where did time go to?

Sorry if it feels like this blog has been neglected much recently! I’m gonna use the all-time lousy excuse – I’ve been busy.

The finger pointing game will find that my poor time management is the culprit. Then again, recently I’ve misplaced my IC, lost my phone cable and one side of my favourite earrings, UO messed up my shopping order (I have no idea where the package is now), all the size 11 of Bearpaw Boots for men are mostly sold out, i’m only halfway to planning my honeymoon in January, I also discovered that winter is not exactly low-peak in Italy thus incurring high accommodation costs and also the lack of choices. I didn’t even have time to look at the wedding pictures that came from my photographer 2 days ago. But once i do, I’ll be posting up pictures! Stay tuned!


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