honeymoon day 8, there sure is lots of water in Venice!

day 1 & 2 (Frankfurt), day 3 (Frankfurt & Switzerland), day 4 (Switzerland), day 5 (Switzerland), day 6 (Milan), day 7 (Padua & Venice).

welcome to day 8!

Day 8 started with light streaming in through the overhead window of our apartment room and light pitter-patter on the roof.

our balcony was wet the entire time. it'd had been nice to spend some time out here having a meal or some drinks. (we tried to have brekkie out the next morning, only to retreat into our warm room 5 min later)

that's pretty much all we see of St Marks' Square from the balcony...not the scene we pictured in our head from the description given when we were booking the place..


at breakfast. this is normally where i'll make a mental note of the route we will go that day.. though i always like a little detour.


Thus begin our grand exploration of Venice city.

we made ourselves something for our new home.

we couldn't resist any other italian hot chocolate after that one in Milan!

it wouldn't be the best, but it was perfect for that foggy, rainy morning.

hello kitty invasion

befitting for our honeymoon since it was our wedding march-out song

before my fingers drop off from that 2-3 hours walk, we sat down at a venetian cafe in st mark's square

catchy live music was playing...

ow-ow seemed to be enjoying himself..

.. but this has got to be the single most ridiculously expensive limoncello gelato i ever had in my entire life.

is it any wonder he did not look pleased?

the bird whisperer

late lunch near our apartment

we were the "dandolo".

lights were already being switched on... it was still early!

a boat ride later, and it was dark.

i call that one "smurfeccini"

i wanna bring them all home....

a convenience shop of vending machines. you can have a pizza, drinks and popcorn, all directly from the machines. and if you ran out of ciggies, tissues or any other kind of sanitary products, fear not! the machines are here!

guess what's for dinner

Well, that has got to be the worst meal we had during the entire trip. Always, always stay clear of restaurants that hide its cooking staff away from view and resort to touting. My personal observation and ought-to-be-trademarked theory: In Italy, spend your money at a restaurant where you can see an open kitchen and preferably someone flipping a pizza in front of the oven. That’s where all the good food are.

That concludes day 8, be back for more! ciao!




22 thoughts on “honeymoon day 8, there sure is lots of water in Venice!

  1. Love the new look of the blog!!! That’s cool Venice didn’t look as crowded as it does in the States’ news. That pasta is crazay!!! I really like you guys’ little flat there you’re renting. This looks so fun!

    • haha, you noticed! i pretty much retained the same layout and because of that I think some of my friends didn’t even realised i changed the look of the blog! lol… the apartment is great! comes with a kitchenette and all, but because we had a short stay, we didn’t use it at all, which is a pity..

  2. Ah! Heart shape pasta!

    We’re complete strangers but I saw this post and had to tell you how happy I am for you and I hope your honeymoon only improved (I’ll remember the tip about Italian restaurants when I go there). Your photographs are amazing. Beautiful memories, thank you for sharing:)

    • aw, thank you for visiting my blog! you’re too sweet! I know what you mean there, i feel attached toward the owner of some of the blogs i go to somehow, despite being total strangers. i just went to your blog and i have fallen in love with it! already added to my bookmark!

  3. congrats and gorgeous pics! i went to venice for my honeymoon last year and had a wonderful time too. this brings back fond memories. 🙂 looking forward to seeing the rest of your snaps.

  4. For several minutes, I got lost in your Venice pictures. They’re absolutely lovely (and cozy). Looks like such a great time.

    PS- lol with the Smurfecchini!


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