oh! having trouble shopping for me?

1} IMM Living Gnome Container from Urban Outfitters. I don’t know what is it about me and gnomes.

2} Chanel Metal-and-Strass Pearl Earrings.

3 – 4} Tiffany’s Charms. I couldn’t decide which is more meaningful to add to my bracelet’s collection this year… a love lock ( ahem, I got married) or the scooter for my upcoming honeymoon

5} Bvlgari Japanese Edition ring. Yes, I’m that greedy to ask for one more.

6} Lomography Spinner 360° 35mm camera. The extra weight to carry in my travel pack during my honeymoon will be worth it!

* Velvet ribbons and doily are from Pugly Pixel.

2 thoughts on “oh! having trouble shopping for me?

  1. That gnome is too adorable…I love it! And I have to say that your little bunny is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen…so darling!! I’ve always wanted a bunny…

    Hope you’re enjoying this wonderful holiday season!
    Hope Ava

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