger in a foreign country ( italy being one o fthe black-listed ones), unless the person is 1. someone you know. 2. a very obvious tourist. 3. someone who can't possibly be a runner (i.e, outruns you). So you only do what we usually do at your own risk. Most times when we will offer to take pictures for others if we see them struggling to take a group photo. Kindness begets Kindness. most times, the other party will offer to do the same thing for us. In this case, i will still go back to my mentioned 3 pointers and decide if i can trust the other party with our camera.

our dinner at Life.. Restaurant. What a name, right? La dolce vita!

chianti, a must-have ever since our wine tour.

winter in rome. still perfect for dining al-fresco with the toasty heaters!

who eats rice in italy?! my bushyhead does!

walk back to the hotel... a club on an ultra high-end street.

Come back for more Rome! Our last stop in Italy!

if you have missed my previous posts on our honeymoon, here are the links! Please also leave your comment if you have any ideas to make navigating here easier for you! If you’re happy with what you see on my humble blog, you can always join Bloglovin’ to make sure you don’t miss out on what’s going on here!

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9 thoughts on “honeymoon day 13, meet you on the steps!

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  2. That photo of the two of you on the steps – too sweet! And all the food photos are making me crave for some! That high-end club looks really good though – very classy. Then again, almost all the places (through your photos) look real classy! x

    • @ Cookie Cutter: my only complaint is that they are too small! It’s a good thing they don’t serve high floors! lol..
      @HiLLjo and Maddy: You can’t imagine the things that pop into my head when i have to hand my camera over to a stranger, u know, things like, how fast can i take off my shoes and hurl them at the thief or how i can use supernatural powers to move cars so that they can stop him..etc..
      @M: thanks! We love it too!!
      @Brittany H: I hav ethat same belief too.. judging from my diet and my sleep pattern.
      @Sarah: aww.. that is so sweeet of u!

  3. I hear ya!! I’m afraid to lend my camera to anyone, especially in a major city. It’s just too easy for them to run off with it! Your honeymoon sounds like a dream come true! Can’t wait to see more pictures and travel vicariously through you 🙂

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