hair the good o’ fashioned black-and-white way

No siree, they just don’t look right with ’em glossing with Brylcreem!

He got the shoes, he got the suit and now he needs work with his hair. I’m always happy to help! Looking through all these pictures of men with slick shiny ‘do, is it any wonder I can almost smell that stuff on their heads?

from - This is a classic Pompadour. Hair is left extremely long on top while the sides and back are tapered shorter. Hair is slicked up and back with a wax or pomade. The pompadour was the signature haircut of Elvis and was quite popular by young "rebels" in the 1950s.

from - The ducktail

from - Tommy Sands' Classic Bouffant. The word bouffant comes from the French word meaning "puffy". This is a perfect description of the style as it was combed and styled in such a way as to make it puff out from the top of the head and appear to have more volume than was actually there.

James Dean

James Dean’s look is so timeless that I think Patrick Dempsey copied it. My knees go soft just looking at those curls.


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