honeymoon day 6, the best hot chocolate

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day 6.

leaving Zurich

before we hop on the train to Milan, we came here. laundry? nope, the lavatory.

i decided to make use of this frightful picture of me taken by bushyhead on the train to chronicle both what this picture looks like and what I was reading then.

scenery on the train.

a simple homemade sandwich packed with a after-lunch chocolate bar, lovingly made by brigette

That was the best meal one could have in a train journey. Rindfleisch and gherkins hugged between 2 buttery breadroll. I washed each grateful mouthful with sips of sparkling water and I could had sworn that was the perfect food pairing. It truly was a sensuous treat for both the palette and the eyes – when all I see outside the window is fog-surrounded snow-covered alps.


the hotel we stayed at. conveniently located just next to the main station, perfect for the short 1-night stay we had there

outside the room window

the room key

taking the subway to duomo

inside the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

putting your right heel in and twirl around won't give you an air ticket back to Milan but you could do that and wish really, really hard.

The window display in Milan makes up half the pleasure of shopping there.

you could probably learn some kung fu off the panda illustrations on the wall.

First day of sale. plenty of people. and plenty of festive lights left over from Christmas on the street. A different design on different streets.

roasted chestnuts from the streets. i remember having these in Zurich a few years ago in winter and they were sooo good! but these, to my disappointment, can't compare...

one hidden neighbouring street away, we found a fresh food market

and on this street, we found the best Italian hot chocolate

you miss it, you miss something great!

bushyhead's order was pathetically tiny. and it's not an expresso

this is it.

so dark, so dense, so yummilciously satisfying that I didn't feel the winter cold outside afterwards

bushyhead's mood picked up after that too!

the special flask for the hot chocolate in another cafe

dinner, quite satisfying too!

Milan was a short stay, next we picked up our bags again and headed for Venice, with a stop in between for some sightseeing in Padua!bloglovin

12 thoughts on “honeymoon day 6, the best hot chocolate

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  2. I love all the pictures from places I’ve never seen! It’s so amazing to see from just the way they decorate their neighborhoods that they have a closer everyday relationship to art and culture than most Americans.

    I do miss those swiss kitties but you guys are cute, too!

  3. Lovely, and perfect photos of incredible times! And that hot chocolate is absolutely sinful. So so good! You make me want to teleport over there right this second. Beautiful photos of your honeymoon, and of the places you visited. Gotta love those hanging light-clothes thing on the street. 🙂 x

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