scooter chic

Dammi la tua mano e corriamo uniti per tutta la vita

Give me your hand and we will run together our whole lives.

Well, I’m not supposed to suggest ideas for my Christmas gift. But bb and I had a pact. In order to ensure he doesn’t get me anymore gadgets (yes dear, I do appreciate the handphones, printer, ipod, digital camera… etc. All 8 or 9 of them have served me well, but they don’t exactly swoon me over as much as you-know-whats. And yes, we talked about this.), I instructed him to get me a charm bracelet, subsequently, just add a new charm every Christmas which represents what went on that particular year. That way, I get some bling and a gift that’s really meaningful. So far I got a simple heart-shaped one from New York for myself to remind me that I got that from my last flight to New York as a cabin crew and how special the city will always be to me. He, on the other hand, got me the signature Tiffany blue bag. You can figure out the logic behind it, though I think 90% of why he got that for me was just how cute that charm was.

Anyhow, I thought this one could be almost perfect for this year, since we’re planning a honeymoon next January to Europe, and Italy being one of the countries we’re covering. Ciao, my Roman Holiday!

Well, 90% of why I’m doing is now is just how cute that charm is!


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