our wedding photo booth pictures, part 1

This is gonna one lengthy one!

We had a D.I.Y. Photo Booth at our wedding, if there was one thing I must have at the wedding, this is it. And it proved to be so much fun! With the help of a friend who got the giant big lighting for our dark cosy pub interior and my bridesmaid who helped me manned the booth and occasionally joined in the fun, we simply just have to find props to play with. While I provided some 50s eyewears and D.I.Y. blackboards, Anna from Spellbound Weddings backed me up with boas, instructional chalkboards and more eyewears. I also did a A2-sized poster as a backdrop to my existing fun backdrop which is this giant Guinness barrel sign at the pub, just to make the booth a bit more ours.

While a tripod was provided for ease, convenience and stability, my Photo Booth helper/s chose to liven some of the shots with their off-the-tripod shots.


handwritten signs by Anna and her helpers

my 2 adorable Photo Booth helpers

There, with his bushy head (correction: curry pok hair, one day only) out of the way, all of ya can see the poster I did for the Photo Booth

good friends from way back! we must had known each other for, what, 17 years?

i'm just showing off my creations: a upside down moustache and a big bow tie that you can actually tie round your neck, hair... whatever..

my girls in their matching turquoise dress (stripes and polka) and pretty handmade pinwheel corsages!

here, they demonstrate how my bow-tie blackboard can be put to good use

See, Mike? It goes with everything. Elvis approves.

one of the hand pistol went off?

don't they look darling?

a head too big? a head too small? all matter of perspective!

i call this the "falling feather" series

too much boas for our own good

yes, elsa, take that rockability look down

these 2 had the most memorable wedding out of the ones i went to

D.I.Y. blackboard # 3 makes an appearance

my mum joined in the fun and rosie wanna kiss her for that

and then, the entire clan moved in

well, almost!

my 2 brothers and cousins

the Goh siblings!

I just love it that everyone's having fun with the booth, young and old alike! I know my mum did!

see what I mean? wait, there's more!

my mum all sultry with auntie judy

auntie judy was told to " loosen up and let her hair down!"

I just love my brother's outfit that day, complete with a news boy cap!

i like this one, the Gohs


we simply can't resist playing with our vintage-inspired pouffy skirts

we just went on and on...

we love our hair.... and that's all for now!


This is just part 1! Stay tuned for part 2!

And if you missed the preview in my Thank You post, here’s the link! ciao!


15 thoughts on “our wedding photo booth pictures, part 1

  1. I love this!! It looks awesome! I would also love more info on how you put it together since I plan on having one at my wedding too. Did you have it so guests could see their photos immediately after? And were you able to print them too? Or did you just use a tripod and camera and only have a digital copy? Regardless of what you did, the photos look awesome and I love the background!

  2. Hi!

    Well, most people would prefer to have the option of printing them out on the spot and then give them to their guests as a wedding favor. I chose to take the pics first and send my guests the pictures later (digital/printed) because firstly, there would be no telling how many copies PER SHOT my helper has to print, since one shot normally has more than one pax and that would actually defeats my purpose of cutting down on paper on this wedding in the first place. Secondly, with a digital version, i now have the option to send my guests high-res digital version and they can print it out themselves, if they want to. For the relatives and people who prefer printed versions, I will send them the photos in that format as well!
    You do definitely need props! They are really a great ice-breaker!

  3. Props are a must-have! I love your big bowtie and mustache! Did you make them yourself? I’m struggling with if I want to use a laptop/software/webcam/printer setup or having a setup similar to yours. I love the option of having high-quality photos and not wasting tons of paper, but I also like being able to give the guests a printed out version at the reception and not having to have an attendant. Both ideas have their ups and downs so I’m torn! I’ll definitely have to give it a lot more thought. I love how your photos turned out, it looks like it was tons of fun!

    • I was super tempted too to have the printer, as I thought that would encourage the guests more to take pictures. Turns out, I worried for nothing, nobody even questioned why we didn’t have the instant print, it was all in good fun. And if they asked, I would be sending them anyway.
      And yes, i did make the blackboards myself, all you need to do is to buy one of those adhesive blackboard paper, paste it on a stronger backing and cut out the shape that you want. I attached a holder behind the speechbubble one so that guests can hold it without their hands blocking it. Lotsa ways to do it really.

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  9. The fact that you had a photo booth at your wedding and free flowing Guinness makes me love you even more. Is that possible with internet strangers? Your photo booth photos are awesome, looks like a great time was had by all.

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