birthday album

As promised here and here, I’m sharing some pictures from my rosy FABtastical birthday weekend, all thanks to my bb who single-handedly planned all of the below.

one Saturday, I found myself here

so deliciously agog, guess who can't wait to sink his teeth in

somebody complained that I ate as if I needed much effort, despite after I made him a nice mocktail...

... here's why

An afternoon beer later, it's Orchard Rd that we hit. bb had no choice but to accomodate my shopping bug

and bb hit the spot with a surprise reservation at IL LIDO

mmmm... bliss

just when I thought the night ended with a sweet note of tiramisu, i got this, and a 2nd surprise proposal where bb got to say what he didn't the first time round.

and then a tired-looking cindy came after a long day at work, just so she can be my surprise number (countless). nawww...

In the morning after…

just the way I like it, what a wonderful birthday it had been


2 thoughts on “birthday album

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