day 11 & 12, what’s too much shopping and gelato?

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day 11.

One of the things we looked forward to in Florence is shopping!

And I hope that will explain the lack of pictures on this day!

we reached the outlet too early and waited in the cold for more than hour.


jump! jump! jump!

and jump again! brrr...

return bus schedule for The Mall

sunset on our shop-a-lot day

dinner in florence

day 12!


ow-ow loves the wall patern in the train cabin


i had been craving for a gelato for sooo long, it excited me too much to find a Gelateria that's open for winter. can you tell i'm salivating?

sweet bliss....

can u tell where we were? it's pretty obvious!

The Baptistery of Pisa has the perfect acoustics. Prior to arriving, a friend in Switzerland told us that if we stood under the dome in the center of the hall, sounding a low sound, the whole place will echo with it. When we were there, somebody demonstrated that for us by singing. It was AMAZING.


left: the singer who filled the whole room with his voice. right: the top of the dome (interior)


details on the cathedral door - a gigantic picturebook

everybody who comes to pisa has to take some funny pictures with the leaning tower one way or another, and then folks at home will have to interpret the picture. try this.

To that little guy, I’m sorry for your candid implication.  I could’d photoshopped you away, but what’s the point of that!

i love these colorful markets

and i love what she was wearing. doesn't this look like a film set?

train-ing back to florence

outside a restaurant

our room window

what was OUTSIDE our room window - the yoghurt and tangerine that I was trying to chill

Mercato Nuovo market

of all the ice cream cones there is, we had to pick the world's most expensive gelato cones.. really, where did my brain go? By the way, that was my 2nd gelato of the day!

Piazza dei Ciompi antique market

We went for a loooong afternoon walk in Florence, bushyhead got more shirts, we saw David at The Accademia and even sneaked a photo of him, who can resist the world’s most perfect man? Then we met up the new friends we met at the wine tour and had the most expensive meal ever for the whole of our honeymoon.

Known to be one of the best restaurants in Florence, Cibrèo restaurant impresses us with their personable service, hands down to that! For every course, we got a server sitting down with us and talked us through the extensive menu, right down to the finest detail. There has got to be more than 10 items just on the main courses alone! All we can say is that, we got more than we bargained for, even with that steep pricetag. There were so many complimentary dishes that I don’t even remember what is what now. Most of what you will see below, complimentary! I was touched.

I apologize for not being able to post on a regular basis. Recently I just got a new job and I’m still adjusting to the hours. Like ow-ow, I’m a night-owl, though I’m determined to get this out at least twice a week.

Next, guess our next destination!



11 thoughts on “day 11 & 12, what’s too much shopping and gelato?

  1. Don’t worry about the frequency of your posts! I’m enjoying them as they come!

    That pisa picture with bushyhead is HILARIOUS. Poor bystander didn’t know he was being made into poot.

  2. I’m secretly hoping that your honeymoon adventure never ends. Hehe. And don’t worry about not being able to post often. It happens, even I’m guilty for that. Once again, I’m in love with your photos! Ow-ow is too cute. That photo of you and the gelato really, really does show content, and bliss. Love your expression! And so far, I think the photo of your husband and pisa is THE most creative one yet. 😉 Falling in love with all your window shots. Just beautiful.

    Hope you’re enjoying your new job! 🙂 x

  3. Happy Honeymoon! Loving all the photos of Florence. And just so you know, having two gelatos in one day is completely acceptable.

    Thanks for popping by.

  4. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I had a look at your wedding pics and am really surprised: we have the same tast! Our dresses have the same length and the shoes the same color! Crazy, isn’t it? I’m going to see, how your deco was like … maybe a little bit like mine here in Germany? Greetings from bride to wife, caro!

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