vogue fifties fever

Last month I got a copy of Vogue Australia.  Reason? The whole theme of the magazine is Fifties Fever!

to get her look, click here

Their latest shopping finds feature is: The 50s, What’s your style? Are you a Sweetheart with pastel skirts and tea dresses? A Rockability Girl who lusts after leather and pointed heels? Or a Pin-up girl, all seductive and playful at the same time. Apart from the articles and the usual fashion spread, I also love it that some of the ads are 50s-inspired, just look at these:

Giorgio Armani

Louis Vuitton has this whole series of 50s inspired print ad which i just adore. This is the one that appeared on the back of Vogue Australia's back cover.

I did a post on Prada's Winter/Fall 2010-2011 Collection, click here to see the video!

I think this is simply cute!

This last one just reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Have  good week everyone!


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