honeymoon day 3, first train ride as mr & mrs

continued from last post (day 1 & 2)

day 3

traveling as mr & mrs

breakfast at Coffee Fellows

it’s bb’s favourite breakfast place now!


just a hop away from our hotel



egg under the bagel

we took a walk before rushing back to the hotel to get our baggage to leave for the train to Zurich

if this kind of elaborate orange display were seen in Singapore, I'll not only buy them, i'll give the person responsible a great big hug for his effort to give grocery shopping the extra visual treat!!

me torn with which and how many of my favourite muesli i wanna buy home to singapore. do note this is our first leg, and i have limited baggage space... i'm still rationing the ones that i got back..

a coffee at the train station

on the train:( top right ) the best egg sandwich ever!

Zurich. Under the big clock to meet grischa


a short walk and a tram ride away and we are at the zurich lake

just in time for sunset

a drink before the ride to our home for the next 3 nights

grischa. he will complain this is not a nice picture of him. i beg to differ

i hate peanuts! why can't we serve these as bar snack in singapore?

the feeling of home-coming

home for the night! and a curious visitor

after a hearty and delicious meal prepared by our host, brigette, we lazed around for a bit. here bb is dressed as the michelin guy. but really, its gregor who feared for bb's comfort in Switzerland and lent him this thick jacket just to tide him through. how thoughtful is that?? and it really kept him warm and comfy the entire time in Switzerland!

gregor also picked up some firewoods and made us a fire in the living room...

the other thoughtful touches that the family has prepared for us. not only did grischa had to move out of his room and his brother banned from using their common toilet, a refreshment corner was set for us with hot water, still and sparkling water, not to mention a bottle of Apfelschorle, a variety of teabags and chocolate candies.

will be back to post more pictures in Switzerland! If you want to follow us, please click this  bloglovin to follow us on Bloglovin’!


7 thoughts on “honeymoon day 3, first train ride as mr & mrs

  1. AW! I’m enjoying your honeymoon almost as much as you guys are! The pictures are lovely. I love all the cameo shots of Owwy. I have a Sada that I might take with us on our honeymoon.
    Those swiss kitties are adorable!

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