a turquoise and brown welcome bunting

You know these SoleMates that I blogged about a while ago? Everyone who wanted a rustic outdoor wedding should get one of these… my heels are totally destroyed! Thanks to the gaps between the floorboards and the many many pebbles.. my heart is still hurting. I think a lot of shoe lovers will feel the same if I post the photos of my shoes here, so I shall spare the like-minders the heartbreak.

Anybody knows who can fix up the tattered heels? Please help!

Today I just saw some of the photos my wedding photographer-cum-friend posted on FB. Breathtaking really! So I decided to use one of her pics and do a short tutorial on one of the 3 buntings I made for the wedding. This one was used on the guitar case that we used for containing the red packets and gifts from the guests and personally, this is one of my favourite because it is totally recyclable and can be used on other occasions next time.

1) Using the fabric of your choice (I suggest leftovers or clothes that you simply don’t wear anymore), cut up 7 circles or depending on the message that you want on your bunting.

2) Print out the alphabets out on sticker paper. I used the font Budmo Juggler which can be downloaded for free here. Cut these out as smaller circles and paste them onto the fabric. Remember I said you can reuse this bunting next time? Simply peel out the old message and reprint some new ones, like “hello!” or “prost!”.. etc.

3-4) Attach the fabric circles together. I sewed some beads of my wedding theme colours between the fabric circles to add just that subtle dash of colour and also to connect them together. I also sewed colourful buttons onto the leftover ribbons I had to attach the fabric circles on it. Do remember to give a little extra length to the ribbon in case you need to add a few more alphabets or tie them round something huge, like a tree trunk or something.

5) And it’s done! Doesn’t even take more than 30min to finish it. To attach the bunting on a wall, you can simply tie the ends to a post or use masking tape.


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