start pounding those pavements

Recently I discovered a peel on one of my more expensive shoes. No thanks to neighbourhood developers who failed to consider wobbly-ankles, like mine, and laid brick-like pavements with deteriorating cement in between gaps. Unless I tiptoed for the whole length of that pavement (actually it is more like that multiply by 3, since from where my block is to the station lies 3 stretch of said precarious pavements), my heels seem doomed.

It’s a “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that!” moment when I saw these SoleMates:

These High Heel Protectors also come in Black and cost US$9.90. A 10% discount when you buy up to 10 pairs. Is this a good idea or what, especially if you know where I’m going to have my wedding! I really don’t mind that on my heels if they are going to bless my heels with longevity and keep mud away!

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