a dream of a parisian bistro wedding

A while ago, I found a little piece of Paris along Scotts Road, a gem of a storefront tucked exactly where it would be if it were in Paris. I’ve imagined maître d’ with a funny mustache rolling words off the french menu, fresh loaves in a picnic basket and legs of ham hanging in the kitchen. Subconsciously, this mellow chateau-building in the air happened in the passenger seat of Stefan’s car.

Bistro du Vin

As I would discover months… months later, there is ALL that at Bistro Du Vin! ‘cept for the head waiter with the twitchy facial hair, whom I am truly disappointed NOT seeing. No complaints about the waiting staff though!

The mosaic floor tiles, framed whimsical pictures of vigorous bartender and eager waiters and country chickens all adds up to the authentic look-and-feel of the bistro. To include a touch of greenery that grey Paris so lack, there is even an odd-sized potted plant on the dining room floor. Prior to all these observations, the menu chalkboards featuring Today’s Specials already won me over.

To start with, we had pan-fried foie gras with caramelized apples and walnuts. Stefan said he found his next-favourite haunt for foie gras after his 2nd mouthful.

I’m really sorry for the poor goose’s suffering but I was happy with the freaked delicacy in my mouth. I shall not attempt to defend my culinary choices further.

Next up, oven-roasted chicken parcels with mashed potato and garlic pork pate for me and char-grilled Aussie Angus ribeye in garlic-herb butter and french fries.

Verdict? See this:

I’m not crazy about the pork pate though, but this, this soft fluffy-i-could-DIE mashed potato, I suspect, is a piece of heaven.

In between main course and 15min-to-prepare dessert, chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream, Stefan enjoyed a welcoming cup of after-meal coffee and I’m happy sipping my wine and taking crappy pictures such as these with my mobile phone.

Here’s a ‘what-if’ moment.

What if, we were not holding our wedding at our current venue?

I would hold my intimate cosy wedding here.

Here’s a ‘back-to-reality’ moment.

Spending a pre-movie Wednesday evening with my best friend in an imaginary visual and sensory trip to Paris – Superb!


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