food tasting at toucan pub

These few days have been pretty crazy. First of all, we thought we had our table runners taken care of but as it turns out, the rental place where we went to couldn’t find the fabric colour that we wanted and so we went down to Chinatown to find the fabric and got a nice seamstress to sew them up for us. We should had gone to Arab Street to get the fabrics, they would had been purchased at a fraction of the price we paid, but like I said, crazy frenzy! bb has to be at Chinatown to get the traditional bridal gift for my family and we were looking for last-minute dress-maker and fabric as well for my bridesmaid so in the words of a particular bushy H., we paid for convenience, and a whole lot of table runners we would have no use for after the wedding. So if you’re at our wedding, see the table runners and like what you see, please, take them.

Following that, we went down to Toucan for food tasting. bb picked 7 items from our catered menu previously and we washed down everything with beer and Guinness.

These were fantastic! So naturally these here look half-eaten because most of us just couldn’t wait for after a photo was taken. Special mention goes to that mushroom sauce in the bottom right picture. Not that the actual food is not good, but that yummy sauce just goes with everything! Watch out for that on the actual day near the BBQ beef station and get a few extra scoops!

On a side note, my 2nd order of birdcage veil arrived yesterday.

She inserted this sweet note along with the order as well! Which made me feel a little better after my trip to meet the seamstress for my wedding dress… which is still not ready yet. To add a further blow, the 2nd pair of gloves I’d got doesn’t match the colour of the dress, which means I got 2 pair of beautiful unused gloves at home and none for the wedding!! I will be posting pictures of the gloves when I can in the hope that they will be able to find a home where they will truly belong. Till then!

P.S.: Thank you for all the encouraging comments on our engagement pictures! I’ll be posting more soon, so if you like them, click on the “Like” button on the post! XOXO


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