honeymoon day 5, born a monkey, always a monkey

day 1 & 2

day 3

day 4

this is day 5.

woke up in the morning to a different landscape outside the house after a rain the night before and melted most of the snow

the neighbour's kids have a treehouse.

brigette spoils the passing birds by giving them their own birdhouse and plenty of food. the dogs like to steal the birds' food for themselves. bird 0;dogs 1

Gregor and Grischa took us for a little drive after another home-made breakfast and then we headed to the wall-climbing gym. It’s the coolest place! It’s also huge! Kids are given free rein to expend their energy while learning about team-work and climbing techniques. And then the adults look like children when they are feet off the ground.

our first wall-climbing experience

one of many fearless kids

gregor the expert...

a.k.a. doctor jones, without the hat

i must had look like a goldfish when i was watching him climb

he was totally defying gravity. this is him on the ceiling

and this is him at a 90degrees angle

grischa managed it rather effortlessly too!

especially when he accompanied me through this hanging obstacle thingy ... see how the kids are doing so well? I saw a little girl, no more than 6 i think, going through this thing independently. if little girls with their cute puny limbs can do this, why can't i?

... and then i took nearly 30min just to complete this. at one point my arms were just trembling with exhaustion... probably coupled with the fear of height, but it was good fun! i'd probably never try it again though..

lunch at spaghetti factory

i want my own rooftop too

in the year of the rabbits

more climbing. up the 200 plus steps in the north tower of the Grossmünster

behold the view

ow-ow basking in the view

down on earth…

dear occupant of this gorgeous apartment, is it any wonder i'm super envious of you right now? sincerely yours, me.

this is the best! dark chocolate sherbet from Sprüngli

back home... after 1 tram ride, 1 train ride and 1 bus ride

disturbing the cats

and then we were out again for drinks at The Panorama Resort & Spa. wonderful view of zurich of course!


bushyhead gets his picture taken with yet another cat before we leave our family in zurich the next day

We go to Milan next!



7 thoughts on “honeymoon day 5, born a monkey, always a monkey

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    • @HiLLjO: they are the sweetest bunch! it’s so cute when they try to sneak into our room and do their own thing once they were inside.
      @Cookie Cutter: thank you! thanks for dropping a message!

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